August 4th, 2012


Things Are Going To Slide

Things Are Going To Slide

People keep suggesting that hundreds of years from now most of the citizens of the future will look back and regard the fight for same-sex marriage in the same favorable way that most of today's citizens regard racial integration as a good thing. And maybe they will. But I think there will also be serious negative repercussions for the church. Why on earth should these hypothetical citizens of the future have any respect or love for Jehovah? In order to avoid some serious cognitive dissonance, the Bible wouldn't just need to be re-interpreted, it would need to be re-written. One can make a case that Jehovah was in the business of freeing the Chosen People from slavery. But one simply can't make the case that Jehovah was in the business of marrying gays and lesbians without some serious self-deception. It doesn't just require a re-interpretation of scripture, it requires re-writing scripture. So if the Church exists at all in 500 years, and these hypothetical citizens are indeed grateful for being enlightened out of the Church's social backwardness, they will have re-invented God to fit society's image of what God ought to be, not what the biblical God actually is.

And my question is: Why bother with the biblical God at all?

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How do you feel about illegal immigrants? Focus on the illegal part...

What do you think your country could do to make immigrating legally an easier process for people?

What do you think of Canada's immigration policies? Specifically the whole denying families with autistic children deal...


I recently found out my super-awesome-love-her-so-much grandma is an illegal immigrant, and Im kinda shocked, she has always been a super "never bend the rules or break the law to suite your whim" type person, for instance when I wanted to donate blood despite having had sex with a man who has had sex with a man she told me "lying and breaking the rules is not the way to inspire positive change"

But honestly, knowing the circumstances she was dealing with/where she was coming from and the time period, I have no shred of judgment, Im so glad she got out and came here and made my mom lol.

I really hate our current policies and mindsets toward immigrants in general, I live in a town with lots of Hispanic workers and its so irritating the constant jokes and slurs I hear....seriously dudes, cause I know your ass is not getting out of bed at 5am to go work tobacco .

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My sister is in jail and my niece's dad was supposed to throw her a birthday party...he "forgot". This poor kid has been through the wringer over the last year and she deserves a freaking birthday party. Her birthday is this afternoon.

Help!! Do you have any ideas for a 10 year old's party that are relatively cheap and easy to put on? Do you have "tricks" like cake pops, adorable gift bags or something to make it a little more special? I can craft this morning if need be.

What do you do for your kids birthdays? We never have a party but I always go overboard on the cake. My husband about crapped himself when he saw I dropped a Benjamin on a children's birthday cake, but it's really really good cake.

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if you live with your SO, do you share a bed? was this easy or difficult to adjust to when you first moved in together? if you don't share, what kinda setup do you have?

i don't live w/ my SO but sometimes i wonder how we'd handle that, because i'm so used to having bed space all to myself heh.
just a bill
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What's something irritating that's happened to you recently?

I was trying to wrap my friend's baby shower gift (a baby bath tub). The thing is all curves and no angles. Wrapping gifts isn't my strong suit anyway. I finish wrapping it up, and I realize I left the receipt (not the gift receipt, the whole damn thing) inside the wrap and had to do it over again.

What's something you're excited about?

I'm seeing Our Lady Peace tonight :)

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1. So, lookin' for actual advice at the moment. I am in an open (non-exclusive) relationship and I do everything in my power to not be a jerk. I spent some time last night with someone who is not the person I am "seeing", and I am now covered from head to toe in (consensual and FUN) bruises. In your opinion, what would be the least-jerky way to handle this state of affairs? It is 90+ degrees outside, so a full suit of anything is pretty much out. Right now I'm going with fishnets and a collared 3/4 sleeve shirt, but the bruises will surely be seen before they disappear.

[EDIT!] I was unspecific, sorry. I fully plan on telling him, what I am looking for is advice on how to do so in the best way. And yes, it is something more naughty than hickies, but this guy I'm seeing isn't exactly in to this particular way of playing, but he is aware that I am.

2. Will you post a video of your favorite song about sex? If so, please proceed. If not, will you share the title? If it's not in English, will you tell me the general gist?

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Hubby's birthday is on Tuesday, yay! ALL he wants for his birthday is to go to Atlantic City and stay the night and have some alone time. He insists he does not want me to buy him anything, and he'd rather spend the money in AC because there isn't anything he wants/needs. I feel really, really bad not getting him a physical thing...He is the kind of person that is impossible to buy for and if he wants something he just outright buys it.

So TQC, should I really not buy him anything? I feel awful :( WWYD?

Comics! Comics! Comics!

For curiosity's sake,

1. To those that read comic books:

Which do you prefer?

Vertigo (I considered it separated from DC)
Indie comics
Others (Please specify)

2. To those who watch cartoons/animated shows:

Which do you prefer?

Eastern Animation
Western Animation

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What are some essentials to bring on a festival/camping trip? I'm leaving for ten days in a couple of hours and I feel like I'm forgetting everything.

Any fun plans for you the next couple of days?

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I was at IKEA today buying stuff for my new apartment and in the hassle of getting through the line and all the people, I totally didn't check the receipt as we went through the line. When I got home, I realized I was charged twice for a mattress I bought. I guess I have no way of proving that I didn't buy two and I realize I should have checked the receipt before I left. Is it worth the hassle of trying to get a refund since I can't really prove this?

Anyways, I'm trying to get all the essentials of living before we move. What are some things you think you absolutely need when you first move into a new home/apartment? Any small items that you might forget?

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Does anyone else have a preference for closed, small spaces?
I feel like they bring me immense comfort, especially if they are dark and quiet. I fall asleep in MRI machines and other such places.
Any suggestions on creating a getaway space based on this?
I've thought of a box or my closet (which is on the small side), but I'm also open to suggestions.

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Have you ever written a novel? Did it get published? What about a short story that got published?
Will you please tell me about the process?

(I have some silly idea in my head that I might have a novel lurking around in my noggin)

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Do you have stickers on your car? If so what are they?

I have just one, it says "those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it" It's political but not outright offensive to anyone.

Don't have/don't drive: Do you know how to swim? When/how did you learn?

I learned at summer camp. I'm pretty horrible, and I basically told the instructors no way in hell was I ever going to learn to dive because I am mortally afraid of being upside down for even a little bit.

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What did you do today?

I cleaned the office, kitchen (including the microwave!), dressing room, and bedroom. I also did laundry, went to lunch with my cousin, argued with my mother, made a pitcher of tea, gave the kitty treats (very important), and will now be lurking the internet feeling accomplished on my day off.

So, when I was cleaning my microwave I got most of it clean except the roof(?)/Inside top(?)/Ceiling(?). I have tried 409, a bowl of water microwaved to steam it, and a bowl of water microwaved with dish soap. It will not get clean! It looks like I melted butter and put it all over the top. I'm annoyed.

How do you clean the roof(?)/Inside top(?)/Ceiling(?) of your microwave?

What things really bother you

What really bothers me is when people will sit there and gossip about someone else's life/business.

Like they will email me and be like 'OMG! So-n-so did this or so-n-so got fired for sexuall harrassment or whatever.... I mean seriously people... we are adults and it isn't our business or place to blab about what has happened in someone else's life. If they want the world to know about what happened in their life then they will post it all over the internet or whatever.