July 11th, 2012

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hey tccq, I work with kids (dirty dirty), AND today I sat in the rain waiting for takeout, AND I took a 2 hour class in an overly-chilled building, AND a co-worker was out for 3 days with a sore throat. so. any or all of those reasons could be contributing to me waking up with a SUDDEN excruciating sore throat.

what is the earliest i can go to a doctor and get definitive results? if i go right away, tomorrow after work, will they be able to tell me what i have and prescribe me something to help? or does the cold/illness/etc. need to mature and become more obvious?


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Is there anything in particular that you like or enjoy doing, that your friends aren't into?

Is there a movie or book that you feel is underrated? 

I LOVE the movie THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Sadly enough, none of my friends had ever heard of the movie or seemed interested in it. Do you like this movie?

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I know a friend who is pretty, rich, healthy, has a social life, family, etc. But she is very deeply unhappy for reasons she does not know. What would you tell her to help her feel better? Would you think she needs to get over herself (since other people have 'serious' problems)? What could possibly be causing this emptiness?

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To what extent, if at all, is it a 16-year-old's responsibility to reach out to her dad (who has been divorced from her mom for ~7 years and has not lived with him for the same amount of time) to spend time with her? Should it be 100% the parent's responsibility, or should it be up to the daughter to text/call/reach out, as well (and if so, to what degree)?

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You don't have a job and you need one. You are getting ready to interview for a job you don't really want and aren't all the way qualified for. On the way to the interview you get violently ill. Do you call and reschedule, or suck it up and hope you don't puke on the interviewer?

What have you done lately that made you feel guilty?
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How long have you been friends with your oldest (in amount of years, not age) friend? Since preschool? First grade? Sixth grade? Have you ever "broken up" as friends, then become friends again?

Election Guidance

A wealthy Romney supporter was quoted in the LA Times:

“We’ve got the message,” she added. “But my college kid, the baby sitters, the nails ladies — everybody who’s got the right to vote — they don’t understand what’s going on. I just think if you’re lower income — one, you’re not as educated, two, they don’t understand how it works, they don’t understand how the systems work, they don’t understand the impact.”

For those of you in college, service industries, retail, or some other low-paying job, will you be checking with wealthy relatives, customers, bosses, to find out how you should vote in the Fall?

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Hi TQC. Here is my question:

What do you typically wear to bed?

When I was a kid, I had some nightgowns which I wore because I thought they were elegant. I wasn't a big fan of the way they tended to bunch up around my belly as I slept, so I eventually switched to regular pajamas.

Now I sleep in pajamas, or a t-shirt, or just undies, depending mainly on what involves the least effort.
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According to The Sentencing Project:
• 48 states and the District of Columbia prohibit inmates from voting while incarcerated for a felony offense.
• Only two states - Maine and Vermont - permit inmates to vote.
• 35 states prohibit persons on parole from voting and 30 of these states exclude persons on probation as well.
• Four states deny the right to vote to all persons with felony convictions, even after they have completed their sentences. Seven others disenfranchise certain categories of ex-offenders and/or permit application for restoration of rights for specified offenses after a waiting period (e.g., five years in Delaware and Wyoming, and two years in Nebraska).

What are your thoughts on felony disenfranchisement laws? Should convicted felons have the right to vote while they're serving a prison sentence? Immediately after their release? After they've completed the terms of their probation/parole? Never? Does it depend on the law(s) they've broken? The number of times they've been incarcerated?

(Apologies for the seemingly US-centric question. If you're not from the United States, will you talk about how felony disenfranchisement works in your country?)
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I just went to apply for a loan through wells fargo (which I have been doing for 3 years). They no longer have a loan that goes directly to the student instead of the school. Do you guys know/use any loans that come directly to you?

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What do you think is society's biggest achievement in your life time?

What about science's?


dk/dc: what's your favorite TV procedural? When I'm knitting I feel like I have to watch a procedural, and Law and Order/SVU/Criminal Minds/NCIS are all decent options.

