July 8th, 2012


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I took the week off from the gym. will I be able to start back up on Monday??

if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does
are you going to wear your short shorts?
give it up Haji...you'll be dead soon anyway
all we are saying is give peas a chance
movie: eraserhead

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I'm a fairly shy person, so making friends is very hard for me. My two best friends live 2 to 6 hours away from me.

So shy people, how do you go about meeting people? I've tried meetup, but for my surround area, I've only found religious groups, and I am by no means religious.

(sorry if you've seen me bitching about this on ONTD FFAF, I'm just feeling extremely lonely all the sudden and I'm running out of ideas)
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There Ought to Be a Better Word

The English language needs more terms for various complicated social relationships beyond simply "friend", "rival", and "enemy", don't you think?

My landlady described one of my housemates as my "friend" last night, and I thought, "Oh, no, no, no." This girl is a housemate who is ESL and pays me to edit her coursework. And we have socialized in the same group of other housemates. But she's almost a parody of a self-centered, melodramatic, nosy busybody. I would never consider us friends.

what ho, Japanese beetles

I've been hanging out laundry on a little portable rack on the deck. Lately, when I go to collect the dry clothes, a few Japanese beetles are perched on my clothes. Especially underpants. I just had to shake three giant beetles off one pair of underpants. Why do Japanese beetles pick this one particular garment to have their beetle party? Srs and non-srs answers, pls.
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What's the last thing to fill you with RIGHTEOUS ANGER?
I am eating milkshakes for brunch right now because my fridge and freezer went out during the night. This is the 4th time it's done so since moving in, it's a weekend, and my landlord has no emergency contact number so I get to buy a cooler and ice and try to save all of my frozen meat. D:

What are your plans for the day?

What is the best movie?

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TQC, if my SO doesn't call me about coming for lunch soon, I'm going to just take myself out to lunch. There are a number of places within walking distance: Indian food, a burger bar, a Spanish-fusion joint (though that's a bit pricey), sushi/Japanese, and a bakery which also does light sandwiches and salads. Where should I take myself for Suday lunch?

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What is the point of the weird fabric pouch in the crotch of bathing suits? Does it serve a purpose beyond giving me the illusion of a full diaper after it collects sand? Can I cut it out without any ill-effects?

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Those of you with substantial bosoms:

Can you recommend a really good strapless bra? I'm not necessarily looking for something SO CUTE, but I'm more interested in excellent support and comfort (if there is such a thing) for when I wear certain dresses and stuff. I've only ever owned one and it was AWFUL.

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I'm looking for an animation online !

its a drawn cartoon - the actual drawings are pretty shit. and its basically some guy trying to make money ... you can donate to him etc. the cartoon is probably about his life - one of the quotes is something like 'no work no money situation'
& another video (or maybe in the same video) is like 'if you do what you  love the money will follow... what do i love.... boobs'! and then its a bit of a 'strip' scene with super shit animation quality :P
and he has like ... a tuna and pea recipe thing... :P

any ideas? :)

edit: the 'loading' page used to be a few heads knocking together like those metal ball pendulum things . and they made grunting sounds... =S

thanks !
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Weird question

I was making laundry soap awhile back, so I was boiling water with grated bar soap, borax, and washing soda. I'd decided to use an old pot of mine that was discolored and gross-looking. Lo and behold, when I poured the mixture out, the pot was sparkling clean! Does anyone know if it was one particular ingredient that accomplished this, or was it the combination? I'd like to replicate this to clean some other things, but I don't want to waste time/effort if I really only need the Borax, say.
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Dogs in Cars

Would you be alarmed if you saw a dog left in a parked car in the sun in 80ish degree weather?  They had their window cracked but I'm not sure where the danger zone is for pets.

Have you ever called the cops or similar over something like this?

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Has anybody here joined a roller derby team (or knows somebody who has)?

How much time/money/pain are we talking about?

DK/DC/You have anger issues, Elbie: What do you use for streaming movies/shows? Netflix is increasingly becoming a disappointment...

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Do you find it awkward being in an elevator with a stranger?
Are you one of those people who pretends to be doing something on their phone in order to avoid eye contact? Do you make conversation? What do you do?

How can I make my elevator encounters as awkward as possible?
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Which e-book readers do you guys have? Would you recommend them?

Bonus points for answers from Australia.

I'm thinking of getting something in the Kindle family, either the basic Kindle or the Kindle Touch. Thoughts?

Who is your favourite Disney character? Or Top 5, if you feel so inclined?

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This may be a dumb question, lol. :/

So its been a pretty hot day, in the nineties (which is too hot for me, anyway, lol) and my upstairs apartment is pretty warm inside :( However, I have to use my oven to cook, which will inevitably make it even warmer in here. Should I just use the oven now while its still pretty hot out, or should I wait until its cooled off and risk making it too warm in here all over again?

Hope I worded that well enough to understand.
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I went on a date with some guy from the internet yesterday. He lives in NY but his parents live close to me (Fairfax, VA - a DC suburb, if anybody cares). Of course, the one guy I would hit it off with lives hours away. Right before he left, he said "feel free to text me anytime". But wtf would I text to somebody who I will see in 3 months at the soonest, if ever again?

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Has anyone else been watching Food Network Star? Do you have a favorite contestant?

My favorite was Emily, but she got voted off. >:l So now I'm on team Justin, I guess.
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TQC, I have a long distance fwb. I graduated this May and he's got a year left. I keep making plans to visit other friends during the day and then spend the night with him. These plans are fairly underground, people know I visit friends, but they don't know about my evening trysts. My unemployed best friend lives close by and she keeps inviting herself on these trips. If I were just going to see friends (all of them are mutual friends of ours), I wouldn't mind, but that's not all I'm doing. She kind of takes over planning and finds places for us to spend the night but I don't need any help on that count. And now I don't get to have sex and, TQC, I really want to have sex.

How can I politely ask her to stop doing this? I don't want to hurt her feelings because she's generally in such a bad place to begin with.  

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1. When someone is coming out of anesthesia, will they say crazy things?
2. If so,are these things always true, or will they just say anything?
3. Will the person remember these things they said?
4. Any stories about anesthesia?
5. Is there any real way to repair damaged and brittle hair?
6. Anyone know about preschool registation? I was just looking it up and I read something about having to register in February for the fall?! I was not thinking about preschool in February. I will call around in the morning, just wondering if anyone knows about this stuff!

TQC Parents

What random opportunities have you taken to reinforce rules or values to your children?  How well did this work for you?

My 3 year old asked me to sing him a song about jumping and not knowing any I made one up to reinforce the rules we have about jumping.  He's still asking me to sing it to him several times a day over 2 weeks later and has started singing along with me.