July 4th, 2012


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If you had a falling out with someone, who then deleted you off of Facebook, what would you do if they sent you a random friend request four months later?

Add them or ignore? You haven't talked about the issue that caused your falling out to begin with.

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Do you know who Andy Griffith was?
Did you care?
Did you know he was a favored son of the great state of North Carolina and we will mourn his passing, we'll whistle as we fish and eat BUCKETS of grits and hang our flags at half-mast in reverential awe and honor?

what it was...was football

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Have you ever worked at a place where you had 'on call' shifts? I'm on call for a noon shift and it's just past eleven. They haven't called me so I am assuming I'm good but if you were me, would you call or just wait?

Have you ever mixed up your schedule and come in way too early or on your day off?

Will you estimate how many times a year you call in sick to work?

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If you were competing in the Hunger Games, what would be your weapon of choice?  (Keeping in mind, they're not going to let you have a rifle/flame-thrower/hand grenade.)  Sword?  Bow and arrow?  Spear?  Bull whip?

Also, if you were the Head Gamemaker, what evilness would you unleash on the tributes to keep things interesting for the viewers?  Anything from earthquake to hoard of spitting cobras...

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What are some good first date ideas? I don't like the idea of going to the cinema as you don't really get a chance to talk/get to know the other person so, any suggestions?

Do you have any memorable first date stories to share with the rest of the class?


I keep having dreams where I am either surrounded by water, have to cross water or am in the water.

Last nights dream was that I was leaving an old mans house trying to walk back to town and all of a sudden out of nowhere a river appeared and started flooding the grass I was walking through.

Any idea of what the Hell is going on in my sub-conscience?

What are your plans for the day?

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Tell me about the last really good day you had?

Today I got an unexpcted day off from work, came home, wrote for a while, went shopping and got new work pants and new bras for $40, got salmon and crunchy yummy salad ingredients for dinner, came home, cleaned the kitchen, and am planning to make said salmon and crunchy yummy salad for me, my dad and my SO for dinner. I am also drinking a half-assed watermelon margarita. How are you doing today?

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My boots leaked on Monday and I didn't have any alternative footwear, so I had soggy feet all day.
My feet are now unbelievably itchy. Do I have trench foot? What is the cure?

Also, my dog has taken to sneaking upstairs and peeing. She's not allowed upstairs and is well housetrained. I just caught her pooing on the bathroom floor. There were people in the house to let her out.
Whats going on with her?

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what is the BIGGEST physical accomplishment you've ever achieved & never thought possible?

so far, mine is biking 62 miles & climbing 7 mile mountains [separate rides].

& were you raised with supportive parents who always told you to never give up & give you confidence?
movie: eraserhead

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Where do you buy back issues of magazines?

Have of you bought from myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/? Is it reputable?

edit: nevermind! Got it figured out. So here's another question:

Do you like playing yellow car?

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Can zombies swim?

I started to think I can't think of any media where zombies could swim.

So would an island be the best place?

Or would zombies just walk through deep water to get to you?
sad falcon eyes

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Tupperware, Pyrex w/ the lids, or some other amazing brand?!?! I'm slowly accumulating grown-up household items and the next thing I need badly is an assortment of these types of containers I can take on the go or put leftovers in.
lil wayne ; hood
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i am 18 and i have two jobs and i'm starting school in the fall and i do not have a bank account or a savings account and i would like one because it would be mucho convenient

my father has one but it would cost me $100 to open up a savings account at this bank and while i'm sure this is normal or something, all of my money goes to supporting my dad

as i am an ignorant child, i don't know anything about banking and i have literally no one in my life who knows anything about all of that, so i was wondering if any of you knew anything about it?

like, are there any notoriously decent banks? cheap to open savings accounts with? HOW DO I GO ABOUT ALL OF THIS? :( i don't have anyone to guide me idk

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So, it started pouring today while we were at an amusement park. My father had the GPS in his bag and it got completely soaked. It turns on and we can hear the directions but the screen is black. We read somewhere that putting it in some rice for some time should fix it but I wonder if anyone has actually used this method?  

Happened three times today...

What is the point of someone calling to ask if they can bring a friend over to a party you're having?

Do people actually tell people that they can't bring someone over for parties?
Do you think it's rude when your guests invite their friends along? Is there a certain number that is more acceptable to you?

We are always all about the more the merrier at our house...but I was surprised when one guest invited an additional six people and another invited five.