July 30th, 2012

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I had these types of heels before but they broke and I can't seem to find anything like this in shoe stores. Is there an inexpensive pair that looks like this online? I've already checked on zappos but couldn't really find anything like this.

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Im also looking for a reliable DVD binder where I can store a ton of DVDs. Does anyone have any good recs? I tried checking on amazon but there are many conflicted reviews so it's confusing.

this is probably a weird question.

I'm a waitress, and have been for about 3 months. Yesterday I had this guy and his dad at one of my tables, and they were both amazingly nice and we had a few conversations back and forth about random things. The guy I found out was my age, and he ended up paying and leaving "Thanks :)" and his phone number on the reciept. I'm in a serious relationship and definitely not looking for anything else, but the guy was really nice. Would if be weird to text him something like, "hey, I'm taken but it was nice meeting you and you should come back anytime and I'll be happy to serve you?" I feel like it's weird, but I kind of feel bad just not saying anything, especially because his dad comes in there pretty regularly and they were genuinely cool people. What do you think?

Passive/internet income?

Does anyone know of any sites for making passive income or ones that require little to no time? (i.e. filling out internet surveys)

My contribution: TopLine link

It replaces the ads you see with theirs and pays you (not a lot, but hey, you don't have to do anything). There are no popups or spam and you don't even notice it.

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Are you planning to boycott Chick-Fil-A after the recent shenannigans?

Are there any companies that you boycott on principle?

Are there any places that you still patronize even though they do things you disagree with? Is this out of lack of caring or because you just can't find a way around it?

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Can you drink water from the taps in your house?

I live in Scotland where our water is very clean so I can drink from the kitchen tap. We never have to buy in bottled water.
However, my cousin is visiting from LA and said he can't drink from the tap and so has to constantly buy in bottled water.
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Is it normal for my FedEx package to have stopped being tracked?

I ordered it on the 24th and it shipped on the 25th. It was tracked on the 25th in Fresno and then the 26th in Sacramento but nothing has been updated since then.

It's not supposed to be here until the 2nd so I'm not really all that concerned but if that's not normal I'd kind of like to contact them and see where my package is because I do like being able to track it.
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My sister and I are looking for new historical fiction to read. We both enjoyed Gone With the Wind a LOT, the Boleyn series by Philippa Gregory, The Book Thief, and Age of Innocence by Wharton. Any other suggestions? I'm open to anything, she has a craving for Civil War era stuff.

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I have a meeting at the bank in an hour.

While I can handle most of the things in my life, meetings with the bank always make me feel like I am five and wildly inadequate. TQC, will you give me advice on how I can go in there and not feel like crying? Things to think about? Reasons why I shouldn't feel intimidated? Motivational posters?

DK/DC about my feelings, what makes you feel like you're five?

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Which would you rather do?

Watch a stripper who was 80 years old
Watch a stripper who was 400 lbs

Which would you rather do?

Have phone sex with C-3PO
Have phone sex with Batman (Christian Bale's version)

Which would you rather do?

Have phone sex with Yoda
Have phone sex with an Oompa Loompa (who sings everything like they did in the original Willy Wonka movie)

Which would you rather do?

Wear only clothes taken from the Situation's dirty clothes hamper for a month
Drink a glass of water taken from the Jersey Shore hot tub

Which would you rather do?

Eat a spoonful of someone else's snot
Eat a cup of someone else's hair

Plantar fasciitis

I want to get back into long distance running, but I've been having mild bouts of plantar fasciitis for years. Any ideas on how to manage/alleviate it so that I don't break my feet?

DK/DC: Do you watch Teen Wolf? I feel like everyone and their mother suddenly is into it.

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Do you think Kristen Stewart's career is done after her affair with a married man? 

What do you think will happen with Breaking Dawn Part 2 coming out in a few months? Will SWATH2 go ahead? 
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My sister and cousin keep begging me to allow them to throw me a baby shower, but I am hesitant for two reasons - 1. This is my second child so I feel like a second shower is not appropriate etiquette-wise, and 2. I really, really don't have any close friends, like at all. So I'm afraid no one will come. This is not as paranoid as it sounds, I had a bridal shower where only one person came aside from the host and my mom. :( Should I continue to refuse or cave and hope for the best?
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silly kitten

So my cat was napping next to me and I don't know what happened but he yawned, rolled over and rolled off my bed. He didn't land well from what I heard. I didn't mean to but I laughed now he's hiding under my bed.

Should I be worried that he hurt himself when he fell?

What's the cutest thing your pet has done lately?


I have two birthday parties and my husbands birthday all coming up on the weekend. 
I have tried to arrange a birthday get together for my husband with his friends but only one of our mutual friends was able to confirm that he is available on the weekend to celebrate. While I'm waiting on their answers I have tentative plans with my friends who are having birthday get togethers on the same night (can possibly be combined)! 

Should I hound his other friends to find out if they're planning on coming or not? I do this every year and it's always a good time but it's so much effort for me and it has fallen through once.
Should I just make arrangements with my husbands best friend and his SO for a nice dinner out on a different night so I don't have to worry about the reliability of his other friends and can go to one or both of my girlfriends parties? 

Am I a horrible wife if I abandon my plans to give my husband a big birthday thing with his friends to see my friends instead? I already feel bad that the only thing my husband wants for his birthday are Diablo dollars. -_-

fwiw, my husbands birthday is not on the party night, so I wouldn't be leaving my husband alone on his birthday or anything.