July 6th, 2012

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What leftovers do you like eating cold? Dislike?

I like eating pasta or bean based dishes (seasoned black beans, chili, etc.) but I think cold pizza is so gross. I've never understood how so many people like it.
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The older you get , are more or less tolerant of other people and thier crap?

you're a bitter old dude haji
I still feel the "good" side of the Force in you, Father
other in comments
can you please get to something interesting?
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Draw Something!

1. Do you still play Draw Something?
I know I am a million years late to the party, but I *juuuuuust* got an ipod touch.
2. If you do, whats your username?
I am bored, and it takes everyone forever to do their turn.

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Do you or have you ever driven a Jeep regularly? Do you wave at other Jeep-driving people, or have them wave at you? Where are you from?

My husband recently bought his first Jeep, and we noticed almost every person driving a Jeep waves as we drive by. It's so weird and silly, like we're in a secret club or something. I'm just wondering if this is a regional thing or what.

dk/dc/jeeps are dumb: How are you feeling today?

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Poll #1852227 Inspired by an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

You have an elderly male neighbor who's not doing so well. He's very sweet and does nice things for you, so you go visit him. He's happy to see you and makes you tea. While you talk, he reveals that he's dying from cancer and the doctors don't give him much time. He wants to ask a favor of you. His happiest days were in the military, he says, and he wants you to go into his storage locker in another city and retrieve his uniform so that he could be buried in it. You agree. When you open his locker and find his uniform, you discover that it's an old Nazi officer uniform. What do you do?

Bring it to my neighbor. I told him I would
Burn it. Tell the neighbor that it wasn't there
Burn it. Tell the neighbor that I hope he rots in hell
Cover in the inside of the uniform with itching powder and bring it to my neighbor
Sell it on ebay. It's gotta be worth some money
Bring it to my neighbor. I'll explain to him my discomfort about his past and hope he is remorseful, but I can't judge him for what he did in his youth

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I love the idea of this....


My Mum has early stages of Alzhiemers & is in a care home. My bff is a tattoo artist and I've decided I want to use this idea for a tattoo. I have a few ideas going round my head but thought I would come here. If you were in my position what would you have written & then tattooed over? I do like the idea of 'Love from Mum' but thought I'd get some more suggestions

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travel destination

howdy folks.

i like traveling around the country (United States) usually once or twice a summer to visit friends that i have scattered everywhere and also visit neat cities or landmarks. i'm starting to run out of places that i know i'm interested in visiting nationally (internationally is a different story) and so i thought i'd ask here if anyone has any favorite US travel destination suggestions.

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Anchorage or somewhere in Alaska is definitely on my bucket list since that's the last remaining state i have yet to physically set foot in (which i know seems confusing since i don't have all of the states listed as places i've visited, but that's tangental to this post). Other than that, what else am i missing? Where else in the states do you think i should visit, and why?



I'm staying with my grandparents for a month. Like most of my family down here, they're religious. Not overly so but enough. I've been raised to believe whatever I wanted and the only time I've been to church is when forced to, usually when I'm down here visiting family (one of the the last times, I was visiting my other grandparents and either I went to church or I couldn't be online--the town didn't/doesn't even have a library so you can see what I chose and the last time was for my great grandmother's funeral). I pretty much run the minute I hear the word "church" for that exact reason.

The issue: I'm told I have to go to their church this Sunday. My gran said it's for her. Do I have the right to refuse?

I will do anything but go to church. It's not like I don't believe in God (that'd be a big deal with every member of my family but my parents)--I just don't believe in organized religion. I don't have any family I could go stay with instead--my other grandparents would either make me go or guilt trip me like my gran is trying to do (it's not working) and my aunt's out of town until tomorrow due to her new husband's step-mom's funeral. All of my other family (most of them are here and in Kentucky), I don't know at all and would probably make me go as well. 


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TQC, I work in aged care as a recreational officer. I do a fair bit of baking with the clients but I'm wanting to make/prepare food that isn't actually baking. I don't really use beaters, the clients use their hands instead (with gloves on of course!)

could you please suggest food items that we could prepare that don't have nuts or protein (meat, cheese - eggs and milk are fine) that I could make with the clients?

DK/DC: what was the last thing you baked?

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If you had about $1,000 to spend for airfare, hotel, and food....where would you go on vacation?

A beach is a must. Actually...that's pretty much my only requirement.

So...where should I go?!

Keep in mind...I NEVER travel....ever. I live in Southern Illinois and I've been to Florida once..like 16 years ago..
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For y'all hair care experts

  • How much breakage is normal? I normally lose a bit of hair at the start of both the summer and winter, but I feel like it's a little bit extreme this go around.
  • Is it okay to use strengthening shampoo on dyed hair? Disregarding it fading the color, I wasn't sure if there would be other negative effects, i.e. more breakage.
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What's the weirdest side effect you had from a medication? Have you ever gone through withdrawal?

I'm trying to get off Effexor right now and it is a miserable experience. Brain zaps and sweating and cravings for meat, salt, and soda. Ugh.


Am I the only one who (semi) undresses in the car while driving home?

Poll #1852206 Undressing in the car

Am I the only one who semi-undresses in the car on the way home?

I certainly dont undress in the car
Omg! I do this too!

I dont know what it is (some sort of 'time saving' idea perhaps..?) but when I'm driving home for the night I just think 'well... I'm not really gong to need shoes on once I get into the house.... might as well take those off..... Stockings?? Eh I dont need those any more.. I'll take those off....'. Sometimes I take my underwear off, if i'm wearing a skirt. If i'm really determined, I do the sneaky 'taking-my-bra-off-without-taking-the-rest-of-my-clothes-off' move.

By the time I get home, I'm in a state of semi-undress & I have to juggle a pile of clothes into the house... ! (its actually kind of annoying...!)

(Note: I've never been naked or down to just 'bra and undies' before - I only take off the small things - socks, stockings, any bracelets I'm wearing, shoes, etc)


TQC, it hasn't rained here in several weeks and everything is turning brown and dying. I would like to persuade some significant rain to fall, preferably this weekend. How can I make it rain? Srs and non-srs answers, please.

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So Sailor Moon is a getting a reboot. This coming hot on the heels of remakes of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Total Recall, 21 Jump Street and The 3 Stooges; franchise reboots of Spider-Man, Judge Dredd, The Crow and Superman; 'reinterpretations' (and never was a word more deserving of quote marks) of Logan's Run, Oldboy and Akira; plus news Holywood is planning to remake Child's Play, Time Bandits, Evil Dead (without Bruce Campbell), Dirty Dancing and Short Circuit (warning, the director is the same chap who brought us Alvin and the Chipmunks). Phew!

So then, TQC, what film/cartoon/anime/TV show/whatever would YOU really like to see redone?