July 3rd, 2012

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What type of alarm clock do you use to wake up in the morning?

I ask because my friend lost her power all evening and she was freaking out because her phone only had 10% battery left and she wasn't sure how to charge it since she has no car and she was worried about how to wake herself up to get to work tomorrow.

What would you do if you had an alarm clock dependent on electricity but no electricity and you absolutely had to wake up on time the next day?
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About a week and a half ago I found a kitten at work and brought him home. I believed he was dumped by someone. Today I found another kitten in the bush, i guess confirming my suspicion a litter of kittens was dumped. His fur is greasy and dirty, he's emaciated, and was terrified when I came over to him. I obviously Can't bring another kitten home so I brought him back to the house at work hoping someone else would be able to take him with them. Turns out this kitten belongs to this guy who works once a week. It lives in the barn, but he clearly isn't taking care of it. At what point is it legal for me to take this kitten to a shelter or for someone else to take it home with them? Is it better to call like animal control? Or the humane society? I feel so bad for the little guy. I have no food
To give him either right now.

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Serious TQC is serious

This is specifically for the TQC members in the financial space, either banking or asset management. Other TQCers that have been through it may also know:

If I die, is my wife responsible for my own car loan? She's not anywhere on the loan paperwork or registration. Does this vary from state to state? What about my personal credit cards?
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For people that shave their underarms...How do you get rid of the tiny little stubble that seems to be there forever? I feel like no matter which razor I use, my underarms still look like they have permanent 5 o' clock shadow.

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Do you share clothes with anyone?

If yes, who, and what kinds of clothes?

My mother in law sends me shirts and sometimes pants every few months when she cleans out her closet, which is fantastic because she buys clothes that are too expensive for me to afford. When she comes and visits us and forgets a jacket or something, I loan her a sweat shirt, but she's more likely to wear my husband's because 1. he's her son and 2. his clothes are humongous and super comfy.

I also swap clothes with my mom sometimes. When I visit, I usually end up borrowing some cotton shorts to sleep in or socks or something. Also, I tend to send her my clothes that are too small- she's a size below me. I bought a cute dress from Modcloth but the sleeves are too tight so I'm giving it to her.
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I answered several questions here (quite a few I think), and only then realized that I'm probably being annoying. English is not my first language, so I'm most probably making mistakes (especially with prepositions and collocations) and I also tend to talk too much. Has anyone been annoyed with me yet? I can stop, seriously.

And another question. One of my college professors (her first language was not English either) told me that the word "foreign" and all its derivatives sound a bit offensive for English-speaking people as they carry some negative connotations. The same word in my first language cannot possibly mean anything even distantly bad, so it puzzles me. Is that true? Is it really better to say "modern languages" instead of "foreign languages", "overseas" instead of "foreign countries" and so on? Or was my professor wrong?
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Does anyone here believe that dreams can foreshadow events and experiences to come? Or if dreams hold any symbolism?

I have had many dreams that make me believe that they have something concrete to do with real life. Have you ever had experiences like that?
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Hi everyone, are there any cognitive science or social science students or professionals who know what the technical terms are for those experiences where a place, or music or a story or a movie can remind you very strongly of a particular time in your life? I'm talking about the common experience that almost everyone has, not the more extreme stuff like synesthesia. 

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Inspired in part by the previous question:

My mum's wedding is in a few months' time, and I'm going to be a bridesmaid (the only bridesmaid). She said I can pick my own dress, which is nice, but I'm having a lot of trouble choosing one. So... what kind of dress should I be looking for?

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ETA: I found a few dresses.

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Does anybody have any recommendations for good cheap maternity clothing sites? I plan on thrifting/buying second hand most of my clothes for when I get bigger but I was hoping to pick up some new stuff to fill in the gaps. However maternity clothing is so stupidly expensive for something you only wear a few months.

So any help?

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I've made a forest green skirt. What would you wear with forest green?

Do you have any clothing pieces that don't seem to match with anything else you own, so you don't really wear them?

Can you tell me any funny clothing related stories?

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I went shopping today and bought a carton of eggs, and then left them at the check out. I can't get back there till Thursday. Is there any point calling the supermarket? It was about four hours ago.

What are they going to do with my eggs? Non-srs obvs.
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What advice did your parents give you on how to handle bullies?
Did it help?

My Mom says to ignore them until they lay a finger on you, then beat the mess out of them.  Beat one bully and the rest won't bother you.    
My Dad taught me ways to quickly subdue a person who's a threat to you.

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Will you tell me a where-were-you-when story?

