July 21st, 2012

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HELP me TQC I tried dying my hair for the first time from brown to blond at home but I ended up with a rusty orange color! My hair is already too thin so I don't want to dye it again. Is there anything I could do to fix the situation? If I dye it blond again what will happen? If I just leave it how long would it take to go back to it's normal color? If you have any similar stories share and include pictures if you want

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DC/DK: What would you do if mid argument you agreed with the opposing point of view? I am asking because tonight I was arguing with a religious sheikh (kind of like a priest) and there were so many people in the room (people I am trying to impress lol) but I couldn't continue because I agreed with him at some point and it was so embarrassing to just stop so I kept convincing myself otherwise and kept going until a phone call saved me haha

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My arms are slightly sore from my upper body workout on Thursday. My legs are sore as hell from climbing a million stairs yesterday. I have to play tennis on Sunday. What are your best tips/tricks for relieving muscle pain quickly? Assume I have access to a bathtub and a Vitamin Shoppe for any supplements.

dk/dc: what's your favorite type of workout?

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Are you a believer of conspiracies? If you learned one of your friends was a conspiracy nut would that change your opinion of them? Positively or negatively?

A friend of mine from high school just posted (warning, this is horrible and insensitive about the Aurora shooting) this to facebook. I should unfriend them, yes?
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If I applied to a university last year and got in, do I have to apply again this year or do I just kinda register for classes and show up?

-What's your favourite class you've ever took? Any kind of class; elementary, college, weekend cooking course at a rec centre nearby, etc.

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to organize a birthday party for myself for this year, and I could really use some ideas. I'm turning 29, there will be 8-12 guests, some of whom know each others, and others who don't. I'd like to 'do' something as a group, as I think that might help ease some of the awkwardness amongst people who don't know each other, but I need some more ideas to consider. We've talked about: go-karts, lazer tag, bowling, archery range, karaoke... do you have any other ideas we should keep in mind?

DK/DC - Do you have a bathrobe? What does it look like?

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My grad school has invited me to join the "Golden Key Club" honor society.
It says I can get scholarship opportunities, resume bragging, and special job opportunities.

It is $80.

Should I sign up?
What's the last thing you spent more money on than you wanted to?
What was your last bargain purchase?

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I'm trying to plan a day trip to NYC for me and my extended family. There are 8 people total, 4 being children (the youngest a 4.5 year old).

We're looking to drive to Staten Island and take the ferry. (So we can see the SoL and have a nice little boat ride.) Since that drops us off in Battery Park, we're kind of at a loss as to what to do next. Having not been to the city in like 8 years I forget if there is anything good for kids around there. Heading up town poses its own problem as the subway is out (autistic child who has anxiety about underground trains) and is it even feasible to get a minivan cab that can accommodate that many people?

Or should we scrap the ferry idea (boo!) and just take a train from the jersey shore into midtown?

Any NYC locals or those with experience that can offer some advice?

Thank you!

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This is pretty ridic but I'm fed up.

Anyway I've started to feel like every time I eat I'm gonna end up chocking and it's preventing me eating properly. I thought things were getting better because my chest pains went away after I had my exam results but now it's something else.
Oh yeah any ideas what could be causing this?
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I have an online guy friend (whom I like), when we can we IM each other. were normally really GOOD about keeping conversations flowing or some times we watch things while IM. We've been chatting for months now!

Last night I think we were both just tired, rather mellow moods.

so my question is, would TQC write a list of questions? Conversation starters? good topics for when we get quiet?

So if were both in such mellow and tired moods again I'll have a place to pool thoughts or ideas.

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We ordered a large pizza earlier from pizza but. When the pizza arrived it did not seem like a large but we were starving and just thought perhaps sizing was changing. We ate three fourths of the pizza, there were eight slices. Should I call and tell them I think we were given the wrong size pizza?

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On Wednesday my wife and I have the day off. We live in Toronto and want to take a day trip (or one overnight trip) to somewhere in Southern Ontario. We've been to Niagara Falls and Wasaga Beach a bunch of times. We are more than willing to go to one of them again (Wasaga probably) and barring a better suggestion we'll go there. But TQC, I ask you, do you have a better suggestion?

-Preferably something closer than 2.5 hours drive from Toronto
-Preferably something not terribly expensive (we're not afraid to spend money but it is only a day trip after all)
-Preferably something that is best experienced in the summatime (this could be our last day off together of the summer)

Any ideas?
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Buying 2nd hand furniture off craigslist

Am I missing something when it comes to buying other people's furniture, particularly couches/loveseats/recliners? I mentioned how I wanted to buy a used recliner for my new apartment but my mom just gave me this look. Is there something I should look out for, or is she being a snob? Thanks.

Have you bought any furniture off craigslist? Any good/bad stories - or advice I should watch out for?
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my last phone was an LG chocolate touch, and I had a cute alert tone for when I got text messages. I've had an iPhone now for about six months, and for some reason I just really want to use the same alert tone I had with my old phone. is there anywhere I can download the alert tones that came with the LG chocolate touch, so I can put it on my iPhone? every google search has given me results to make my own ringtone from a song -- I can't figure out if there's any way to download ringtones that came with a phone. (most people probably never want to do this anyway!)

Health Insurance: Must The Prices Fall?

Something that occurred to me about the "Obamacare" thing: part of the idea is that everyone buys health insurance so now with healthy people paying for health insurance the prices go down because the insurance companies are making better profits.

But why would the prices go down? I'm pretty sure the heath care law does not implement any price controls on insurance to force it down. And if everyone is required to buy something, why should you offer a discount on it? Isn't lowering prices about persuading people who weren't going to buy otherwise? Hell, if everyone has to have something why not raise the prices even higher? It's not like they have a choice.

I guess if the insurance companies keep their rates high, any insurance company that does lower rates (or a new insurance company offering lower rates) will in theory cause everyone to flock to that company. But surely all the major insurance companies can just agree among themselves to keep rates high and buy out any company who tries to offer lower rates?

Maybe I just have an inherent distrust of capitalism in general and legalized gambling i.e. health insurance in particular...