July 16th, 2012


NY Suggestions?

Hey guys, I'll be in NYC Thursday and Friday and I'm looking for some awesome additions to our itinerary.

We're seeing Peter and the Starcatcher Thursday night and touring NYU that morning, but other than that we have no plans!

Could you please suggest awesome shops to sift through, nice (yet affordable) restaurants, etc. to keep us busy in the between time?

Thank you!
midnight seduction

(no subject)

In the early stages of dating, how much do guys expect girls to also suggest meeting up?

If a guy initiates seeing a girl three times in a single week, it's safe to say that he IS interested in her and will accept if she suggested checking out a restaurant they talked about during their previous date, right?

(no subject)

It was my birthday yesterday and I wasn't really able to enjoy it because I had a bad migraine from from first thing in the morning until I went to bed (actually, it lasted until well after I went to bed - I didn't sleep well at all because of it).  Today I feel a little bit better though my head is still pounding on one side and I still feel sick to my stomach because of the pain and really tired. 

Should I just grin and bear it and go to work?  Or should I call in sick?
Good Omens Bugger All

Personal question is personal.

Has anybody here gone to couples counseling? Or known anybody who has? Did it help?

NA/DC/Levity, plz: How did you decorate your room when you were a kid? Was there any kind of theme/form/parental guidance? Or was it a mishmash of posters and pictures?

(no subject)

I'm wondering if you guys can give me a bit of advice about this.

I've been falling more and more for my new boyfriend but my parents don't let me do anything with him. I'm at my wits end here! I barely get to see him and I want to see him a lot. Like all the time. We've only been together for about a month and a half and already we are growing very close. This could be the big, try for a really long time, serious relationship because me and him talked so many things out and are so good for each other. We want to slowly get up to that seriousness and do all we can but my parents don't even let me go to his house all night and be all we both want around each other, which is lots. 

I can't stand it any more! I can't be in a relationship with him while they are controlling me. It's hurting me and I almost want to break up with him to make it end because I mentally just can't function well and do anything to progress the relationship while things are like this but the thing is I've found an amazing guy, who I'm starting to get semi love feelings for and makes me so happy.

I don't know what to do. This is my first real relationship. I've been with other people but they all ended up crummy, short time and/or long distance. What would you guys do, if you were in my shoes, to try to immediately correct the situation?
i say, old bean


tqc, do you like energy drinks?
which ones?

if not, will you please remind me why Monster is bad for me?

and if someone shot you in your head while you were sleeping/dreaming, what do you think would happen?

White Stripes

Can any serious White Stripes fans help me out here?

I'd like to know which of their albums is the most "jangly"? I'm talking more "Fell in Love with a Girl" and less "We Are Going to be Friends" if that makes sense. Ideally fast, crazy, pounding type songs. 

I'm also open to Jack White's solo stuff, if it fits what I'm looking for. 


(no subject)

TQC I am in need of new bedding!
I need sheets & a duvet cover.
I don't even know what I'm looking for. Something soft and cozy with either a plain print or something feminine.
My walls are grey so I can pretty much do any colour.
I want something decent quality for a reasonable price.
Any suggestions of places to look (online or not.. I live in Vancouver BC Canada)
What does your bedding look like?

meal replacements

Has anyone here ever tried Isopure smoothies (I'm most interested in the Zero Carb formula) or Questbars (19g grams of fiber!)?

They're a bit pricy, but I don't have a lot of time to prepare breakfast / lunches during the week and these both seem to pack tons of the nutrients you need. I'd love to hear about anyone's experiences with these products. If not, do you have any recommendations for meal replacement drinks / bars? The less sugar, the better.

(no subject)

Can you share any tips you have for buying a car for the first time. My budget is about 1600, I just need something that will get me to my job and back, I know for my price range it's going have to be something fairly high mileage. What questions should I be asking?

(no subject)

Have you ever sent an awkward text to the wrong person?

Do you 'Like' people's relationship status changes on FB when they change from in a relationship to single?If you do, what's your motivation for doing so?

My answers in comments.

(no subject)

Do you accept gender as an excuse for poor behaviour?

My step/brothers are dirty and messy, and are not in the slightest bit independent and often get out of things because my mum says 'he's a boy, you can't expect them to do these things'.
Inspired by the fact my mum (now on holiday) left out a note saying i'd be home tonight tired and hungry and returned to an empty fridge. I am peeved and starving.

(no subject)

Where can I find shirts/tops that are suitable for a business casual environment and somewhat inexpensive? Bonus if they're of the long and loose variety, as I'd like them to double as maternity tops. I usually shop at Target but I'm a bit sick of their selection.

(no subject)

So I wanted to go out tonight, but couldn't find anyone and changed into sweats, resigned to a night in with my laptop. Then, my friend texts me and says she is going to a party, and that I should come with her. So I get all dressed up again, and start drinking. Unfortunately, I only had a cheap ass tall boy full of a beer so disgusting that I had to chase it with Pepsi so as not to vomit. I finally get myself back into a going out sort of mood when my friend texts me again and is like "lol it isn't really a party, soooo soorrryyy."

Alright, now that I'm done bitching: how should I spend the rest of my night? Watch the hollow crown? Read something on project gutenburg? Choke down the rest of the tall boy while weeping over the broken shards of my social life? Some other fourth thing?