July 19th, 2012

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what do you think about those virtual funerals in forums, facebook groups etc?
what you think about people who speculate on profiles of dead people in internet?
what do you think about people who write to deads?
have you ever used any of these resources?

I've been watching some groups on Facebook dedicated to sharing profiles of dead people and I feel a confusion of opinions.
Many cases seem unnecessary, but sometimes I think that the internet may be the only refuge for many people externalize their pain...

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Last night my sister had a gender reveal party where everyone (including myself) found out that my twins are a boy and a girl! I am beyond excited because these are the last babies I will ever have and I already have a son. So, I get the best of both worlds and will never mix my twins up! 

TQC, I need some baby names for my girl (the boys name is already figured out). I can't commit to anything. What do you think is a pretty and different name?! 

Also, what's the last exciting bit of news you got?! 

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I have a very overweight coworker who is constantly complaining about her weight and how she wishes she were skinny, etc. However every day at lunch she eats junk food, and a LOT of it. And she doesn't exercise.

What would you say to this person when they complained about their weight?

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What is the last good book you read? Be it five years ago or yesterday, give me something that you felt was so good you would recomend it to others.

Which is the best book to movie adaption you've seen?

Are there any titles out there that you would say 'watch the movie, forget the book' or vice versa?

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So there's two old people, a man and a woman. Once upon a time the woman did something mean to the man and this resulted him in developing a drinking problem that ultimately led to his death. A little bit later the woman develops some fast-spreading, painful cancer and ilien thinks "Fuck yea! Retribution, bitch!!!"

Is ilien a bad person for thinking that?

Is there someone in your life you've wished ill upon? Why?


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i'm trying to gain weight, and it's not as easy as it ought to be. i'm hungry pretty much all of the time, and have started getting very specific cravings, mostly for take out foods (chinese, indian, mexican..), so i've been eating a lot of take out. i feel awful about it, since it certainly can't be healthy, but i get stuck in such a rut with stuff i can make at home, and sometimes it's like nothing is satisfying.
so, tqc, how can i make delicious, filling, healthy, satisfying meals to replace whatever it is that appeals to me so much about take out?
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Say, hypothetically, that you have some perishable specialty items that you'd like to sell on Craigslist.  Would you be comfortable giving strangers your address and having them come to your door?  How do you usually go about selling things over the internet?

Waiting for tqc_updates that just... never happened?

Despite the gradual slowdown, TQC still offers plenty of content to ponder and offer your (un)biased opinions on. But, after a few days/a week, did you ever think, "Hmm, I wonder what ever came of that? Did LJ_USER really go for the provolone, or did it turn out to be a gouda kind of day?"

So TQC, will you post your favorite recent questions that you wanted updates on? Similar to tqc_update, a URL to the original post would certainly be helpful. Ready, GO!

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What country are you from? What do you wish tourists knew before going there?

1.If you've visited Paris or if you've lived there, what are some things an American tourist should before heading over there? If you've lived there, what things do tourists do that you hate?

2.What about Amsterdam?

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Say you live with international students in the capital city of your country.  Said capital, by virtue of its status and general cosmopolitan nature as an urban center, is predominantly composed of citizens who support the left-leaning side of the political spectrum.  Some of your housemates have spent time in other parts of your country, and/or seem to understand that not all or even most nationals of your country share the left-leaning outlook of the capital. 

One housemate, however, is unconvinced of the political diversity of your country.  Suppose you had to persuade him/her, FOR (POLITICAL) SCIENCE.  How would you do so?

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My aunt's dog has burst my door open twice crying due to the storm outside. Everyone else is upstairs and it's me she wants for some reason. I have to be up before 8 am for a webinar for college (starts at 8). We're hanging out in the parlor and I would be content to just sleep here if I hadn't stepped in her pee twice (I don't want to ruin a good thing by leaving the room), as well as gotten some on the bottom of my pjs.

Ideas? Suggestions?

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How much do you pay for your wireless service? What add ons do you get (unlimited texting/data) etc?

I want to get an iphone/smartphone when my contract runs out in Sept, but I'm trying to see if the money I have to pay is worth it for a smartphone or if I should just stick to call+unlimited text. Thanks.

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I'm pathetic, miserable and stalking my ex! I feel like a loser because I am constantly checking up on his facebook (like right now...) just looking at his pictures and these other girls( his friends/gf??) and feeling like *crap*, I can't help but feel extremely jealous and sad and all that. I don't know what to do, I know i should maybe delete my facebook or unfriend him but i just can't, I feel like I need this somehow! Am I crazy, hopeless, depressed or just plain pathetic?