July 26th, 2012

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Do you collect anything? What and why did you start? Is it something your parents collected and passed on to you, or is this solely your own idea? How many of these items do you own?

I collect teapots; I own almost thirty at the moment, and I also collect matching salt & pepper shakers! I collect them because I think they're pretty and a fun way to decorate my apartment.

DK/DC What song do you always seem to get stuck in your head?

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My oldest daughter has discovered she shared two of my passions--reading and the outdoors!

What are your favorite kid's books that have to do with nature, the forest, the lakes or ocean, woodland creatures, and all that shit?

Picture books geared towards ages 2-7 are the best, but a wider variety is fine (we'll save the ones geared towards older kids for a few years or for reading aloud on long car rides).

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So, I love to bake and cook and stuff. That doesn't mean I'm even remotely good at it. Luckily enough, I'm the type to keep chugging forward even if I only slowly get better at it. Anyway, onto the question.

Could anyone figure out what the actual instructions would be for this 'recipe'? I get the very general idea, but I know that if I don't figure out the details I'm going to manage to mess up. I don't know how, but it'll happen.

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1. Which do YOU (personally) need more of? Bread or Circuses?

2. What's the difference between a "running shoe" and a "training shoe"? Which would be better as an all around daily wear shoe?


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1) how well prepared are you for an extreme weather event and/or natural disaster?

2) What's the most severe weather event you've experienced?

3) What severe weather is most likely to occur where you live?
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What is your credit like? Do you have any advice for someone who is attemting to rebuild theirs?

Back story: I screwed up real bad when I was 18/19 and got a couple of credit cards, a loan, and at least one unpaid cell phone bill. I'm 24 now, in about $10k worth of debt, and I just got married. I'm in the 500s somewhere, and I don't know what to do. I'm unemployed and unemployment only pays me $200 a month, which doesn't even begin to cover what I owe. I was just going to wait another year or two and get things taken off my credit (thigs expire after 7 years), but need a new car soon, and don't want to rely on my husband. D:
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relationship woes

So, a friend of a friend got engaged. They broke up before the wedding and the woman does not want to give the ring back. The man wants to sue to get the ring back, lol. I personally do not think you can sue to get the ring back because it is a gift but I honestly have no idea. What are your opinions/facts on this?

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is anyone else having trouble uploading images to LJ?

i have a paid account and the last couple of days, whenever i go to upload an image to post the window opens, but instead of having the blue button with upload written on it, it is just a blue block and nothing happens when i click on it. it's definitely not a lack of available storage space issue either.

anyone have any ideas as to what i could do to fix this issue? i'd like to be able to upload images to post again and not have to resort to relying on external links :/

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I work for a student loan company. I enjoy my job.

Would you like to ask me questions about how to help you lower your payments/post pone payments/ do something else to help you with your massive amounts of loan debt you have which will now now allow you to get a job because you're most likely over qualified/there are no openings in your field?

Today I spoke with a young man stationed in Iraq. He wanted help dealing with his loans for many moons away. I teared up during the call because the distinct sound of the phone cracking reminded me of all the late night "I just wanted to tell you I'm okay" calls I use to get from Iraq. I'd give anything for one of those now...

What is something you miss greatly and would almost give anything up for?


What's your favorite pizza?

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Another technological question that I can't seem to find on LJ FAQs or technological issues!

Please help!

I cannot seem to put this gif: http://i1145.photobucket.com/albums/o520/TheLadyFaelariel/GIFS/tumblr_ljy1nozSXu1qf47qr.gif as a userpic, but it is small enough.

Has anyone had similar issues? Does anyone know how to fix it? Right now, LJ and the userpic uploading is frustrated me.

DK/DC: When was the last time you worked on something for hours with no result?