July 14th, 2012

Bug-eyed Earl

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A few months ago I noticed an indentation in my thumb nail. Right before it grew out over time, another started growing. Then another. As one is removed, another shows up. It irritates me to know it's there and I touch it with my finger. What's going on with thumb nail? WHY IS IT BUMPY?!

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I am going to have a yard sale in September. Where should I have it?

1. HOME: cconvenient, but not a lot of foot traffic

2. STATE FAIR GROUNDS: I'll have to load up all my stuff and get there before 6am, pay $40 for a space...but there is infinitely more foot traffic.
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I used to make this recipe for myself all the time and I'm super excited that I found it again! The problem is, my husband doesn't like mustard. I don't mind splitting the sauce and making his different, but what should I put in his to replace the mustard?
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I'm watching Clue and I'm struck by how terrible the actor playing Mr. Boddy is. I mean he's so bad it's actually distracting. The rest are all fine. What other examples can you think of where an actor is so bad in something where everyone else is doing a perfectly decent job? Apart from Nicolas Cage.

What are your top 10 favourite animals?

Do you know of any other movies primarily set at an all boys' school, apart from Another Country, Dead Poets Society, School Ties, Toy Soldiers, Les Choristes and The History Boys?
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Penn State and the Freeh Report

The Fresh report on the Sandusky rapes at Penn State has been released. It is shameful.

The report states that there is strong evidence that the four most powerful men at 0Penn State knew in 2001the that Sandusky was taping boys he found at his charity, Second Mile. In fact evidence suggests they may have known as early as 1998, but the evidence proves the Sid know im 2001.

"Based on the evidence, the only known, intervening factor between the decision made on February 25, 2001 by Messrs. Spanier, Curley and Schulz to report the incident to the Department of Public Welfare, and then agreeing not to do so on February 27th, was Mr. Paterno's February 26th conversation with Mr. Curley," the report wrote.

The Freeh Group believes the interest of avoiding bad publicity allowed Sandusky to remain free, where he would go on to abuse additional boys and maintain near full access to Penn State facilities and the inner workings of the football program. ‘It is more reasonable to conclude that, in order to avoid the consequences of bad publicity, the most powerful leaders at Penn State University - Messrs. Spanier, Schultz, Paterno and Curley - repeatedly concealed critical facts relating to Sandusky's child abuse from the authorities, the Board of Trustees, Penn State community, and the public at large. Although concern to treat the child abuser humanely was expressly stated, no such sentiments were ever expressed by them for Sandusky's victims.’”

Remember these same four men denied know about Sandusky when he was arrested.

The report which interviewed 450 people at Penn State said that the reverence for the football team and the power of Joe Paterno is the reason this was kept secret at the expense of the abuse d children. People testified that they were afraid theyvwoyld lose Thierry jobs if they crossed the football program or Joela.

Remember the students rioted when Joe Paterno was fired.

What should happen to this college if anything?

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sad falcon eyes

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hey u sweet puffins:

is there (for mac) a simple program that mimics the video-recording function of photo booth? for some reason the built-in mic drops out only when using photo booth, I just want something basic that I can record a little message and not have the sound completely muffled. (sound works fine in other apps, like skype.) (I'm trying to keep a dream journal this way as sometimes when I type things I forget.)

you know, like audacity, but for video, but with no real need for editing.

song rip off

I heard a song today that was bar-for-bar the same as soul asylum's "runaway train", it was slightly 'dancey", had a guy singing, it even seemed to rhyme with the original a bit - i'm pretty sure some lines ended with "..the same". i don't think i'd ever heard it before, so it may be a recent release. i want to hear this rip-off again and see if it was as similar as i thought, any ideas what it was?

have you got a favourite tune that you've heard ripped off (not covered) in a terrible fashion?

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If you were raised agnostic, atheist, or just believing in what you want to believe, have you ever had family members who are convinced you're going to Hell and your friends who are gay/unmarried but with a kid/different than what was normal decades ago are too?

As I mentioned in another post, one of the grandparents I'm staying with is religious. She wasn't bad about it at first but now she's using every viable opportunity to shove God/Christianity down my throat. I tuned her out at first but I couldn't today. I asked her to stop and she said she had to because no one else had. She said my parents screwed up raising me and now that I'm eighteen, I have a choice and I'm making the wrong one. She told me I'm going to Hell and it doesn't bother me because I'm not even sure if I believe in Heaven and Hell. She also told me my gay friends are going to Hell, which pissed me off because they're some of the most amazing people I've ever met and she has no right to say something like that just because of their orientation. I'm mentioned on three of the five prayer lists she has that are right above me. 

I'd like to have a good relationship with her and we do, as long as we're talking or doing anything that doesn't turn into a religion talk.

What do I do? What can I do?

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I need some hair dye help.

I went to Sally's today and got some hair dye and developer. I asked the woman if I needed anything else and she said no (other than an applicator bottle). It's the L'oreal Feria Professional stuff. Are there more detailed instructions other than mix the needed amounts together and apply to hair? Is 25 minutes a good time to leave it?

What about afterward? Usually I just buy the dye in the box that comes with all the instructions and conditioner afterward and all that. I don't wash it with shampoo afterward, right? Just rinse the dye out and I guess use a conditioner? I don't want to mess up my hair.

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How do you feel about strangers calling you "sweetheart" or similar?
Do you feel differently depending on the context, such as whether the person is "serving" you in some way (like they are your waiter/waitress at a restaurant and when you ask for some extra ketchup they say "sure thing, sweetheart") or BEING "served" by you (like you are a pharmacist and when you hand them their prescription they say "thanks, sweetheart")? Assume they aren't saying it in a sarcastic tone.

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Which of these would you rather eat?

A hot blueberry soup/stew
Pizza with [cooked] peach and plum slices as toppings
Ice cream with carrot and peas mixed into it
A mashed potato based desert, sweet and served cold
Saurkraut and cheese omelette, with soy sauce
A sandwhich with deli meat [or veggie alternative], mango slices and pickles
Rice pudding with olives
Tuna salad with tomato and hot pepper sauce instead of mayo
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What is your favorite drugstore tinted moisturizer, or related product? I'm looking for something with light coverage.

Edited to ask another question: I'm about to go for a bike ride for the first time in awhile. Should I bike predominately on the sidewalk, or on the street?