July 28th, 2012


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Did you watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony (or if you've had to wait because your country wasn't showing it live, are you/will you be watching it)?

If you watched it, what did you think of it? What was your favourite bit? What was the bit you disliked the most?

If you didn't or aren't watching it, what have you done/are you doing with your evening?

What are your plans for the weekend?

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It's 3:30 am and I'm awake. What time is it where you are and why are you awake? Are there other awake people where you are? Do you live in a city where there are things open? Do you live in a suburb/town, and are there things open there?

Would you get tea with a complete stranger at 3:30 am and chat with them?

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What are some smaller cities or college towns in Australia with a laid-back alternative-ish vibe? (I'm thinking along the lines of Eugene/Ashland/Portland in Oregon, Portland (Maine), Boulder, Ann Arbor, Madison, etc)

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Does anyone use an Instant Messenger service anymore (AIM, Yahoo!, GTalk, Jabber, etc?)

Since changing jobs, I'm no longer allowed to run those clients on my employer's workstation. So what few friends I have that still use it, I have all but fallen off the planet.

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TQC, how do you deal with confrontation?

I work with a lot of arrogant people (mostly consultant doctors) and I try very hard to keep my temper and not be rude, but ultimately fail.
For example: I just told a consultant he couldn't park in a certain spot, he kept saying to me that he had no idea who I was and that he was more important than me, having worked here longer. I tried to explain that he simply was not meant to park there as it was for lecturers and disabled users of the building I work in, but he got my back up and I started to lose my temper.
Any advice? I'm low down on the hierachy here (I work in the NHS) and dislike that I get in trouble for the slightest thing, even though my bosses have an issue with things like this in general (car parking is a war zone here!)
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So I bought tickets for a show tonight, one for me and one for my friend who is visiting me over the weekend. She however has come down with a migraine. She's told me I should go if I want. But I don't want to abandon her (especially because, well, we met online and we've known each other for like 6 years but this is our first time meeting in person).

Should I go?
If I don't go, what should I do? I've tried letting some friends know I have these tickets and I'd be happy almost to give them away (together they cost 18€), but I think everybody has plans....
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My vacuum cleaner just died on me, I think. I'm budgeting for a new one this weekend.

Any suggestions?

DK/DC/Pssht, I don't clean, how should I know: What's your favorite vegetable?

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I don't know if anyone here has used Jamberry Nails before, but I have a few sheets.

Which one should I use? I'm not going to put them on all of my nails - so what color should I paint the rest of my nails based on the sheet you choose?

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What do your nails look like?

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I am currently not getting email notifications when someone replies to my comment or comments on my entry on lj. Is this happening to any of you? I've checked my settings, and the notifications setting is still on, and my email address is correct. My email address is also receiving other emails.

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My friend is trying to remember the name of a rapper who also sells jewelry. He says he thinks the rapper worked with some watch company or had his own line. I had no clue and it's driving him crazy. Anyone know? Thanks.

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In my school district, when a student turns 18, a letter is sent home offering the kids an option to become completely responsible for his or her education. The student can choose whether or not their educational information is sent to their parents or addressed directly to the student.

Did your school have something like this?

More importantly:
What's your favorite kind of cookie?

I'm about to try a chocolate chip, marshmallow, corn flake cookie.

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Anyone here know about credit?

I just got denied a credit card and the following are the reasons that were listed:
1. Insufficient credit history
2. Insufficient number of satisfactory accounts
3. Multiple revolving accounts with balances
4. Recent account assignment to a collection agency.

I understand one two and four but three doesn't make any sense.

My only credit is a car loan and a couple student loans that I consolidated a couple years ago. I also have a couple medical bills in collections.

From the definition I can find none of these sound like revolving credit.

Are they?
They wouldn't put it on the letter if it wasn't a reason they took into consideration right?

Sorry about this, I'm still learning "adult things" and am really confused/stressed out.

Dk/dc/tldr: What's your favorite online store?

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When shopping, is there anything wrong with taking something out of its box, looking it over, determining it's not what you need, and putting it back as it was?

I ask because I did this today with a $20 tent and my son is convinced that I am going to get in trouble/arrested. I have tried to tell him that I did nothing wrong, but he is legit worried. Should I just go back and buy the stupid thing even though it was way too small?
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So today I got reprimanded by some guy on a bike for driving through an alley (which is NOT a through street - I drive through it because otherwise I'm driving a mile out of my way in a construction zone just to get to my driveway, yes I know it's illegal and no I don't really care). He said he would be reporting me to the police. How hard do you think the police will laugh when he calls to report me? It's not like there's any other crime to worry about in DC, right?

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Have you ever had success in getting Manic Panic dye out of clothes? (Please say yes!)
What did you do to get it out?

I got blue dye on my favorite yellow shirt and kind of want to stab myself in the eye :(

(EDIT!) I let it sit under an Oxyclean paste while I went to buy color safe bleach and when I came back, it was stain free!

So, do you have any colors you are drawn to that you don't consider your favorite color?

My sister's fave is green, but she buys a TON of purple stuff. My favorite is orange, but I keep finding myself wanting mustard yellow clothing.
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If you see the same ad for a job posted in a relatively short span, like 2-3 weeks, but you haven't heard anything, do you resubmit your resume thinking maybe there was a problem or just assume they're not interested?

What if it's anonymous so you don't know who the potential employer is?