July 27th, 2012

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Epic fail

My usually very careful man dropped his iPod into a bucket of paint. He cleaned it as well as he could and now it is chilling in some rice to dry out.

It's not a touch model. When last examined it was sort of working but giving random codes and would not turn off.

This iPod is THE MOTIVATOR! It makes sweet sweet music that makes his crew want to work with a quickness.

We cannot afford to replace it.

Is there anything we might be able to do to save it?

Thanks for your help

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Will you post a screenshot of your desktop wallpaper?

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DC: How many bathing suits do you own? How many coats/jackets? What sorts of other weather-related garments do you have? Let's see if TQC can figure out what area of the country you're from by what's in your closet!

I have one bathing suit, and two heavy coats, as well as a third lined denim jacket (yeah, I know). I also have a huge fleece I stole from my brother. It looks horrible but it's the warmest thing ever. I also have quite a number of scarves (I knit em) and a couple winter hats and a pair of boots.
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If you have a clear complexion and never had to deal with acne, overly dry or oily skin, or any other skin-related issues*, is it really necessary to cleanse/exfoliate/moisturize/use various products that claim to be good for your skin? Or is it fine to just use water?

*and you have a good diet, drink plenty of water, and stay out of the sun

Sex Poll Time~

Poll #1856650 Sex Poll!

Have you ever had a cosmic experience during orgasm (no matter whether said orgasm was with a partner/partners or self-inflicted)? "Cosmic" meaning whatever it means to you. If you wish to volunteer TMI please put it in the comments, thanks!

What's for lunch?

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1) What are you thoughts on a low-carb diet? 

2) How about veganism? Or vegetarianism?

3) Do you think red meat a few times a week can be healthy?

*Also, my general physician asked me to come in for routine blood panels because it was my first time seeing him. He mentioned something about checking my blood sugar, what else do they generally test for? I'm interested in what it could detect because I didn't have insurance for some time.

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Should I attempt to re-teach myself piano?

My apartment's too small for an actual piano but my friend's willing to let me borrow his keyboard, so all I'd need to purchase (for now) would be a book of some sort.

Do you play an instrument? How good are you?

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Situation: your coworker/friend turned 30 today. You and she did not have plans. At 3:30, she calls to ask if you want to go to a bar with her and friends. Your SO (if applicable) is also invited. Dinner is at 7:30 with a piano bar afterward.

The restaurant and bar are approximately an hour away from your house. You have ~1/2 tank of gas but gas money is a bit hard to come by. You won't be drinking due to the drive. Still, she's a friend and a lot of fun to hang out with.

What do you do?
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advice on how to make mushroom base pizza

i have 2 of those big mushrooms that you can use as a pizza base. is there a way i should prepare them before they go in the oven with the toppings on, to make them more pizza-like?

i was thinking of trying to crisp them in the frypan, after cutting off the stems/stalks.

my friend likes mexican, so i was going to put salsa on them as the sauce (or taco sauce actually, so it wouldn't be so lumpy), and then adding spicy beans, chopped fresh tomato, breadcrumbs, vegan cream cheese, and baking them.

what sort of heat should i use to bake them in the oven, and for how long do you think? or do you think i should grill them instead?

do you think you would like this dinner if you were a vegan mexican lover?

please give me any hints to make this better, as i'm really at a loss as to how to make this look and taste nice. i hope the flavours will make up for the maybe not so prettiness of the dish.

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anyone else have psoriasis?
i've had it since i was a baby, and it's gone through various phases of severity. right now, it's the worst it's been in a very long time, covering my body with red, scaly spots, and all over my face/neck, resulting in a disgusting amount of dandruff and very unattractive red patches around my forehead, ears, and neck. i've even got a small spot on the corner of my mouth, and a few spots on my hands.
i have two medicated creams (a corticosteroid and a vitamin d cream), and i'm constantly applying moisturizer and jojoba oil, but absolutely nothing works anymore. i'm itchy as hell, and this outbreak has done shit for my self-esteem.
please help, either how to ease the itching, or get rid of the dandruff, or make myself not feel like a horrible disfigured monster.
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I have about a cup or so of cooked barley leftover from making barley tea. I don't usually use barley in recipes, so I'm not sure what to do with it. Suggestions? I toasted the barley before simmering it, so I believe it's got a nuttier flavor than barley usually has.
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Why does my boyfriend ask me trivial questions when he's sitting in front of his computer (that has Google as the home page)?

Non-serious answers only preferred, but I really wanna know damnit.

DK/DC/Cough up the second question already: what's your favorite hair color (in general) and why?