July 31st, 2012

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Within the next week, you must pack up your stuff and move to a state/province/part of your country that you have never set foot in before. You will have to live there for the next ten years.

Where do you go?

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When was the last night an illness snuck up on you?

I was feeling kind of off the last few days but suddenly i have a stuffed nose and an itchy throat and i'm wheezy and it's horrible.

What's your favorite color?


Poll #1857399 That's not right...

You're eatting some delicious, nummy soft food like oatmeal or pasta, suddenly you bite down and there's an unexcepted crunch. From here you....

spit it out immediantly and find out what the heck it is, then continue eating no matter what it was.
spit it out immediantly and find out what the heck it is, then continue eating depending on what it was.
spit it out immediantly, don't want to know what it is, and keep eating.
spit it out immediantly, don't want to know what it is, and stop eating.
chew slowly, swallow, and keep eating hoping it doesn't happen again.
chew slowly, swallow, but stop eating and throw the rest in the trash.
Spit it out, find out what it is and continue to freak out for an hour, then get on TQC and ask everyone what they would do.
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My brother is getting married in 2 weeks. I can't make it, sadly. His fiancée has asked me to write something to be read at the ceremony.

Should I tell a story about my brother?
Keep it short and simple and just wish them well?
Make it funny?
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Fridge Raid

Anyone have a bad problem at work with co-workers eating your lunch, especially when it is stored in the refrigerator? How bad is the problem? What have you tried to keep people from taking your lunch? Anyone ever eaten someone elses lunch?


Do you have kids in public school? When does the school start back in your neck of the woods? Do you know of anywhere that has year round schooling in the public system?

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I'm booked in for my first tattoo tomorrow. 
I haven't told my parents, who won't be happy i'm doing it, and will try to discourage me, but won't try to stop me. I'm expecting my mum to hate the idea at first but then actually like the design. 
Do I tell them beforehand or just wait until it's done?

Any tips for a first time tattoo-ee?
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Do you have any thoughts on deaf parents who specifically want deaf children? What about deaf parents who refuse to get their children cochlear implants to help them hear?

Bonus: Is being deaf a disability? Is it a "culture"?
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I am in a very small town that has a pretty limited number of places to go. The only cafe that has free wi-fi is an outdoor cafe, and it is raining. There is a bar that I have been going to 1-2 a week that offers free wi-fi. I am wanting to go there this afternoon to read & write (it is an excellent and quiet bar to do such things at) but alcohol sounds really horrible for the way I am feeling right now. Would it be rude of me to go there and order non-alcoholic drinks?

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Dear TQC, I am emailing someone (unknown) at a university in charge of one of their departments. How should I address the letter? I am asking about admission to the department, and I'm worried if I come off as "Hi, my name is Beth and ______", it will seem too friendly and they might look down on me. I'd like to be respectful without coming across as over the top ("To whom it may concern" feels weird when I type it). Is "To whom it may concern" too over the top? Or should I use it?
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Would you rather...?

Would you rather...?

Find a sex tape of your best friend and your significant other
Find a sex tape of your parents. The date on the video was around the night you were conceived

Would you rather...?

Chew a wad of used chewing gum that you found under your chair. It's fresh enough so that it's chewable. You have no idea who the owner was
Eat a caramel apple that was rolled on the floor at a barbar shop

Would you rather...?

Play strip poker with the cast of The View
Play strip poker with the cast of the original Star Trek tv series (those that are still alive)

Would you rather...?

Have cowgirl sex with a missionary
Have missionary sex with a cowgirl

Would you rather...?

Go to a dentist with Parkinson's
Go to a gynocologist with Parkinson's (proctologist for you men)
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A question from my boyfriend.

Dearest TQC, I need your help once more! My boyfriend has a job interview tonight for Target. The interview is for a presentation team member position. I thought he should wear a dress shirt, dark jeans, and shoes he can move around in if need be. Perhaps I'm wrong!

What would you wear for this interview?

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My landlady chewed me out again for (apparently) failing to turn off the coffeemaker before I left for work yesterday.  I remember checking it before I left, and it was off and unplugged.  Besides the obvious impact of being sleep deprived and rushed, what could account for me being 98% certain I turned it off, and my landlady's assertion that I didn't?

Non-srs only.

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Do you have any idea why the ATM machines I have been to for the past two days, have stated that my account balance is £200 or so higher than my available balance? I would presume that some money transfers have not been processed yet, but I'm worried that the account balance has not been updated yet - so I actually am £200 worse off.

EDIT: I called up my bank, and my question is answered.
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The Art of Driving

Tell me fellow TQC members:

When did you learn to drive? Do you still have misgivings about driving?
What was the most difficult thing for you to learn that involved driving?

Would you recommend a first car for a girl that has no money? 

What was the name of your first pet?
What would you say are the most important things to pack/remember for college?
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have you ever stopped speaking with your parents? for how long? it doesn't matter why, but what course of action did you take if you rekindled the relationships?

here's a joke to lighten the mood: how do you find will smith in a blizzard?
you look for fresh prints

High heels, stomach pain question.

Earlier, I was trying on these black high heels at the store. I'm used to wearing high heels, but these where really high ones, like this: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/--pOWiOUJZ8M/Tre4xDi1-fI/AAAAAAAADmg/QFLdOOPPQYA/s1600/red-high-heels2.jpg I'm used to less high ones.

But they where beautiful so I walked a bit in them, but decided not to buy them because they where uncomfortable and a bit too high. On the bus ride home, I feel a cramp-like pain from my left side of my butt to the underside of my stomach, over the part besides my vagina on that side. It hurt really bad. When I got home, I sat down, ate something and that stopped hurting... but since about 30 minutes now I feel a light pain that feels like uterus pain when you're menstruating and also inside my anus and my lower back. It's not a very bad pain but it is there.

What is this? Did the shoes cause it? I just had my period last week so it's not that. Sorry for the awkward/embarrassing question but I'm from a very religious family so I can't really ask anyone IRL. :( Thanks.
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you know how you get random songs stuck in your head?....do you ever get random words/names stuck in your head and keep repeating them throughout the day?? or is that just me...

the other day i got the word "opilia" stuck in my head, from Deadliest Catch lol
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Have you ever worked a construction type job?

I interviewed for a job where the pay structure is quite different from anything I've ever done. Basically, I'd be going to people's houses and giving them "free" estimates. The company has a price list for products and installation (which would not be shown to the customer) and my pay would be whatever I can talk the customer into paying above that. Is this legit, or should I be skeptical?