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What's the last time you (perhaps accidentally) snapped at someone? Alternatively, what's the last time you answered a friend or coworker's question more honestly then you intended to (like saying "awful" when someone noncommittally asks "how is your day", etc)?

My answer in comments; I still feel slightly guilty and would like to hear others.

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My problem is my landlady.  Let me be clear: rent payment is not the issue.  It's that she's the live-in, rather overly-involved in her tenants' lives landlady I've also mentioned.  And she was the one who needled me against my better judgment into starting what she imagines is a home business as an ESL student editor.  Whose sole customer is the above irritating housemate.

How do I grow a spine make clear to both of them that my search for an office-based, nine to five, actual job is my priority, and that they are both being unreasonable? Housemate really does seem to think my time is just hers to command, and landlady has that "get off your behind and do something attitude", but she doesn't know what I am doing!  I'd really just prefer to return to occasional, casual and non-compensated helping.  The money is purely spending money, and it isn't worth dealing with the housemate this much, IMO. 

Edit: HTML in RichText, d'oh.

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TQC, let's play a game inspired by my cousin the chef (no, seriously, she feeds bands in the Baltimore area, it's pretty awesome).

You list some ingredients, and then people will reply to your comment with the dish they'd make with the ingredients? Be as unusual or comprehensive as you'd like with your ingredients but the idea is to see how creative TQC chefs can be.

I'll include my list in the comments =D
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Will you post the most recent picture you saved on your computer that originated from some outside source? (Not a picture you took yourself, I mean. Something you saved from a site like Tumblr, an online store, etcetera.)

City Buses

Have you ever ridden a city bus? Do you have any stories to share?

I rode my first city bus on Monday in Nashville. I had a guy who asked for my name and if I had a boyfriend--I gave him a fake name and told him I did, although I didn't/don't. He was the only creep I ran into and I rode four buses that day. I had nice bus drivers. I missed my stop for getting off the bus on two different buses but it didn't bother them. I was also able to get help from a lady when we went to the downtown bus place and I didn't know where to go for my next bus. The worst part was walking--I walked a mile to and from my aunt's house to what I thought was the closest bus stop (it wasn't, I found out later) and I crossed four lanes of traffic twice when I was trying to find a tattoo place near a bus stop. It was a good experience, though, and it won't bother me to do it again on Tuesday when I go back there.

Haven't/don't care: What's your favorite TV show?
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jobs vs careers

hey, ya'll.

for those of you who are employed in some fashion, do you consider yourself to be a person with a job*, or are you working in your career? as in, do you do something hoping you'll get something else eventually (or working your way through school to get to your chosen profession), or are you working in your chosen field?

what is it that you do?

with me, i'm working in my field. i work here, actually.
(streaming my thing now lol)

*like, "this is just what i do to pay the bills..." etc.
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Would you find it off-putting if a male friend did the following:

-referred to grilled chicken breasts as "grilled chicken tits"?
-called Dick's Sporting Goods "penis sports store"?
-generally typed "cum" instead of "come"?

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If we met each other IRL...how long could we coexist??

we are like matter and antimatter...dangerous stuff
you're charming haj....but it just aint happening....you old creep
5 min
till dinner was over and I could get away from you by running into the bathroom
1 day
a week
a fortnight (WTF is a fortnight)
a month? maybe
I give it 6 months
a year tops
other in comments

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I am reading a thread on my friend's facebook wall - it ended up in an argument about how Obama was left with a giant mess thanks to Bush. Someone commented "You can't blame Bush - look what Reagan managed to do after he was left with Jimmy Carter's mess. Why can't Obama do the same?"

Who do you agree with?


TQC, do you take probiotics? If so, what kind, and what do they do for you?

I have tried a few times because I have IBS off and on, but I've never found one that made the symptoms better. But I'm starting a different kind now, since I've read that finding the right one takes trial and error. I'm hoping for no error this time...