August 3rd, 2012

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I recently signed a lease for a two-bedroom apartment. I will be living alone. How should I utilize the extra bedroom? (If it's pertinent, I am a graduate student.)

Serious and non serious.
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I really need to update my LinkedIn account. But-- I need help!

See, I currently have experience in two fields. I have a job in one of them. It's a solid job. I'm looking for a job in other fields.

A lot of current colleagues are on my LinkedIn, so I don't want to... ignore or downplay what I am currently working on too much. That being said, I really feel like I should tailor my page to fit what I am looking for jobs in.

Do you have any LinkedIn advice? How can I make the most of it? How can I describe who I am in a way that won't downplay what I am doing while also really highlighting what I want to be doing?

What do you do with your LinkedIn?

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If your boss calls you into their office to tell you you're doing an amazing job, do you:

A. cut yourself some more slack and stop stressing
B. feel the pressure to work even harder to keep up that opinion
C. don't feel any different
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Ordering Contacts

Ok, so I was trying to order contacts online, which went swimmingly until I had to input my dr. and they are verifying my perscription with them.

The problem is that I haven't seen this doctor in over 2 years and the one that I AM now seeing is a piece of crap and is why I'm ordering online in the first place.  My current Dr. has my perscription WRONG and also input the wrong kind of contacts that I wear into my file.  I have the boxes still from my previous place and I have kept my eye exams current so I know that it is correct.

What are the chances the old Dr. will approve the order with an eye exam that old?  Is there someplace I can order where they don't "verify" your perscription?
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Would you rather?

Would you rather...?

Have your refrigerator automatically charge your credit card with mini-bar prices every time you get something
Have your toilet be converted into a pay-toilet

Would you rather...?

Dress exclusively in merchandise from PetSmart (dog sweaters, blankets, harnesses)
Eat food exclusively from PetSmart

Would you rather...?

Sit through a drunken dinner with Mel Gibson over the discussion of a Jewish president
Have a conversation with Tom Cruise about the benefits of organized religion and psychology

Would you rather...?

Have to wear a scarf made from Snooki's pubes for an entire winter
Get hair plugs from your own pubic hair

Would you rather...?

Appear half your age
Appear 3/4 your weight
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Weather Check

So, for anyone in central Europe, my parents are doing a Danube River cruise in a couple of weeks here. 

My mom's travel guide said the temps are like 20 degrees F cooler than what she's been seeing on the Internet.

So, what have the actual high and low temps been in the area?  This way, I can tell my mom what type of clothes to pack since they leave next Saturday. 
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Last week, my mom witnessed our new neighbors shoot a cat.  A few hours later, the owner's of said cat sent Animal Control to our house to get a witness statement from my mom.  She told them what she saw, and bam.  Done.  Except a few hours later, one of the new neighbors threw a glass of jam at our house.  Then another one threatened my mom.  Then the engine in our boat got cut out.
I guess the guy who shot the cat is on strike two for felony breaking and entering (wonderful), so the entire family is being incredibly hostile because in our state, animal abuse is a felony (also, he's not allowed to have guns. Period).  We've been doing police reports, but I'm not sure what else to do.  We don't live in apartments, so we can't call a landlord either.  We've also been minding our own business, installing security cameras, locking everything up, etc.  I'm worried they're going to put sugar in my gas tank or something.

Do you know any way to get someone to move?  All I can think is have my mom file a protective order, and then they'd be forced to leave.  We've lived here for 27 years and haven't even had so much as a parking disagreement, so we aren't sure what we can do.  All calling the police does is make them even more hostile.  I have anxiety problems, and my mother has been hospitalized for her stress-related illnesses as well.  My dad is telling us to kill them with kindness, but soon we won't have any stuff if they keep breaking it.

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What's something you've always wanted to learn but haven't been able to for some reason? 
I've wanted to learn how to knit forever but every time I try I suck! idgi! 

What are your weekend plans? 
I'm going to a birthday party, going camping and then redoing the basement.

Speaking of birthdays, what's a good present to get someone when you're not sure what to get?! 
I have the hardest time buying people gifts! 
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It's a hot summer day, and you decide to make some milkshakes. While going at it, you notice that an unfamiliar man has climbed into your yard. A few moments later, another man enters your yard. A few more trickle in, and within a minute, 15 guys are in your yard. You're starting to panic, when you notice the last guy has a t-shirt that reads "I LOVE MILKSHAKES!". Clearly, your milkshakes have brought the boys to the yard. What do you do now?

Call 911. Lock all the doors and windows. Hide
Put the milkshakes outside the door in the hopes they leave you alone
Freak out because I don't have a yard. Clearly I'm in some kind of surreal alternate universe where milkshakes are an erotic commodity and I have more property space
Make more milkshakes. Open the door. I'm feeling frisky
Check to see if my traps are ready. My plan is working perfectly. They'd better not eat my gingerbread house this time
Probably put some damn clothes on. I didn't expect company
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i have two mobile phones. my personal mobile phone is a texting phone with no data plan. my work phone is a jailbroken iPhone 4s. I like it pretty well, particularly after i jailbroke it for both cosmetic and practical purposes.

i'm considering in the near future switching my personal mobile phone plan to include data and thus would be in the market for a smartphone. I know absolutely nothing about Droids; i know that there's a big school of Droid vs iOS out there. everyone has their opinion.

i'm inclined to get a droid just so i have something different to compare to, but i do like the comfort of already being familiar with iOS and i'm betting it wouldn't take too long for the new iPhone and the new iOS to have jailbreak functionality.

so i turn to you TQC. What should i get if i get a personal smartphone? Any manner of pros and cons practical or personal are welcome.


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What do you do when you are really tired but every time to decide to nap you body decides it's not *that* tired?

I have had a huge emotionally exhausting day and I am so tired but I can never nap.

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1) So lately I feel like everyone expects me to have a smartphone. Even the four year old I nanny for asks me why I don't have a phone that "does stuff".

If I were to get a smartphone, what one would you recommend? I am so not technologically aware about this stuff.

2) Are any sad movies from your childhood even sadder to you now that you're an adult? Maybe because you understand things now that you didn't before?

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I'm pretty positive that I'm depressed. I'm moving four hours from home in less than two weeks and I don't want to see anyone here lest my parents find out. I'd really rather see my family doctor, but since I've cut that out as an option, should I see a regular practitioner or a counselor when I move? My graduate program covers the cost for each, so money isn't an issue. I just don't know what the first step is.

Edit- I understand doctor/patient confidentiality. I'm not asking about that. I'd really like an answer to my question because I don't know what to do.
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Tonight I was at this dinner. I was talking to my friend B, and an acquaintance of B's was also kind of involved in the conversation (I can't remember his name, so let's go with A). I told B how when I move I don't want to live with a bunch of American University students, because they'll probably all judge me for going to UDC (UDC is the only public university in DC...all the other schools are private and expensive). A then comments "you're going to UDC? you should go to AU or GW instead". I told him "no I shouldn't, because I'm not going to drop another 30-40K on grad school; it's not worth it to me". Anyway, his comment just really rubbed me the wrong way. How would you feel about that?

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If the US presidential election was between George W Bush and Mitt Romney, and voting was mandatory by law (or you'd have to pay a $10000 fine or spend three months in jail), who would you vote for? Why?

What if it was between Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?

SRS/Non SRS welcome.