July 18th, 2012


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I haven't used livejournal for around a year. Why can't I have subjects in my comments?

What technology/anything else have you guys gone back to after a long period of time and been baffled by?
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I got my hair dyed on Saturday at a new hair salon, hoping it would all go well. I love the cut the stylist gave me but as far as the color, I was a little worried the color didn't take to all my hair. The salon does not open on Sundays or Mondays and I was still unsure about my color yesterday, thinking it will lighten. Looking at it now, I see that only the top of my head is getting to a lighter red (the color I wanted), while the rest of my hair is still it's original dark brown with a bit of copper tone to it. Do you think its too late to call the salon and ask for them to fix it?

Alternatively, what is/was for breakfast?

What's on your birthdaylist?

My birthday is coming up in two weeks and i get asked that question again and again but i just don't know what i want for my birthday.  But i hate getting money too, because i want to unwrap things.
So dear TCG, what do you want for your birthday? (So maybe it gives me some ideas too.)
Pictures very much encouraged. 

Edit: Extra info. My birthday is 1th of August. August seems a popular month for birthdays, i see. And for the ones kind enough to give suggestions to me, this is some background info: I'm mid-twenties, European, female, and a complete cat-lovin' geek, with not enough space for all the books i own. Which are basically fantasy, historical and crime-novels.  

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Drought Playlist Suggestions?

So we are burning up in the Midwest - 100+°F and no rain for weeks and weeks and no end in sight :( So we are trying to come up with a Drought 2012 playlist and we need suggestions. So far we have:

1. "No Rain" by Blind Melon

2. "I Wish It Would Rain Down" by Phil Collins

3. "Let It Rain" by Eric Clapton.

4. "The Rain Song" by Led Zeppelin

Got any more suggestions?

dk/dc/not in a drought situation: Do you think this summer is dragging, going too fast, or is passing by at just the right speed?

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My sleep schedule is really messed up. I often can't fall asleep until 4-6 am, and then end up sleeping until noon or later. Any advice on how to get back on a more regular schedule?

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It's free ice cream poll. What kind do you want?

I'm lactose intolerant, you insensitive asshole

What toppings?

Rainbow sprinkles
Chocolate sprinkles
Hot fudge
Whipped cream
Strawberry slices
Oreo pieces
Sliced bananas
Gummy bears
None of the above. I like my ice cream plain
I can't have any of those things
I told you I was lactose intolerant! Stop ignoring me! I will cut you!
Toppings for what? I don't know what you're talking about. What am I putting these on?

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Did you take swimming lessons growing up?

If you have kids; are they in or will they eventually take swimming lessons?

Inspired by my friend's child telling me neither her or her brother had taken swimming lessons and they are 12 and 14. Also, that she is not good at swimming.

Otherwise: my housemates come and go, always passing me in the living room. They will not say hello unless I acknowledge them first. So I've started ignoring them to try to make them say the first word. Petty, or should I always be the first the say something? What would you do?

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For various reasons I am homeless at the moment. However my friend has gave me a camp bed & her large closet while I look for somewhere more permanent to live. Do you have any ideas on how I can make it a bit cheerier/more homely?


logistical question

If I want to call someone who is in the hospital recovering from surgery, how do I find a good time to call? I don't want to wake them up if they are sleeping. Do I need to call during visiting hours? I have the hospital# and their room#.
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Two of my co-workers have been gone for the past three days. They've been at a seminar for commercial insurance licensing, then they took the licensing test today.

It's hard. I know, I've done it. I'd like to do something nice for them tomorrow.

Any ideas?

DK/DC/You big sap: what are you doing tonight? (If you live in a time zone outside the US, what will you do tomorrow night?)

Cowboy Junkies

Does anyone know if the Cowboy Junkies song "I Did it All for You" references anything in particular--real life events or something from a novel?

(I did it all for you)

She took his dentures from his mouth
And placed them in her own
Took a shovel from the shed
And then dragged him from their home
(I did it all for you)
Left a note tacked to the door,
"Paid in full" is what it said
High above I look below
And watch her slowly go
River, like magnesium,

(I did it all for you)

He stuck his fingers in their backs
To count the holes he bore
Doused them all in kerosene
And moved to bolt the door
(I did it all for you)
Called his Dad and said goodbye
As his lit match hit the floor
High above I look below
And watch them slowly go
River, like magnesium,

(I did it all for you)

Set his guilt before his rage
Set it like a wall
To protect what he once knew as love,
But which he never knew at all
River, like magnesium,
(I did it all for you)
(I did it all for you)

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Every night before bed my husband and I watch a show off Netflix Instant. We are towards the end of HIMYM, what should we watch next? It should be a show that's only runs 30 minutes or less, and nothing from the true crime ID series since those are apt to give me freaky dreams. We've watched Futurama, King of the Hill, 30 rock, Parks & Rec, The Cosby Show, The Office, Malcom & the Middle and Arrested Development already. Any suggestions?

Do you have a bedtime routine that you follow every night?

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When exercising, do you prefer form-fitting clothing or looser clothing?

I tend to wear fitted pants and a loose T shirt- I feel like I would be so restricted in a fitted shirt, but every other lady at the gym was wearing a tight shirt.

Also, Dr. TQC: Yesterday, my husband was playing basketball. In a jumpshot, he heard his knee pop and then it started to hurt. He immediately applied ice while his friend hunted me down so we could leave. He can bend it to about 90 degrees. It's super swollen- he wrapped it to sleep last night and woke up because it was so swollen, he felt his heartbeat in his knee. It hurts to bear weight, but he can still walk without help.

On a scale of 1-10, how big of a dumbass is my spouse being in thinking he doesn't need to see a doctor? (PS, I asked right away if he wanted to go to Urgent Care, and his mom (pharm tech) and dad (pain management doctor) both said today he should go to Urgent Care)

EDIT Hubs agreed to call the doctor tomorrow. He was going to do it during lunch tomorrow, but I convinced him to call tomorrow before work. Yay!
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As a child, have you ever told your parent that you hate them? Why, what did you do? If you have a kid, has your kid ever told you that they hate you? Why, what did you do?

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I've invented a thing. Maybe you can be the first person in your postal code to do this thing. After all, somebody was the first person ever to say "gesundheit" after somebody sneezed, and that's a thing everybody does now.

So here's a thing that everybody is going to do, but you're going to do it first. Here's the situation. You're in a bathroom, the kind that just holds one person, and somebody on the outside isn't sure if it is occupied or not, so that somebody knocks on the door. It is now up to you to make some sort of audible signal. The signal you will provide is to call out in a clear and commanding tone of voice the phrase "Pippi Longstocking".

Got it?


Poll #1854720 When there's a knock at the bathroom door...

When someone knocks on the bathroom door, will you call out, in a clear and commanding voice, the phrase "Pippi Longstocking" ?


When in a bathroom stall, will you randomly call out "Pippi Longstocking" (in a clear and commanding tone) just to keep in practice so you don't forget to do it when someone knocks?



Maybe Yes
Maybe No
Pippi Longstocking!
Someone's in here.
Come on in! There's plenty of room.