July 9th, 2012


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Ryan Reynolds is being cast as the lead in the Highlander remake. How do you feel about this selection?

I don't know who that is or what movie that is
What's Highlander? If I knew more about it, I may have a stronger opinion about Reynolds
The original was ok. Reynolds really couldn't make it any worse. It'd be funnier for sure
WHAT? Horrible choice!
Ryan Reynolds as Connor MacLeod? That could be really interesting
The original Highlander was kinda silly. Reynolds is kinda silly. Seems perfect to me.
I withhold all judgment until I know who's playing the Sean Connery role
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What are you feelings on homemade crop tops? Like, made from an old t-shirt?
On crop tops in general?
I have a bunch of old t-shirts that I don't want to get rid of, but I want to rejuvenate them somehow, do you know of any cool how-tos pertaining to changing the style of a t-shirt?

DK;DC: How's your summer going?

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Two Questions~

(A) I went back to my old job today to teach over the summer. One of the other teachers who I know but haven't spoken to since last summer, said "HEY! SO YOU'VE BEEN ON UNEMPLOYMENT ALL YEAR?" (like not even a "hey! how are you?")

I haven't been on unemployment all year, but I know who said this and it's really bothering me.
Would you say anything about this or just let it go?
I explained the situation to the coworker but I wasn't comfortable with it.

(B) in other news:
My mom's surgery went really, really well!
What was the last great news that you received?

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So I bit the bullet and got a dreamwidth account, after months of wondering what it would be like to have one. The question is, though, is whether or not it is really any better than livejournal. So, is it any better? How? What kind of interesting communities are on there, that you would recommend?
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If a family (or individual, for that matter) lives on 55% of their gross income and pays 45% in taxes, is that too much, too little, or just right?

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For an extra $7,500 a year for as long as you live...would you be willing to NEVER retire? You'll work every day until you're physically unable to work. If you live to be a fit 100 years old, you'll still have to get up in the morning to get to work. For reasons unknown, there will always be work for you, no matter what your age.

Yes, I'll do it
No way

For an extra $7,500 a year for as long as you live...would you be willing to only buy clothes from Sears? No matter what clothing it is (underwear, wedding dress, business attire), you can only purchase your duds at Sears. For people who live in countries without Sears, you may have to skip this question as I don't know what the equivalent is where you live

Yes, I'll do it
No way

For an extra $7,500 a year for as long as you live...would you get one tattoo a year for the rest of your life? You can never get them removed. The size and location are up to you. If you live to be in your 90s, you'll have one impressive full-body canvas

Yes, I'll do it
No way

For an extra $7,500 a year for as long as you live...would you only watch G-rated movies? You're not allowed to watch anything else. If you own any non-G-rated movies, you'll have to get rid of them

Yes, I'll do it
No way

For an extra $7,500 a year for as long as you live...would you go to church every week? Some of you are religious and this is a slam dunk. But many of you are atheists or agnostics. If you agree to this, you'll have to attend a christian church every week ALWAYS.

Yes, I'll do it
No way
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I haven't worked for a year and a half because of health issues, which are getting worse. I don't see myself going back to work any time soon. I feel like people are judging me because I am not doing anything productive. I do feel fairly useless and extremely restless. I can't get used to not working. I was a medical transcriptionist for 30 years and I always worked up until this past year and a half.

My question is: Do you think people are judging me? I guess I must be judging myself because I can't get past this feeling of being useless.
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More! More!

How do you feel about encores at concerts?

I think they're lame. You know damn well that at every concert you go to, the band will walk off stage, pretend it's over and them come back out and play again. They might do that twice. It's just stupid.
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Outer Banks

My husband and I are going to the Outer Banks, Labor Day weekend. To be specific, we will be staying in Buxton. What should we do?!

Keep in mind, we are not overly adventurous. I tried to convince him to go hang gliding and he's declined. Yeah, we are exciting!
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I've been dating this guy for four months who's been working out of state, he comes home once every month or so. We'd call each other and text everyday but now he hasn't called me in a week and rarely texts me anymore. I'll text him and just get short responses and in which the conversations don't last long anymore... so TQC, would you think he's done with this whole thing?

I wanna ask him about it, but whenever I feel like doing so, I get a huge knot in my stomach. How should I approach this situation?

DK/DC: What do you do for work?

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older sibling unsolicited adivce/fave pornstar

Does you have an older sibling that gives unsolicited advice (that borders on down-right mean)? I have an older brother who is really self-righteous and embarrasses me not only in front of my family but in front of my friends with his self-righteous attitude. Any advice on how to tell him to back off?

Also, do you have a favorite pornstar?

For Fellow Cat Owners

I just adopted a cat from someone who needed to give him away because of a moving situation. I've never owned a cat but my boyfriend has and loves them so we got him. He is 8 years and as sweet as can be. He follows us around the house and sleeps on our bed and loves be brushed and is very needy but he's pretty much the perfect cat. 

We've only had him for 3 days and I need some help on a behavior i've never seen. 

I was playing with a feather on a string for awhile and was he chasing it, catching it, ect. 
Well when I dropped the toy and stood up because I was done he started YOWLING following me around staring me directly in the eyes. 

He yowls sounded mean and he wouldn't let me pet him (which he always does) He didn't bite me but he made the motion like he was going to maybe try. What set him off? 

I don't understand this at all. Now (about less than 10 mins later) he is fine, letting me pet him and back to normal sleeping on my bed.

What caused that demonic side to come out? Is it something I did that set him off

Here's a picture of him

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All things being equal, which do you think is overall the fairest system for national military service?

UNIVERSAL draft. Everyone is drafted for a set period unless they can prove their ineligibility/unfitness to serve on an individual basis
Universal draft, with established catagories of exemptions
Randomized draft. All eligible/fit individuals entered into a pool, numbers randomly drawn
Randomized draft with wider established catagories of exemption
All volunteer military, no draft
My country should totally disband its military