July 10th, 2012

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party trick: how accurate is this for you?

my friend asked me this series of questions at a party, and its answers are meant to reveal something about you. so these are the series of questions, and under the cut will be what the answers are meant to indicate.

1. you are stranded in the ocean and see land. you swim towards it and walk on the shore. what's the first animal you see? and describe 3 of its (behavioural) characteristics.
2. you walk further inland and see another animal. what is the animal? describe 3 of its characteristics.
3. a little further along, you spot some kind of dwelling / residence / building. what is it and how big is it?
4. you walk inside and see a staircase. is the staircase a straight one or a winding one?
5. you walk up the stairs and reach the landing. you see a door. is the door closed, open, or half open-half closed?
6. you want to change your clothes and you see a closet. how many clothes are inside?
7. you want to check yourself out in the mirror that's in the room. how big is the mirror?
8. you're ready for a nap. you see a bed. how big is the bed?

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I need some more brain teasers. They must be somewhat short (no more than a few sentences) and easy to remember, require no writing, but be difficult enough for the average person to spend a few hours thinking about it.

Know of any good riddles? Alternatively, know of a decent site for any?

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What is your favorite genre and decade of music? 50's 60's 70's 80's etc.

and what artists or groups best represent that decade?

I love rock/alternative music from the 90's and some of my favorite artists from then are: Radiohead,Smashing pumpkins, Nine inch nails, pearl jam etc.
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How should I feel after my work out?

quivering and almost unable to stand
ready to do it again
sore and achy
other in comments

How should I feel after sex?

quivering and almost unable to stand
ready to do it again
sore and achy
other in comments

how do you feel right NAOW?

quivering and almost unable to stand
ready to do it again
sore and achy
other in comments

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Backstory: I work at a middle school that is using the Renaissance method. Basically what that means is, we work very hard to make a positive culture at the school by rewarding good behavior and doing things in the school that make it a welcoming place. For example, last year on the first day of school, we literally rolled out a red carpet, dressed up like it was an awards show, and welcomed every single student into the building with cheers and waving. We also do things like rewarding homerooms with 5 days of perfect attendance, pancake breakfasts once a term for kids who show great improvement, we keep the kids' bathrooms decorated with wall decals and put in nice soaps and such.

In keeping with the trend of "making school a positive place to be" I want to post quotes in the girl's bathroom that are body-positive and empowering, or make them think about things in a new way. (In one school, the principal snuck in before school and put fresh flowers in every week, but that's a bit pricy and also I want the kids to think).

Would you please give me a quote (or 10) that you like that you think would benefit a girl aged 10-14?

Thank you!
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How to deal with thieving coworker?

So, I work at a business I call "The Pink Place" because the decor is overwhelmingly pink, since it is geared towards women.

My batshit crazy boss lady hired a new massage therapist named A to be the 3rd MT rotating in as needed.  Well, A has turned out to be a thief and I'm looking for some suggestions on how to deal with this girl.

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We have never had a theft problem as bad as this in the past (our boss routinely screws up payroll somehow and we have to check our payroll reports like a hawk to make sure we get paid right.)  This has been twice in just a few weeks now and I'd love some suggestions on how to catch this probable meth head in the act.  We're supposed to have a "team meeting" come Friday morning and that will be interesting to see if A is still there, or if Boss Lady just blows us off as usual...  :-p
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All in a Day's Work

So I'm moving back to Chicago in a few weeks, because I finished graduate school in April and my lease is up. I am currently employed part time but will be unemployed in Chicago until I find a full time job--I am not extremely worried because I have a master's degree and there are actually a lot of jobs in my field, and also, I am living with my parents until I find full time employment, and they won't charge me anything because they're very nice to me. However, and of course, I do experience the normal anxiety that comes along with a job search and I've found one way to not drive oneself insane is to have a varied schedule, e.g. job hunt for 3 hours, then try new recipe, then play video game, then go to library, then watch netflix. Having productive ways to occupy time is good. So my question:

What are activities that you enjoy that are not long term, are creative in some capacity and that don't cost a lot of money? (initial expenses are fine, like for example digital photography requires a one-time purchase of a digital camera). They don't have to produce results, e.g. watching films or playing computer games are on my list. 

DK/DC: What is your dream computer configuration? that is, if someone offered to custom build you a PC at no charge for parts or service, what parts would you use? 

DK/DC #2: Where is your favorite place to shop for accessories (e.g. nail polish, jewelry, headbands and hair clips, purses, etc.)? 
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Favorite John Carpenter film?

Halloween (the original)
Halloween II (the original)
Prince of Darkness
Escape from New York
Escape from LA
The Thing
In the Mouth of Madness
They Live
Big Trouble in Little China
The Fog (the original)
Other (one of his lesser known movies)


I'm 32 weeks pregnant and found out when I was a lil over 5 months, honestly I'm scared shitless. I'm not ready, I'm in recovery, but the problem is I hear everyone's opinion. An I'm a people pleaser. Which is not good. I'm a smart girl but it's hard when your own 'family tells you that you'll fail an to adopt, an then on the other side I have friends / people telling me I can do this. I know I CAN do it. But there's a small percentage in me thinking differently ....opinion?

