July 1st, 2012

drama from OKC

SO I had written before asking if I should meet up with a guy from OK Cupid. We planned to meet up Friday, but because he had work and I had to move, we moved it to Monday. He has invested a lot of interest in getting to know me and has shown that he really digs me, emailing and texting, but relatively inconsistent (his job doesn't allow for him to talk a lot, since he works 12 hour+ days.) My friends yesterday ganged up on me and told me to ask him to come to my area (he lives in North Philly and I am a diminutive girl,) because they were concerned for my safety. I completely agreed and figured if he really cared, he would come up. He films for a living, weddings, bands, etc. Yesterday he was filming a wedding and texting me pictures from it, though only every couple of hours. I texted him at around 8:00 saying "do you mind coming to my area? My friends are concerned for my safety, I trust you. It's for their peace of mind. I also like to think I'm worth it :)" Nothing. hasn't texted me since. Now, do I give him the benefit of the doubt for the day and think "well he worked 14 hours, it might take him a while to respond?" do I text him again? It's just weird to go from completely interested to not at all, when he has offered to come to my area before. I keep telling myself if he were a decent person he would visit and understand my situation, but it's really a bummer since we had so much in common and really hit it off. Thoughts TQC? Forgive the longevity of this.

UPDATE: Turns out I was overreacting. He has been consumed with work for the past day and we are still meeting up tomorrow. He didn't mention anything about being offended by what I said. Hope all works out and thanks for the advice! :]

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justify my feelings!

my partner and i took a road trip to tennessee for a gamers meet up. we decided to split the costs of hotel room, gas, and food for 4 days. i got $150 US out from the bank (which cost me nearly $160 CDN), and up until now, it seemed like that would be enough (we leave tomorrow morning, and i had about $50 left). last night, there was a huge gathering at a certain restaurant, and it was my turn to pay. i left to go back to the hotel before my partner (all-night restaurant; it was nearly midnight, and i was tired), so i gave him $30 to pay for the meal. i didn't expect it to be more than $20 (eating out for the two of us rarely costs more than that, especially since there was no alcohol).
this morning, when, i asked for change, there was none. my meal was only $7. i looked at the restaurant's menu online to check prices, and my partner's meal was nearly $15! plus tip, which my partner is very generous with. so, there's $5~10 that i'm out now, which is actually kind of big deal for me because i'm a student, no job, having to pay rent, bills, and groceries, pretty much totally dependent on my parents for money. i can't afford to be spending even as little as $5 beyond what i need.
how pissed off should i be at my partner for getting an expensive meal and spending all the money i gave him (especially since i was assured it wouldn't be much more than $20)? i told him that i can't afford to take out any more cash, so he's going to have to pay me back somehow. am i alright to be angry at him?

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As someone from the UK who enjoys 'free' healthcare (I say 'free' cause some aspects have to be paid for, but is heavily subsidised), I don't understand why anyone in the US would be against cheap/free healthcare for all. Can someone explain to me, please?

I really don't get American politics, haha.

DK/DC: What have you been up to so far this weekend?

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i signed up for a fitness bootcamp
tonight is the first class 
im a bit terrified, im so out of shape. eeeek

has anyone done fitness boot camp?  is it really difficult? did you enjoy it?  did it help you get into better shape?

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My dad keeps saying things like that when Obamacare takes effect they will let my grandfather die.  My grandfather is in longterm care in the nursing home.  Is there any truth to that?

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1. Person A and Person B both suffer from mild-moderate generalized anxiety and work-related stress. Person A goes to their doctor, gets a benzodiazapine prescription, and begins to take one of those most evenings. Person B sees no one, starts to drink 1-2 alcoholic beverages most evenings. Do you personally see the situations/behaviors of A and B as significantly different in any way? If so, how?

2. You have a [non relative, non SO) roommate who you discover regularly engages in some kind of dangerous/self-destructive behavior or activity. Their actions have NO impact on your living situation together/on you. They pay the rent on time, they keep common areas clean, they are reasonably considerate. Do you bring up/try to talk to them about their dangerous activity? Why or why not?

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TQC, when you have a cut or some kind of wound that is itching as it's healing, how do you deal with that?

I have got a spot on my side that's healing up from a punch biopsy and I am about to claw my skin off! It doesn't help that I am reacting to the adhesives on my bandaids, either D:

Help me choose a dress, please!

I want to buy a new dress, but I can't decide which one.  Will you tell me which one of these four I should get?  I really only intend to buy one, but feel free to convince me to buy more than that :)  No particular occasion in mind, but I wear dresses a lot just because.  

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DK/DC: My 15-yo sister-in-law left her sketch pad at my house.  What should I draw in it before I return it to her?
Bug-eyed Earl

Hamburger helper

If you like Hamburger Helper, what is your favorite flavor? Does it always seem to burn and yet also seem to somehow always take longer than the time on the box? Do you modify it? I use turkey burger since it's cheaper and healthier and 1% milk. I bring this for lunch to work like all the time and I need to find something healthier.

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So I hate to come here asking this, but one of my classes is driving me crazy and I've gotten myself pretty confused.
the question says
“Curriculum planners today tend to see the achievements of education primarily in terms of instrumental values”
Agree/disagree. Blah blah

What does this even mean?
I don't need you to answer it for me, but what is the instrumental value they are considering?
Does it mean that curriculum planners base achievements on the END result? or does it mean that they base curriculum on the JOURNEY to the end result?
Extrinsic vs intrinsic value has always confused me haha.
Thanks TQc, you guys are real gems.

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Here is my situation 
Next autumn I'm gong to travel to Perú with my college, but the organization is so bad that i'm considering leaving the event of my college to travel by myself (cause I already bought the passages)
The thing is that I nevertraveled by my own and my friend are really entusiasted with the idea of going with the organization that my college is doing

Did you ever traveled to other country by yourself? Maybe Perú? Do you have any advice?
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so, like, how do I find out which things are worth buying on etsy? I have never bought anything there. I looked up solid perfume and found thousands and thousands of results..."fridge magnets" brings up tens of thousands. I can figure out the magnets just by looking but how do I know which bath/beauty products are really exceptional? Is there an external review site?