June 30th, 2012


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MOAR blank-ity blank fun.

How would you fill in teh blank??

THE POWER TO TAX IS THE POWER TO ___________________.

THANKS for everyone who recommended I stay in Amsterdam this fall. Been there...done that.

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Imagine you and your best friend / ex-partner have this moment of revelation in which you admit that you're still into each other and have been for years. But neither of you is ready to be in a Serious Relationship and trying to keep anything casual would be hopeless. Realistically, what do you even do with this? Do you try to get with other people to pass the time? Do you stay unattached because any other liaisons would be a joke compared to how you feel about your friend? Do you cry into a bowl of ice cream because you're sick of sitting on opposite ends of the couch when you watch movies with this person?

The fact that I only post in here when I need advice on dumb topics makes me feel like an asshole. What makes you feel like an asshole?

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You're at your High School's 10 year reunion. Does any body recognize you? 
Are you the type who stayed the same or are you the type that blew past everyone's expectations? Maybe you're somewhere in the middle? 
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So I pretty much never go to doctors, but I recently got into a minor car crash and have been having increasingly painful back pain and stiffness. It's in my lower back, which has always been my weak spot, but usually the pain's gone away after 2-3 days. It's now been a full week of increasing discomfort.

I've already been to a general walk-in clinic and gotten zanaflex (muscle relaxant) and etodolac (NSAID painkiller) and neither is helping at all. I've tried at-home stretches but I don't know if I'm helping or hurting.

What kind of specialist would I be seeing if I want possibly non-medication solutions? Like a physical therapist? A chiropractor? IDK what name of doctor or therapist I'd be looking for.

FTR the original doctor said I had a back strain (or sprain) and muscle spasms.

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TQC, I just received a message on my phone from the people I interviewed with about a month ago. It is for my DREAM job.
The message said "Hi Amanda, It's ___________, I am calling you to follow up on your application. I won't be in the office for much longer today, but you can reach me all next week at xxx-xxx-xxxx"

If I didn't get the job would he have bothered to leave this message?
There are not other round of interviews or anything.. but a person I know got hired last week (there are 10 positions though)

Have you watched that show THE CHOICE? (the celeb dating show)

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to people of NYC/people who have been to NYC previously. could you please tell me if there's a place to buy discounted/inexpensive heart rate monitors? specifically a polar.

my mum is going to NYC in less than a month and I was wondering if HRMs were cheaper in the US than Aus.

DK/DC: what was the last thing you watched?       
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what does it mean when the opening credits have a whole bunch of actors, and then "with: [other actors' names]"?

are the people listed after the "with" on a different level?

I mean like on Community Ken Jeong and Chevy Chase are listed after the "with"

EDIT: omg I'm sorry I think I'm breaking the rules?? I didn't even check to see when my last post was, I am very sorry
DOBLE EDIT: I am not breaking the rules
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Validation post

Your SO gets off of work around midnight (the store closes at 11, but they have to finish closing after that) and they're coming home/your place (about 10 minutes away) straight away. At what time do you start getting worried when they aren't there and they haven't contacted you?
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My best friend is sleeping (not dating, sleeping) with a girl who lives in Boston. He invited her down here for a week to celebrate Canada day and whatever else. His only problem is that she came down with her brother and her brother's friend.

My best friend asked me to spend tomorrow (Canada Day) entertaining the two superfluous dudes  so that he can get with his lady friend. Being skeptical of this plan I facebook stalked the two bros in question and they're just not... well, I don't really feel like catching men-grenades to keep him happy.

A few weeks ago, he decided to pick a fight with the guy I was seeing which resulted in the words "COME AT ME BRO" being yelled and punches being thrown.

All these factors considered I don't want to spend my Canada Day with two random guys while he makes out with this chick. We're both going to be downtown tomorrow, how do I avoid him? How fast should I run if he sees me? How awkward is this going to be?

DK/DC/You're an asshole: How are you celebrating Canada Day? Are you bummed the 4th of July is a Wednesday?

edited a gzillion times because I clearly can't type a coherent post while on allergy medication.

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What are your favorite genres of music and who are your favorite artists within that genre?

ETA: Are there any genres of music your really loved at one point that you pretty much can't bring yourself to listen to now?

For me it's (most) hardcore, thrash-y screamo stuff. I loved that stuff in high school, though. 

who supplies frozen fish to Whole Foods?

So, reading this article in the NY Times today, I see at the very end that the alliance’s report also focused on Trident Seafoods of Seattle, saying the company had received 212 OSHA citations and been fined $102,738. It goes on to list the violations (of worker safety, not food safety) and reports Trident's vehement denial.

It occurred to me that the frozen salmon burgers we get at Cosco are made by Trident. I'm not into worker oppression. I thought well, OK, I will buy the more expensive ones at Whole Foods and just eat them less often.

But how do I know who supplies Whole Foods? How do I know it's not Trident? It's sold as the WF store brand. I compared the two ingredient lists online and they are almost, but not exactly, identical.
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anyone familiar with spray tans or self-tanners? i am very pale but have some tan lines (read: tank top lines) and i have a wedding in a couple weeks that they need to be covered up for. is there a self-tanner anyone could recommend, or is a spray tan better? i've never done this before so if anyone could walk me through what the best options are that would be great. thanks!!

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I found a dog wandering the streets, brought her home, called the number on her dog tag, and left a message. No one called me back or answered subsequent phone calls. I can't keep the dog and I don't have any friends physically close enough to watch her for me.

So...am I obligated to take the dog to a shelter? They seem like such sad places. Can I find some nice neighborhood family willing to watch her?
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So somehow I got oil (cooking oil or olive oil I think) on a pair of suede (I think) shoes. It is mostly on the inside sole of the shoe, but a little is on the side. What can I do to fix this and wear them again? I really love them!

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I'll be in the Nashville area for a while starting on Thursday for a month (the actual city for a few days, a small city a half hour away for a few weeks, and a very small town half an hour away for a few days). I'll be staying with my aunt who lives near the bus lines, although I have no idea what part the house is in. I'm also pretty positive the aunt won't expect me to spend much time with her and her new husband (who she married two months ago and who I've never met). I'm eighteen and not really picky about where I go; I've lived in the suburbs with scary buses most of my life so I'm just eager to ride buses that are even semi safe. Cost may or may not be an issue; if a place looks interesting enough, I'll go.

So far, I just know I'll be headed to Cafe Coco and wherever my cousin who lives down there lives. I haven't seen him in years and he's a lot nicer now than he used to be.

What do I go/see/do?