July 7th, 2012

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You are eating something.
A friend comes up and asks for a bite. You let them have a bite, only for the friend to realize the food had something in it they don't eat- be it because they are veg*n, some sort of intolerance, on a diet, etc but not because they are allergic.

The friend gets mad at you for letting them have a bite.

Who is at fault?
You for not warning the friend- perhaps it didn't even cross your mind, you forgot about the friend's eating habits/preferences, etc.
Your friend for not being proactive about any dietary restrictions.

Witnessed this at the beach today. Some girl took a bite of a friend's sandwich and then got mad at him because it had cheese on it and he didn't tell her.

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1. what do you think your dreams mean? do they have any meaning?  i have dreams every 6 weeks or so of my ex boyfriend where he is always declaring his love for me.  

2.  if someone walked into your living room, looked at everything up and down, rolls their eyes and said, "hmmmph, go to ikea much?" would that bother you?
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People are always really surprised when I tell them that I didn't get to have any of those sugary cereals as a kid or things like Lunchables, soda or Jello.

What did your parents refuse you when you were a child?
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For those of you who were once a vegetarian but aren't any longer...

1. What made you quit?
2. What was the transition back to meat eating like?
3. Why did you become a vegetarian in the first place?
4. For how long were you a vegetarian?


1. Do you have any advice for fellow vegetarians?
2. How long have you been a vegetarian and what has been the hardest, and best, part about it?
One Of Those Days.
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My fiancee and I recently bought an '07 MINI Cooper S. I love it, but it's a manual and I'm having trouble because my feet are too small/my legs are too short to depress the clutch comfortably, so when I drive long distances it pulls my lower back out. Is there a way to lower the clutch pedal so I can "pivot" my foot better? Google has turned up zilch.

Can you drive a standard? Why did you learn?

London Airports

Has anyone ever flown into or out of London City Airport?

I'm searching for flights to the UK from NYC for late August/early Sept. and some of the cheaper flights seem to involve flying into Amsterdam and then taking a small plane to LCY.  I didn't even know that airport existed until recently.  It seems pretty small and business travel oriented.  Is it any good or should I try to find something that goes into Heathrow instead?

DK/DC: What would you do with 4 days in London?

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TQC, I've got about a pound of bing cherries that I don't really want to eat, so I was thinking of making some kind of cherry alcohol with them. Which spirit should I use with it? Vodka seems kind of boring, gin might be interesting, and brandy just seems like cough medicine territory. Bourbon? Any ideas?

DK/DC: If you keep a garden, what are you growing in it? I've got mint, roses and hyacinth in mine.

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So, the other day I interviewed for a nanny position. It went really well, and based on that, I'm really hopeful. The dad contacted me this morning and wants me to meet the little girls (ages 4 and 6). Normally, I'd bring (parent-approved) sweets or little toy things to kind of get the kids to warm up to me, but the littlest girl is very sick with cystic fibrosis and celiac disease, so I'm not comfortable bringing edibles when I'm not sure what her exact dietary restrictions are, and the girls' family is filthy rich so they have all the toys they'd need, I'd imagine.

Is there anything else I can do to really go above and beyond and show an interest in the kids/have the kids think I'm like THE MOST AMAZING THING EVAR?

For reference, the oldest girl has an interest in dance and performing (I was a musical theatre major, so I can at least pursue that topic) and the four year old is just you typical four year old from what I've heard. Both girls love school, apparently.
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I had an LJ friend who abruptly defriended me because I had an opinion that she disagreed with. This was during a really, really difficult time in my life when I really needed the support of all my friends. She recently starting LJ messaging me with random stuff, telling me exciting news in her life, that she heard X happened to me and hoped I was okay, etc. I replied to her saying "Don't take this the wrong way, but you de-friended me without a word because I held an unpopular opinion. I don't really understand why you're messaging me lately and behaving like nothing happened. I'm not sure how to react to it."

She never responded back. Should I have responded differently? What would TQC have done?

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I'm thinking about getting a job but I never worked before so I want to know your opinion guys

what was your first job?
did you enjoyed it?
did it served in the future?
what wouldn't you do again?

if you never worked, do you have any idea of what you want to work and why?

I'm really lost
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

Costume Dilemma

I have to go to a birthday party on Friday (13th of July, not the 6th of July!). The theme is 'famous children's characters' and because I don't have a lot of time/any time to buy a costume, I'm planning on going as 'G.I Joe'- dark denim jeans, khaki military/general jacket, plastic machine gun, dog tags and black face stripes. More Hanoi Jane than G. I Joe I guess but whatever.

Question! I told the person that I'm going to the party with that I was going as G.I Joe and they said "You can't! You're a girl!". My question is- does this person have a point? Should I go as a female character rather than a male character? Also, considering that I have long blond hair, should I try to hide this?

I just really don't want to go as a typically 'girlie' childhood character.
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I saw someone wearing a tshirt of Hitler and Stalin and it said natural born killers on it.

I have googled everything I can think of to try and find it.

Has anyone ever seen this shirt or know where I can find it online?
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My living room furniture is gray and black, and I add colors with curtains, rugs, and throw pillows. Right now I have various shades of blue, but I'm tired of that. I was thinking of re-doing everything with either gray/yellow/white or black/white/red. What do you think? Or can you suggest something else?

Also, any suggestions for a place to get custom-sized picture frames for cheap?
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As a favor for my boss' mother, I will be selling about 20 boxes full of mint condition comic books (most likely on eBay).

Does anyone have experience with selling on eBay?  Suggestions?  Things to watch out for?

DK/DC: What should you be doing right now that you're procrastinating on?
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In several billion years the sun is going to turn into a red giant and envelop the Earth. Someone has a plan to double or triple the life of the sun, thus saving the Earth for billions of additional years. If his calculations showed that we would have to start now, how would you feel about your tax dollars going to such a project? Let's assume it's only a tiny percent of the total budget, and scientists the world over agree that the plan will work.

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Is listening to your upstairs neighbor stomp around just a part of apartment living?

I can't figure out if I need to say something or just learn to deal. It honestly sounds like they are jumping up and down and storming back and forth across the apartment constantly. It goes on early in the morning and late afternoon into the late evening.

Would you say something? To them or to management?

It scares my cat and shakes my light fixtures and I'm seriously considering breaking my lease over this shit.

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I went to get a mani/pedi today at a salon I have been to a few times which has done really good work.  Today, the lady kind of rushed thru the pedi.  The mani came out good, but the pedi is off.  I had to ask her to cut my toe nails a little.  The top coat is all over my toes, outside of the nails.

Can I go back tomorrow and ask for them to just repaint my toes? Or should I suck it up and go somewhere else?

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You have a glass, some ice, and a bottle of coke/diet coke, as well as plain water.

Do you choose water or the coke/diet coke?

What alcohol, if any, would you mix in with it, assuming you had access to one and only one type?

What snack, if any, would you grab to go with your chosen beverage?