You can pick any major news event in your lifetime, so 9/11, the Indian Ocean tsunami, the death of Osama, etc. Anything.

DK/DC: If you had a choice between sushi and pizza tonight, which would you take? I had sushi.

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While watching an episode of 1 Girl 5 Gays, they brought up a very good question. What's is one emotion you could live without?

I immediately thought of this group and want to know your answers and why you chose that emotion. :)

Edit: For me I use to want to live without desire. That is close to wanting things you can't have to badly it rips you apart. I still kind of want to live without it but now I have the one thing I want the most which is love so its tolerable but I still could live without it some days.
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I'm moving out of my apartment because I've been fighting off a flea infestation for almost ten months. And I don't even have a fucking pet.

This apartment is furnished, and the only things I will be moving with me are all my clothes, shoes, cookware, stuffed animals, and some blankets and pillows.

How do I make sure that I don't bring fleas with me into the next apartment?

I'm planning on washing all my clothes and blankets, but what about my stuffed animals? My shoes? My pillows?
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Let's get controversial, TQC. Or not.

Based on a discussion at work:

Two people (married, long-term monogamous, whatever) have an affair. This affair ends quietly, with nobody outside the affair the wiser.

Do the people that cheated owe it to their original SOs to tell them about it? To work things out, or to give their loved ones the decision to leave?

Or is the guilt punishment enough, and they aren't owed the satisfaction of getting it off their chests? Do they not deserve to have it off their conscience, especially since things can (and probably will) get worse once the truth comes out?

In other words, to tell or not to tell?

DK/DC/TL;DR/Not touching that with a 10 foot pole: what time did you get up this morning?

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Inspired by a previous post.

Can you guys name some interesting cover songs worth listening to... videos/links are nice too.


A couple I've come accross

L.P. - Halo (Beyonce Cover)
Emiliana Torrini - If You Go Away (I have no idea which is the original)

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TQC, my SO's grandpa passed away this weekend. My SO is quite broken up about it. Although the funeral's already happened and things are starting to get back to a routine, he's very sad and not himself. If you were, or have been, in his position, what would you want from your SO to make you feel better? I'm just trying to be helpful and kind and patient with him.

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I got a written warning at my job for being a complete fuckup for the last couple weeks. The warning mentions that my performance will be monitored closely until August 3, at which point my contract (I'm currently on a year-long contract that ends in mid-August) will be renewed. However, as these things usually go, I'm most likely going to be under probation for the rest of the year since warning periods don't ever truly end.

Have you ever screwed up on a job and gotten a second chance? Were you a nervous wreck from that point forward?

I wish this were hypothetical.

Two men meet two women in a bar. There is a mutual attraction between man A and woman A, as well as between man B and woman B. Man A and woman A leave and have protected sex. Afterward, man B and woman B leave and have sex also. However, instead of using a new condom, man B turns the used condom inside out and has sex with woman B.

Woman B finds herself pregnant, but it is with man A's child (as man A finished inside the condom when he had sex with woman A).

I'd tempted to ask if man A should be required to pay child support, but I'm unsure what kind of can of worms that'd open. So, uhm, what are your thoughts on this scenario? Who is "at fault" here?

book club recommendations

Hallo, TQC. It is time to put on your librarian hats again!

A coworker and I will be doing a book club this fall, open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. My school is a suburban/semirural school with around 50% free/reduced lunch. My students are just as likely to idolize Lil Wayne as they are to go mudding on a Saturday night. They have a fairly wide range of interests. The 7th grade clamored over The Hunger Games last year and almost everyone read it- so that books out. The sequels are out because my coteacher doesn't enjoy the series. I tend to stick to dystopian and GLBTQ YA lit, so I'd like some opinions from people who read other stuff.

What book do you think we should do for our book club?

[EDIT] Thank you all for the suggestions! I had either read or made note to read almost all of the books you've recommended and didn't even think about them- so thank you for reminding me they exist! (And getting me back on track on my to-read shelf!)

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I went with my aunt to a q & a with a book signing. We both had a nice time, but I think she enjoyed it more than I did. The same person is going to be at a library close to her house and she wants to go again.

Would you go again?

Does your debit/credit card have your picture on it?
I just opened an account at a new bank, and the girl the picture was just for their records, but I got my card today and my face is right on the front...so embarrassing.

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The government will give you 1,000,000,000 (Insert your currency here) if you can survive in Antarctica for three months. They will provide you with two sets of warm clothes appropriate for the climate, a pocket knife and some string. 

Do you accept or turn them down and give them a "You so craaaazy" look?