July 22nd, 2012


Indulge me please

If one were to write a blog about their fitness journey (for their friends who keep asking: What did you do to lose all that weight?), what should one name said blog?

I have one blog name in mind, but I'm open to serious and non-serious answers.

DK/DC - What's the worst wedding you've been to?

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By some amazing twist of fate you have been offered a most generous gift, no strings attached. What do you choose?

A little cottage by the sea
One roundtrip plane ticket to where ever you want per year, free, for the rest of your life
A brand new luxury class vehicle
Paid for ongoing services of the household help professional of your choice (housecleaner, chef/cook, or nanny)
An original peice by your favorite artist


I have a really, really hard time sleeping. I need perfect conditions, a cold, completely pitch black, completely quiet room.  The blankets have to be just so or else I feel claustrophobic. But more importantly than anything, I NEED THE ROOM QUIET.

Since I share a room 99% of the time with someone else, I've found the only way I can get a good night sleep is to take something that will make sure I stay asleep all night because I wake up to the drop of a pin, and that I go to sleep before the other person does.

It's 3:15 in the morning right now, and I'm on vacation with my parents, sharing a hotel room with my mom...who is snoring. I expect she'll be wanting me up in about 4 hours for a fun filled day. Guh.

The sleeping pill didn't knock me out quick enough (and I've managed to stay awake long enough I don't even feel drowsy) and now I'm trying to resort to a noise mix to drain out her snoring, because cats purring, ocean waves crashing, summer rain falling sounds are slightly better than snoring. Only my earbuds are atrocious and do not stay in my ears, which means I have exactly ONE position I can lay in so they don't fall out or don't hurt or don't choke.  This position does not fall under my perfect conditions.

1. Anything you'd like to bitch about at this exact moment?
2. What are your ideal sleeping conditions?
3. Do you hate the sound of snoring?
4. Do you have any solutions for covering up the sound of snoring? 

Writing this post calmed me down a lot but now I feel bad thinking back on how often I yelled/kicked my fiance to make him stop snoring at home. :(

musical STFU

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I have been talked into We have cancelled our cable TV service to save a buck.

Our antenna reception sucks. We have an external one on the roof (that came with the apartment) and an internal one and a rig-up involving tall-boy beer cans, and we still can't get all the channels we're supposed to get.

If you're also cable-free, how do you get good reception?

DK/DC/First World Problem Ahoy: Do you enjoy brunch? What's your favorite brunch dish? Do you like saying the word brunch?
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Do you have music playing during sex? If so, what sort?

My wife and I usually have Pandora on, playing light classical from the Romantic Period. However, during last night's session, just as she was having a massive climax, Schubert's "Ave Maria" started playing. I burst out laughing. Obviously, this is not sex-appropriate music. I think next time we'll try something else, such as soft jazz.
Liz Lemon

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In two weeks I'll be driving up the California coast with my parents and 1 year old. The drive is roughly 7 hours one way. Are there are good audio books that you recommend? Preferably something without any sex or over the top swearing.

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I have a friend who is leaving the state to start law school and me and another girl wanted to get him a going away present. She had the idea to get a gift card for an office supply store so he could get notebooks, etc. Be honest, is that a totally stupid idea? Our other friend practically laughed in her face when she told him. I thought it was an okay idea..School supplies can be expensive!

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1) What are some things about your appearance that have to be just right or you feel just off-kilter all day? 

2) If you don't have any such neurosis, is there any one skill or trade you wish you had/could do (that you currently can't)?

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My friends are moving into a new apartment and I'd like to put together a gift basket.
Any suggestions for stuff to throw in there or a possible theme?

They love to eat just about anything and they're into cooking as well.

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What can I do with men's dress shirts that are worn out at the elbow? They are in fine condition otherwise. Should I keep them and do something with the fabric? What should I make?

DK/DK- what's the last creative project you did? How did it turn out?

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Ok so my boyfriends 23rd birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get him. The only thing I have bought so far is a pair of kaskade concert tickets.

Any ideas? Price is not an issue
Previous items I have bought him: computer monitor, canon t3i camera, a watch, cologne, and of course clothes and shoes.

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Have you ever dated/married someone who was engaged or married before you met them? Tell me about it.

We're in the process of *~moving and one of our cats will not stop crying at the new place. We got this pheromone type thing to prevent him from marking anywhere from stress but he still cries and it breaks my heart. What can I do to calm him down?

What was the last game you played?

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Inspired by this post:

Have you ever used a bidet?

Can you explain EXACTLY how it works?

Like do you just clean off the poop and drip dry? Is toilet paper not necessary at all?

Only slightly related...

When you wash your hands in the sink, do you clean up the inevitable splashes around the sink/vanity area? Do you do this in the public bathrooms too? Because darnitall whenever I'm in a public restroom there is water all over the place, I can't even put my bag down!