July 15th, 2012


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I'm teaching a group of students who despise everything about school.
I plan to ask them a variation of this question tomorrow, but I figured I'd get a head start.

What do you wish your teachers (specifically in high school) did differently?
Was there anything that you wish you had the opportunity to do while in school?
What did you find valuable? What was totally useless?

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what's a good way to clean/brighten white swimwear? i've heard bleach and also washing machine detergent will ruin the fabric. i tried soaking them in cold water and 1/2c of baking soda overnight, but that didn't really help :(

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1) In your opinion, how sheltered is too sheltered when it comes to kids (provided that different kids may have different needs in that regard, but let's just say across the board)? Do you have specific examples of what you've thought was WAY too much sheltering? Ex. Kids couldn't watch Disney movies, couldn't go to sleep-overs, etc?

2) What's the last disappointing purchase you made?


TQC, I'm trying to build up my recipe collection and cooking skills.
Is it worth buying a slow cooker? anyone have some must-have recipes for a slow cooker?

For those who don't have/don't like a slow cooker, What's your favourite recipe?
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Have you ever beaten a nasty flea infestation? My aunt has one bad. She's bombed, treated the cats and kept them outside, used different sprays. They won't die! They are biting the living shit out of my little cousin but not her and it's really really bad. We don't know what else to try. What has worked for you? Should he wear bug spray, eucalyptus, lemon, every damn thing that supposedly repels them? Do those plug in traps and repellents work?

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Can somebody help me please? I once read a quote by Zooey Deschanel discussing her choice to act "cute" and it somehow was related to feminism. I just can't remember what she said. My googling is turning up literally thousands of webpages about "quirky chic."
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What's your favorite foreign candy?

If you haven't tried much foreign candy, what's your favorite "foreign food" (quotes because I don't generally consider stuff like Chinese takeout to be "foreign" but along those lines).

Inspired by the tasty Kinder Bueno bar I'm eating right now (oh my gosh guys I'm in Germany for the first time ever) and the red chicken curry I had for dinner.

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What's something you are looking forward to this week?

My immature, insufferably nosy and self-centered housemate is returning to her country on Tuesday. No idea how long she'll be gone, but if it's 3.5 months I won't be unhappy.

dk/dc/nothing interesting to see here: what is it about me that just makes bug repellent seem like an ineffective waste of money? It does nothing for me.

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You recieve two offers of employment. Hours, benefits and pay are otherwise comparable. Which do you go with (you REALLY need a job)?

Job A, which mandates pre-employement drug testing and conducts random drug tests of employees (usually 1-2 times a year)
Job B, which monitors and records all employee computer use and has no cell phone signal in the building.
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San Juan Puerto Rico!

I have asked a few questions regarding vacations and you guys have been awesome! We decided against the Outer Banks and going to San Juan, Puerto Rico instead. Since the trips cost roughly the same, we decided to go big! We have already reserved & paid for the trip, so we can't really change the hotel or days we are there.

Any tips for San Juan? What about the transportation? We are staying at the Caribe Hilton. We definitely have Old San Juan & Castillo de San Cristobal on our list. Anything else that is a must? We will only be there for 3 full days, so we would rather not spend an extensive amount of time just traveling from Point A to Point B.

Any tips for new travelers to San Juan?
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What is something fun I can do in San Diego for just a few hours? (So, not the Zoo or Sea World.) We'll be a group of four adults and one toddler. We're going to tour the U.S.S. Midway and we're looking for one or two other things to do that day also. Preferably not insanely expensive. :)

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I've seen some really insightful responses to dream interpretation questions on the TQC and I'm stuck on a series of seemingly related dreams I've had over the last couple of nights. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Hope it's not too long winded!

Quick background, I've been at home with the kids for a few years, good for them, bad financially, it's been pretty stressful lately. I need to get back to work,  I've just been accepted for a govt. funded back-to-work program, a chance to update my skills, network etc with the bonus of subsidized child care.  I'm very pleased but since I found I've been accepted , I've had these dreams about driving about in a small car.

1. I'm driving along a country road, fields either side heading to some small town, in the car are my brother, husband and son,( I thought about it,  they're my closest male relatives, Dad died some years ago) at some point they decide to get out of the car and I carry on toward town, after a while I realize I shouldn't go on without them and I turn around to go back and get them, annoyed and still not sure why they got out.

2. I'm in a car full of all my family, my mother, older sister and I are all in the front, although I'm not sure who's driving. My mother is in the left hand seat and I'm in the right, I don't notice the steering wheel. (Where my Mother lives and I learned to drive it's on the right) my brother is in the back and although I can't see them and the car is small I'm sure the car is full of the rest of the family, my kids, my brother's kids etc. We're heading up, toward mountains, going north and because the road runs through the countryside there are no towns or facilities and  we keep looking for some place to eat. (I never dreamt about my brother before, we're not close - nothing dramatic - he's a lot older and we've always lived a great distance from each other and now twice?)

3. I'm in LA at the beach and there's some fancy party going on and I and a younger woman (attractive wearing fashionable beach gear, a long brown linen robey thing - I don't know her) are waiting to be told we can join, but we have our pets with us, a dog and either a cat or a rabbit (it seemed to change!) and pets aren't allowed on the beach, I get shown to a smart terrace restaurant where I have to clean up after the dog, hoping no one notices. I go back to the young woman still waiting and decide I have to take the pets back. I pack them in carriers and into a small car and drive away, suddenly I'm at the main intersection of the small town where I grew up, but I can't tell if the light is red or green. I'm on South St, meaning to go straight across to North Street, which would eventually lead to my childhood home.  There seem to be rows of cars to my left, waiting on East street, but none on the other streets .I think the light is red, but I panic and fumble at the foot pedals and the car leaps forward and I wrench the steering wheel to the left into East St, while the people in the cars at the intersection glare at me. I feel humiliated.

My subconcious is worked up about something. I am going in the wrong direction? Have I lost control? What is it?
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So I'm thinking about making some custom postcards. But I personally don't own a printer. So I want to get them printed online. But it wouldn't be bulk printing it'd be like maybe 100 prints total.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good site to do prints?

Or should I use my local fedex/kinkos?

Texting at the Movies

Tonight at the movies the kid in the row in front of me would not stop texting.   I asked him to please put his phone away.  He ignored me.  So he kept on texting and proceeded to take a phone call.  I kicked his chair and told him to knock it off.

When the movie was done, he stood up and stared me down, to which I laughed.

Did I overreact by kicking his seat?