August 6th, 2012

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Hey TQC, I'm looking for recommendations for games that two people can play over a distance. (Long distance relationship activities.) The type of game and the genre aren't really as important as it is that the games allow two people to play cooperatively. MMO recommendations are welcome too, but preferably we'd like something cheaper or F2P. Also, it'd be great if it didn't demand an obscene amount of time to learn the ins and outs of.

Can you think of anything that fits the bill?

Alternatively, if you are or have been in a long distance relationship, what kinds of activities got you through?
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So... some friends of mine are looking to adopt a child. They want an open adoption and are spreading the word about it via the internet/social media/etc. I had no idea that this is evidently fairly common among people in their situation. I think it's cool and potentially a good tool to use but was curious if you know of any adoption success stories that have happened this way?

Why is that so hard to believe?

I don't plan to read "50 Shades of Grey" anytime soon--I've both read and listened to excerpts of no-- but a lot of the comments I've read about this book that kept coming up, said that the idea of a 22 year-old not having had sex is disbelieving.

Why is that?

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Not a good Googler, and this is likely not the right place to ask, but...IMPORTANT PRESSING QUESTION.

How to help someone whose belongings were lost/stolen and are therefore on day two without Cymbalta and no way to get more at the moment?


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If a company issues random drug testing to their employees, are they required to state this when the employee is hired?

eta: or, when they do issue drug testing, do they say "Surprise! today you get drug tested" or do they tell you a day in advance, etc.?

Have you ever had to take a drug test for work?
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Does anyone else search for the "like" button when reading comments on LJ, before realizing this is not facebook?

Can you suggest a good way of budgeting money?

What kind of music are you into, and how does it make you feel to listen to that genre?
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what's a good laptop to buy if you don't plan on storing a lot of music, photos, etc. -- basically you just want word processing and to play around online, but you want it to last a long time?

Ghostly encounters

Has anyone here want to share a story of a ghostly/supernatural/unearthly encounter?

Most of mine happened when I was younger. My parent's property is haunted by a guy we call "Charcoal". He lived in a cabin and it burned down one night and he hasn't seemed to want to leave. My mom has seen his crawling up the stairs all burned up. I have seen him wandering around the property as if he was just going about his business.

When I was over at a friends house I would hear a little girl call out 'mommy' and my husband has said he felt a hand on his shoulder when sitting near a particular bedroom.
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not a homework question!

My google-fu is failing me right now, but ya'll are a knowledgeable bunch.

My boss asked me to look into the requirements of payment from tax exempt business, provided the business does not have a company/corporate credit card. I don't believe we can accept cash, but I'm not sure. Can we accept a check issued by the company, or a company issued voucher? We're in NYS, if it matters. Thanks for any help!

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Is it weird to go visit open houses even if you're not looking to buy a home? Would you tell the realtor that you're just looking for fun, or would you pretend you're actually considering buying the house?

What do you think of people who do this?

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help me tqc, you're my only hope! 

can someone help me with computer stuff or direct me somewhere, i've googled but nothing suggested seems to help. 

I can't seem to play the audio on my computer. i checked and made sure sound was up, everything was plugged in etc etc and all of that is fine. It's something with the audio codec and i tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it but it doesn't help. I have a windows xp, dell. a few months ago it did blue screen on me and i had to reinstall windows on it (reboot it) 

does anyone know how to fix this without me having to deal with calling Dell? 

also, i just realized that when i try to click on volume control, it says there are no available mixers and i have to add the hardware but when i go to try to add it, nothing comes up in the hardware. 

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Your SO comes over with a bag of chicken sandwiches (if you don't have a SO, pretend). "I got such a deal. 10 chicken sandwiches for $8, and all I had to do was fill out some kind of petition about marriage. What suckers! Let's dig in. I'm starved". What do you do?

Eat some sandwiches. It is a good price
Eat some sandwiches reluctantly. The damage is done. I don't approve of what my SO did. I dislike Chick-fil-A
Eat some sandwiches proudly. My SO did the right thing. I support Chick-fil-A
Get dressed to get go some more sandwiches. That's one sweetheart of a deal
Refuse to touch the food. It flies in the face of what I support. I will not partake of any Chick-fil-A
Not only do I not touch the food, I get into a fight with my SO about it
I don't eat the sandwiches because I don't eat meat.

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Is anybody here into steampunk? What are some of your favorite steampunk-related websites?
I've been soliciting steampunk stories for a collection I'm working on, but it's proving difficult to find writers and I'm wondering if there are any resources I haven't tapped into yet.
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My mayor just posted on Facebook that there is a Trader Joe's opening 2 minutes from my apartment! I've never been to one but I always hear about how amazing it is so what products should I try first/recommend my friends try?

I'm going to need to remember to come back to this post in a couple of months. This is too important to not post about now though.

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How have illegal sites such as not been shut down yet?

EDIT: Now I really want to watch something on that site. What film would you recommend? I'm in a lazy mood, and therefore want something silly and rubbish, maybe romantic.
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Cookware Question

Has anyone here tried/seen the Greenganics cookware yet?

I'm looking for a new skillet this fall and have seen the Greenganics ads a few times on TV (On the rare occasions I watch live TV vs. downloaded) and was wondering if they lived up to their hype.

DGAF:  What's for dinner tonight?  
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Were you the type of kid who got excited at the prospect of new school supplies? What about as an adult?

Will you post pictures and/or links to some of your favorite office supplies? And since I'm sure we have some TQC members about to head off to their first year of college, what does every incoming freshman need for campus?

(I recently bought a new backpack and I'm excited okay. I like this stuff.)

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What question do you get in real life that absolutely drives you up the wall?

I am a caregiver and I have a bachelor's degree. There's been a lot of people asking me why I still work here (I've been working the same job since my two terms at the university and that was over four years ago). Like having a college degree would magically drop a "career" job on your lap or the economy isn't shit or that there isn't an overkill on how many people our generation have college degrees.

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how often do you text your significant other?

dark, milk, or white chocolate?

have you taken the GED? did you pass all the subjects the first time?

what's your favorite sex toy, if any?

what's your favorite cartoon movie?