July 12th, 2012

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How realistic/honest are you with yourself about how you are perceived by others?

Tonight, my sister told me she is glad to see that I have recently become more open with my feelings, saying that I love her and such. I've always thought that I was very expressive with my love for my family and friends so this was a surprise.

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I feel depressed lately, my brother is about to go to college and I'm sad.  I worry also.  I went off from home to college and did well then got very depressed and had anxiety problems and had to quit and come home.  My sister went to college and did ok but then drank and partied too much and failed out and had to come home.  I'm worried, what if my brother ends up bad off.  He doesn't party, but what if he gets depressed or issues like me.  I just worry, is this normal for me to feel this way?

I also feel like a failure because I live at home and work at a big box store, though I'm going to be graduating from community college soon (2 more classes left), but my brother is going to be going to college, and my sister is in the navy, and my brother has said he might join the military at some point.  If he joined and then both him and my sister were in the navy, do you think my parents would think less of me?  I don't want to join and I'm pretty sure I'm ineligible anyway.

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I moved back in with my parents about a year ago, and I'm dying to move out again, but I'm saving my money to move to a different country. So I come to ask:

How can I make my room feel a bit more studio apartment-ish? We have a mini fridge that's not being used, so I'll be putting that in my room, but that's all I can think of. Any ideas?

I've checked out 'small space living' but all that's making me want to do is move out even more.

dk/dc: can you find your initials on the periodic table? I can find Ra for my first name and Rh for my last
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can we talk about breaking bad for a second? i just finished season 4 and am freaking out about what's gonna happen during sunday's premier. thoughts? i hope walt remembers to destroy gus' computer.

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We've had a bag of cherries at work for about a week. They've just been sitting in the fridge, getting old and losing texture. Today, I am endeavoring to eat them all before I leave. If I eat an entire pound of cherries, what will happen to me? Agony? Superpowers? What?

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My mom has been in the ICU for the last few days. We thought she was going home today, so I bought a box of chocolates for the day nurses to share. Unfortunately, they changed their minds and are making her stay longer.

Should I bring something for the night nurses?
Any ideas?

Sexual 'would you rather' edition

Would you rather....?

Have buffering to your masturbation fantasies like a slow streaming video on the web
Have any dialogue in your masturbation fantasies spoken in Klingon

Would you rather....?

Have your sexual fantasies edited for appropriate television viewing
Have the Reading Rainbow guy (Levar Burton) appear and tell you the moral at the end of every masturbation fantasy

Would you rather....?

Receive a text whenever your SO has sexual thoughts about another person
Have your SO receive a text whenever you have sexual thoughts about another person

Would you rather....?

Have a long makeout session with someone who has a heavy drooling problem
Give oral sex to someone with a farting problem

Would you rather have all your sexual fantasies directed by...?

David Lynch
Michael Bay

Would you rather....?

Have fake boobs filled with Silly Putty (it can be molded into shapes)
Have fake boobs filled with the material found in rainsticks

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I *finally* met a decent guy. I met him online, as I do the others...okcupid.com. He currently lives about 20 minutes away from me...but in 3 weeks he'll be about 4 hours away. :(

He says he comes home about once every 3/4 weeks for a few days at a time, and then he's home holidays. But after this year, he's looking to go to law school further away.

I really like him..and he seems to really like me. I soooo don't meet a guy in person that fast, but we met up in person about 12 hours after I met him online.

So...with all that info..would you go for it? He's supposed to be coming over later tonight to hang out..and bring me some food I can eat (just had wisdom teeth pulled)

I got 7 shots of novocaine to remove 2 wisdom teeth...my mouth is on fire. What should I do to make myself feel better? Because the ice and the vicodin sure as hell isn't working that well.

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I just got the results back from two of my four subjects this semester and I've failed both of them. My uni has a thing that if you fail two or more subjects in a semester you cannot continue on to next semester until you've repeated and passed them. I'm freaking out right now, I'm going to be behind all my friends and I feel like such a failure.

Can you cheer me up with advice, good words, PUPPY PHOTOS?
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Where to go?

My guy is down because he feels like things haven't been going his way lately. He said we should say fuck it all and take a week off and go to Puerto Rico.

Only problems are I can't take a week off, and we're broke because we're saving for a wedding. Also it's summer so I assume Puerto Rico is hot.

I can take like 4.5 days off starting next Wednesday.

Where would you suggest we go?
Do you know any really good cheap last minute deal sites?
Do you know of any good sites that do the packaging of a trip for you?

DK/DC/I hate travel: When's the last time you injured yourself?
I sprained both of my ankles on June 29th (which also will complicate any vacation...)

What Amazon thinks of me

I recently received an Amazon gift card. So I went to the site, and asked it to display book recommendations for me. I thought it a bit odd that the recommendations were for books about physics and religion/spirituality. It's not really a surprise, but the emphasis on these two categories was quite stark. The only other books in the first 100 or so recommendations were two about writing.

So, if you go to Amazon, what genres does it recommend for you?
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Lies, all lies.

Okay, so supposedly various coffee and tea drinks have steamed milk in them. We have a hand-me-down Starbucks cappuccino machine that's steaming wand dealie has never worked well. I thought you could buy steaming wands separately (I just want it for my chai tea dammit, it makes all the difference!), but all I can find are frothing wands. Does the built-in wand not actually steam or do separate steaming wands just not exist? I looked at a cappuccino machine on amazon and they do refer to that attachment as a steaming wand. Does what I'm looking for just not exist? :( I'm assuming the frother doesn't heat since it says it can be used in cool drinks as well. :/

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I really love to eat fish, especially to help with weight loss, but I know that there are some types you can't eat too often because of mercury (and maybe other things, I don't know). I'm wondering, are there any kinds of fish that ARE okay to eat regularly (about 3-4 times a week)?

What are your go-to diet foods? Is there anything you make sure to always have available to eat when dieting?