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Have you ever ridden in an airplane?

Yes, and I enjoyed it.
Yes, but I didn't enjoy it.
No, but I would like to.
No, and if I can help it I never will.

Have you ever shot a firearm?

Yes, and I enjoyed it.
Yes, but I didn't enjoy it.
No, but I would like to.
No, and if I can help it I never will.

Have you ever gone for a swim in the ocean?

Yes, and I enjoyed it.
Yes, but I didn't enjoy it.
No, but I would like to.
No, and if I can help it I never will.

Have you ever lived alone for a period of three consecutive months or longer?

Yes, and I enjoyed it.
Yes, but I didn't enjoy it.
No, but I would like to.
No, and if I can help it I never will.

Have you ever eaten the brain, tongue, liver, or testicles of any animal?

Yes, and I enjoyed it.
Yes, but I didn't enjoy it.
No, but I would like to.
No, and if I can help it I never will.

How's your day going? (1 being the worst day you've ever had, 10 being the best.)

Mean: 5.60 Median: 5 Std. Dev 1.48

Which of these things have you done, or do you anticipate doing today?

Commute for 30 minutes or longer
Eat in/order from a restaurant
Drink an alcoholic beverage
Watch two hours or more of television
Spend two hours or more online (for non-work-related reasons)

Will you suggest a movie for me to watch?


NYC help!

My husband and I are going to NYC this weekend for our first time together. Neither of us have been since we were young adults (like, teens-20, we are now 29-going-on-30)

We have a certificate for complimentary tea at Gordon Ramsay's London Bar (and a complimentary stay in the London Hotel suites for the full weekend). It's really putting a cramp in our style, because the only day we could use it is Saturday. It's at 3:00 p.m. and includes tea and things like scones and tiny sandwiches.

We were encouraged to check out Eataly (and La Birreria, the beer garden on top of it). Have you been? Is it worth skipping tea for? Will it be hard to get a seat for beer? We can do a 5:45 reservation there but that's really only for food and we really want the *drinks* and weren't planning on eating that early.  IDK IDK IDK.

Any thoughts on either of these?
Any must-dos?

Friday we're doing dinner at Oceana and a Broadway play. Saturday morning we're getting up early, getting a cab to the Brooklyn Bridge, and walking it and then going to the WTC memorial.. then _________ including tea and/or eataly and/or whatever. Sunday we're getting up early, getting coffee (where?) and walking around Central Park until FAO Schwarz opens, then going there and then hopping a train home.

What are we missing? Is this a decent plan?
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overcoming overcoming pain

the subject is weird, i know.

the backstory to this is more complicated than i feel is worth expanding on in this "quickfire" community, but the bottom line is: how do you (as in i'm looking for personal examples) determine whether or not a pain or a symptom is something that you can just tough your way through versus going to see a medical professional?


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1. How does one go about finding the best church in which to have sex?

2. What is the best/most creative/humorous/scathing insult that you've ever heard/read?

3. What are your favorite vulgarities/obscenities? (Regardless of whether or not you personally say them)

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The air conditioner in my apartment has started making a loud snapping sound whenever it kicks on. Just one loud snap. Do any of you know what could be causing this?
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A friend of mine has been drinking whey protein shakes every morning with the intention of being healthy and losing weight for the last month. She does not exercise at all, and has actually gained weight, feels tired a lot, and her bowels are all out of whack. She insists that it's not the shakes, but it's her snacky cheating and chocolate cravings that have caused her to gain and experience discomfort... either way, aren't those whey protein powder shakes intended for those individuals who exercise regularly and strenuously?

dk/dc: What's a good tv series you would recommend? I've already Netflixed the shit out of Lost, Nip/Tuck, and Breaking Bad.
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Would you work for $5-$6 an hour if you were absolutely skill-less, and all the job requited you to do is sit there (you can read, play on your phone, have your friends come hang or whatever) and occasionally demonstrate fancy haircombs to people?

(no subject)

Have you ever received an award for the work you've done at a job (bonus, certificate, gift, public recognition among your peers, etc.)? What was it for? Were you embarrassed? Did you feel you didn't deserve it because you were just doing your job?

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If someone asked you, "How'd you get so fat? I mean, I just had a  baby.  What is your excuse?" Would you be offended? Or would you brush it off.  Also, let's say you confronted the person on it and they said that you took it the wrong way.  I just don't see how you can say something like that and have it not taken the wrong way.  Weight is a really sensitive issue for some.

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any one a social gamer?

I DON'T mean you play online with people. I mean you have a friend over to play with you.

If yes, do you have any funny stories? Or rules you and your friend have on certain games?

like when my friend and I play Fatal frame, it has to be the middle of night, no one else can be up, no lights can be on.

funny stories, getting glitches, or stories you made up about the characters, or whatever.

