August 1st, 2012


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You're at the top of a tunnel slide. Behind you, there is a line of many people and some are already climbing the ladder. In front of you, there is a very large spider on the inside of the slide. What do you do?

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It's an election year in the States. Any weird candidates on your local ballot? Or memorable ones from past elections in your area?

In the governor's race, we have a couple of Tea Party constitutionalists, one of who is running on a platform of wanting to impeach the President, and nothing else. And then there is Goodspaceguy, who's been running for office every year for the past twenty years or so. He asks us to think of the Earth as a giant spaceship and treat it as we would if it were.

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I've started making my clothing. Until this point, I've been modeling my own stuff, but the thought occured to me that having other people model my work might seem more professional-what do you think?

Is it more professional to have other people wearing the clothing you make?

Also-do you have an outfit that is your 'go to outfit' for something? I have an interview outfit-hurrah!

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How open are you about bodily functions in front of others?

Which of the following would you do in front of your SO? Your friends?


I don't mind farting in front of an SO, but when I'm about to have explosive diarrhea, you know I'm going to go "take a shower" just so I can have the loud water running beforehand.
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Have you ever done a juice fast/cleanse?
How did you decide which one to do? Would you recommend it? Was it worth it?  

I'm thinking of doing a juice fast to try and kick start my ass into eating better. I've been struggling lately with sleeping and just end up eating cereal or pasta or toast, as a result my skin looks terrible and I feel deflated all the time. Do you think a juice fast would help? 

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I'm possibly moving into a new house in a month or two. The house is owned by my best friend's parents & they'd be my landlords so I trust them, but regardless, what questions should I ask them in the email I'm about to send?

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So yesterday I asked whether I should tell my parents that i'm getting a tattoo or not. 
I decided to tell my mum as I thought she'd be more upset by me keeping secrets. She was ok and is actually coming with me. 

It's made me realise my dad is probably going to freak in a silent, 'not angry just disappointed' way. I don't live with him and have more contact with him over the phone than in person, so I could feasibly hide it for quite a while. However, there will inevitably be news/pics of it on facebook, which his sisters and my cousins are on. 
How/when should I tell him and deal with the fall out?
If you got a tattoo and your parents freaked, how did you deal with it?
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Would you rather?

Would you rather...?

Be able to personally choose every member of the Supreme Court
Be able to choose every Oscar winner

Would you rather...?

Attend and engage in a midget (little person) orgy
Attend and engage in a 'living with anorexia' support group orgy

Would you rather...?

Be able to teleport 1 mile or less once per day
Have X-ray vision, but limited only to playing cards

Would you rather...?

Be automatically able to dictate your actual mood by selecting an emoticon. Indefinitely
Be able to eat whatever you want, portions be damned. For one year

Would you rather wipe your ass with...?

Poison ivy
Steel wool
A split habanero pepper
Your hand
Your cat

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How often should I replace my wireless router?

Background: I got my router probably 7-ish years ago when the only thing I used it for was my laptop. Fast forward to now, I have about 5 devices connected to it. Some of the things connected to it, like my mom's computer, run super slow. I'm not sure if I need to get a new router or just have someone from the internet company come out and fix whatever is wrong with it (over the phone they suggested reseting it, but according to the manual that's only really for when you don't know the ISP/password). I'm hesitant to reset it because I had to have someone come out and set it up for me, I don't want to lose the connection or some shit and then be without internet on all my devices.

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Last night i was abruptly awaken from my sleep by my dog who let you a loud but quick bark. I sat up and immediately looked around and outside to see what was bothering her. She rarely does this in the middle of the night. Then I realized there was an overwhelming scent of oil in my room. I could feel it in my nostrils and I could almost taste it. I was so tired after investigating and finding nothing I passed out again. I googled it and lots of stuff came up about 'aura scents' and ghost smells etc etc. I dont really believe In that stuff and am pretty scientifically inclined. Any thoughts? Anyone have anything like this happen? Online they said it was mostly cigarettes/ lilac scents though...

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Do you own any products that are so insanely great that you go on about them like you're getting paid?

I recently got a Green Pan as a gift, and it's the best thing ever. Veggies, tofu, and potatoes come out perfect with very little oil. I even fried a ground turkey patty with no oil at all (except what's in the meat) and it didn't stick a bit. Every time I use this pan, I feel like the 21st Century has finally arrived.
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Do you feel awkward if you're eating alone in a restaurant? And not just like a quick bite to eat in a cafe while on your lunch break or something; you're feeling like sushi or a steak dinner at a nice sit down restaurant and just go by yourself for whatever reason.
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What has been the high point of your life thus far?

Brought to you by my recent experience of Iggy and the Stooges in Berlin last weekend, after which I'm pretty sure the rest of my life will be hideously dull in comparison. Asdf ;lkj asdlkj.

Best concert experience?

What are you avoiding right now?

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Inspired by someone telling me they "found" their phone...

A cashier gives you 20 dollars too much. Is it yours to keep?

A cashier doesn't charge you for one of your purchases. Do you tell them?

You find 20 dollars in an atm machine, with no one else around and no idea who the last person there was. Do you keep it?

You find a phone on the ground. Do you keep it?
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would you be pissed if you let your s/o use your car for a week (their car was in an accident) and they talked it up how they were gonna wash it for you, inside and out... and then they didn't?

the dentist will see you NOW

Why is it that when I call to get an appointment with my eye doctor, it takes 6 weeks, for my regular doctor it's three months, but when I call the dentist's office to schedule a crown--i.e. not a minor thing-- they say, "How about tomorrow? How does a dentist have all this free time that other doctors don't have?

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If you could be an Olympic athlete, which sport would you want to excel in?

If you could introduce any sport to the Olympic games, what would it be? IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE AN ACTUAL SPORT. It could be cooking, sock-folding, whatevs.

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When after a long day your body starts to feel tired and run down and starts to shut down for the day do you fight it or do you just go with it?

Right now I am crashing but it's setting of my anxiety and I don't want to shut down just yet.
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Boston shopping

I'm going to Boston in a few weeks. Where should I go shopping?

I am a giant geek for independent book stores, stationery stores, pet gear stores, and anything super unique and antique-y funky.

I'm also visiting Salem, of the witch trials. Have you been to that site before? Was it weird or scary or awesome?

DK/DC Do you believe in witches?

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You are walking along minding your own buisiness when suddenly a deranged person assaults you and stabs you with a syringe, potentially infecting you with a deadly virus. Which virus would your rather it have been?