July 25th, 2012

narry twirl

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I need to buy some plates and I have a gift card for Amazon so I figured I'd just order them through there but now I'm second guessing ordering something fragile online. Is this a bad idea?

What was the last thing you ordered off of Amazon or online in general? What dish set do you have?
narry twirl

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What MLB team do you root for? What MLB team should you root for?

I root for the Rays. I think the chart still takes me to the Rays but I can't decide if I just dislike large crowds or if I'm actually afraid of them. If not the Rays then it'd be the Angels.

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Would you rather have...?

roach infestation
flea infestation

Would you rather get...?

really bad food poisoning

Would you rather...?

be obliged to host an unexpected house guest
be forced to become an unexpected house guest

Would you rather that...?

your toilet suddenly stops working
your refrigerator suddenly stops working
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So, um, a prospective employer called and I missed the call, but thankfully they left a number with which to call them back. Unfortunately that number is out of service. How should I proceed? Should I go to the place and talk to them or hope they call back?
Thanks guys, it's been resolved. I checked the caller ID and the caller just said the wrong number.

Have you been listening to any songs on repeat lately? What are they?
Yes. Under the Radar by Dispatch, the General Remix. It's very chill and kinda inspiring. It also has a reggae feel to it.

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TV people

How do you feel about chef Anne Burrell? Sometimes I watch her show Secrets Of a Restaurant Chef, and I just can't decide what I think of her. I can't stand that she talks to the food, like "hello my beautiful babies," or "hello my sexy little darlings." That grosses me out. She seems so uncomfortable all the time. 

I think overall I don't like her, but sometimes she makes interesting things. 

Are there any people on TV that you have mixed feelings about? Matt Lauer is another one for me. I like him way less now that Ann Curry is gone. 

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not sure if I'm just weird and anal, validate me TQC

1.) You are paid $3000 in full, at the start for a ten week internship. Your job is to complete a fairly simple, but lengthy task with four other people. The job is fairly chill and you usually get to leave by the afternoon. One of the interns has a family emergency (you don't know what) and has to go home. The intern ultimately stays home for six weeks. You learn that the intern is returning to help out for the last two weeks. Would this bother you?

2.) How many times would it take for a coworker (it's a group project) to arrive late before it would make you angry? How late is late for you?

3.) Any horror group project stories? I'm dyin' here.


Quick question, about how mych does four new tires plus alignment usually run? When of my tires blew out on the freeway the other day and now I need to replace it and friends and family are pushing for new rims and tires. I will only do new rims if the mechanic says I need new ones. (Will be taking car to mechanic because I may have pushed my luck and car to far before actually stopping the car.)

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So today I went swimming, which isn't really a big deal except a) I haven't properly swam in ages (years, really--not since I was a teenager, and b) I'm still nursing a sore shoulder from all the luggage I'd been carrying a couple days ago (it's an aggravation of an old injury).

What was the last really stupid thing you did?
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TQC, imagine that you've thrown up on yourself at work and washed your clothing off as best as you could. You had planned to do something fun right after work, but if you go home and change first it will be too late to do that something. And you won't get another chance for another two weeks. Would you go anyway even though you feel gross in those clothes, or say screw it and just go home?


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So, since I got back into my kitchen lab classes, I've noticed something weird in one of my toes. The first week, it felt like it was popping when I stepped on it, like continuously. After the first week, it does it less now, but I cannot feel anything on the right side of my toe. It is completely numb.
Any idea what this is and if it will go away?
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Shit. I just noticed that my car's registration was due two weeks ago. I never even got a notice in the mail. :( There's an extra $42 fine now. Has anyone ever had luck asking the DMV to waive the fine? Maybe someone else in California? I can pay it online now, but if there's any chance I could get out of paying the fine, I'd have to leave work early and go in tomorrow to ask. Worth trying?
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Pet owners (especially cat owners): do you have a water bowl with running water for your pet? How well do they work? Which one would you recommend? Anything I should look out for when shopping for one?

My boyfriend's cat refuses to drink out of a normal water bowl, and opts instead to drink out of the toilet after it's flushed, I assume because he hears the running water and would prefer to drink out of that instead of drinking stagnant water. We're looking for a running water bowl so he hopefully stops that!
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A classmate brings in fresh yellow squash, tomatoes, eggplant, and green bell peppers from his/her garden to share with the class. Do you take any?

I did this today because things are growing faster than I can eat them. One guy told me they were "disgusting" and no one else seemed interested at all. It made me feel totally awkward. Luckily one lady took everything and told me she would love to take any extras I have in the future.