Like my friend and I have this on going joke about when I try to be brave something bad always happens. LIKE in Dead Space I was ready to fight this creature, I had it down in two seconds. Then she says OH sorry but you have to run. Then I got a glitch that all doors remained locked so I died. Then she played the same area and the doors unlocked for her!

anyway I was just wondering if anyone else plays games with there friends? and do you have funny stories?

My friend and I have SO MANY funny stories. I guess we amuse ourselves with games.

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so today i started a new blog focusing on my writing in arabic. i like writing in general, find that i've quite enjoyed doing the writing assignments we've had in my current arabic class, and it helps me to memorize/familiarize myself with vocabulary if i use it in writing, so yeah.

now that it's all set up and i've got the layout smoothed out and all that, though, i find that i'm drawing a blank for things to write about.

would TQC like to give me suggestions for possible writing topics? I'm good for descriptive or argumentative essays, biographies of people, or creative/short story stuff. Specific things or general topics, either is fine as a suggestion. A lot of my recently acquired vocab is politics, economics, religion and culture related but topics about those not necessary, really. My goal is for the posts to be about 3-6 paragraphs in length, in general.

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I messed up really really bad :(
I own a company and my husband works with a certain builder. This builder is a PIG in the way he talks about women and he's a total total douche. I was talking to one of our mutual customers and said builder came up. They asked if I knew him and if I liked him...and this is where I messed up :( I said no, not at all, I think he's cocky and the customer went on to agree with me. I didn't even realize what I was saying as it came out of my mouth and I realize it is totally inappropriate. Customer goes on to bad talk him, I say no more but the damage is done. Then the customer went and told him what I said :( He's NOT happy (obviously) and I feel terrible. He called my husband today to basically tell him how horrible I am for saying shit like that and now the question is What the hell do I do now? Do I call him? Ignore it? Help?
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Hello, TQC,

I've been fighting fleas in my apartment since December. I've bombed, sprayed, vacuumed and powdered all to no avail.

I want to talk to my landlord about hiring a professional pest control service and I want him to ideally pay for it. If I had pets, I would probably pay for it myself, but I have no animals.

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What's the best way to go about this, TQC, to maximize probability that he'll pay for an exterminator and minimize bad feelings between us?
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pre-workout snack?

I started taking a Zumba class (so it's an hour of relatively high intensity cardio) and I've been having a banana about an hour before the class because I figure I need to eat *something* or I'll faint, but if I eat too much, I'll get sick...but I'm wondering if I should be having something different?  Or eating at a different time?  I figured the banana is easy to bring with me to work and it has potassium but I'm not sure it's the ideal snack.  My Zumba instructor made me eat a granola bar today because she said I looked sick :(

dk/dc: What's your favorite/guilty pleasure snack?

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My brother and roommate are having a debate over which is worse - working in food service or retail. What do you think? I know it all depends on the company, but if you had to pick, which would you choose?

If you've worked in both, which one was worse for you and why?
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Do you think Dear Abby & Ann Landers ever gets tired of reading everyones TL:DR problems?
Think she ever busts out a DK/DC?? Do you think she lurks here and steals all our good stuff???

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Rephasing my earlier question.

If you are a social gamer, when you game are there certain things you make fun of? when playing one game make references to another game? What do you find your friend is good at, and what is your strenght? What are some glitches?

I guess I was just trying to learn if people have crazy gaming experiences like my friend and me...

I swear I'll stop asking, BUT SURELY you guys have some interesting stories! while gaming!
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Anyone here been to Iceland? Specifically Reykjavík? I have a 6 hour layover both ways on my flight to the Faroe Islands. Is that enough time to leave the airport and see anything? I have to transfer between two airports in Reykjavik (the international one and then the domestic one) so that will account for 3 hours of that layover to be safe. So....3 hours on each layover?
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What's the worst food you have ever tasted? Would you eat a plate of it for a monetary prize? What if you knew you wouldn't become ill from it? (Like it might make you nauseated because you find it so disgusting, but you won't get food poisoning or suffer any side effects like water retention or the runs.)

Once I was at a Korean place and in one of the banchan dishes was some unfamiliar grey stuff. It was fermented squid or fish or something, and all I remember is that it tasted rank and the aftertaste lasted forever. I would not eat it again for any amount of money.

What do you think of this rant?

"I was too busy watching the House marathon on USA to notice, but according to all the calls and emails I got yesterday, I missed Barack Obama being sworn in as our 44th President. Apparently that was some kind of historic event. Not sure why exactly because I'm pretty sure Obama didn't cross the Alps on elephants and I'm almost positive that CNN would have mentioned if he fed the crowd with two fish and five loaves of bread. Since they didn't, I really didn't see the need to watch another rich, Ivy league educated lawyer raised by white people turned power hungry, cutthroat politician tell me how he's just like me through words that other rich, Ivy league educated white people wrote. Sorry, dude. I realize I'm not supposed to notice because you and Martin Luther King, Jr. kinda look alike, but the guy who cuts my grass kinda looks like me too. That doesn't mean it's my lifelong dream to see him elected President."