June 28th, 2012


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I just found out that a few of my coworkers talk a lot of shit about me.  Apparently, they don't believe I have a Master's degree, they think I suck as a supervisor, etc.  This isn't reason for dismissal, obviously.

What I did find out tho, is that they are constantly late opening the office and patients are left waiting outside the door for up to 15 minutes.  They mess up on bills, they refuse to clean up their work stations or keep the waiting area clean & tidy, they all lie/cover up for each other, etc.

I wrote one up for her constant lateness and apparently she laughed it off, said she doesnt give a shit because she couldn't find a baby sitter and her kids come first.  I understand kids come first, but she should at least call me and tell me she will be late so I can figure out some other way to open.

And.....when they are 15 min. late, they don't mark it on their time cards.  We have an honor system.

TQC- we are an at will state.  Can I fire them?  One gave notice already that she will be leaving in late July.

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Taken from an article I read recently:

Do you consider it rude for a person to sit in public (restaurant/coffee shop/park bench/etc.) and read alone?

It never would have even occurred to me that this could be rude but people are weird.

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Poll #1850058 Hot-Button Issue Opinion Poll!

Do you believe same-sex marriage should be legalized?

Not sure

Should abortion be legal?

Yes, without limits
Yes, with limits (feel free to explain in comments)
Only if the mother's life is at risk.

Should Marijuana (medicinal or otherwise) be legal?

Decriminalized only

What's the most important foreign policy concern?


Should illegal immigrants be granted amnesty?

Yes if they meet certain limits (explain in comments)
No way

Do you believe in strict gun control?

Yes, guns kill.
I believe in moderate gun control laws.
I am or would totally be an NRA member if I could

Which most closely resembles your leanings?

Left wing, extreme
Left wing, moderate
Right wing, moderate
Right wing, extreme
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Does anyone here use shower spray? (It's used after a shower to reduce limescale and the need to scrub.) How often do you buy it? How long does it take for you to use up, say, a 1L bottle?

dk/dc: What's the last thing that really startled you? I saw flying stag beetles the other night, and one flew up close to my face. Erk.
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I have a job interview in a few hours and I feel really anxious about it.

What was the last thing you were nervous about?

I have already made a list of things I want to ask them, like what are the hours and the salary and stuff like that, is there anything else I should ask?
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What are you reading/watching now? What do you think of it so far?
What are you going to read/watch after?

I'm currently...
reading: Out by Natsuo Kirino. I'm really enjoying it and want to find out to all the characters already.
watching: Dawson's Creek though it's on the backburner since I've been reading more these days.

Going to...
read: Ready Player One - Ernest Cline (I heard/read good things about this one)
watch: How I Met Your Mother (maybe since my brother is highly recommending it to me)

Things that go boom!

What kind of fireworks are allowed where you live? Can you buy things that explode? Things that rocket into the air?

What are the big fireworks associated holidays where you live? In the U.S. there's Independence Day on the 4th of July, but I know lots of people live other places.


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dear TQC:

I recently left a job on negative terms (they lied to me about what they actually hired me for and what they were paying me, so I walked out; don't judge). How do I pick up my final paycheck? How do I gather the nerve and what do I say? What if I have to pick it up from someone I know? I knew I should have signed up for direct deposit.

I'm freakin out here.

Have you had a negative end to a job? What was it like? How did you deal?

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Given your current circumstances, would you be willing and able to pay more for electronics that are manufactured in your own country rather than abroad (in China, Southeast Asia, etc.)?

I would be both financially able and philisophically willing to pay more for domestic manufactured electronics
I would be philisophically willing, but not currently financially able
I am financially able, but philisophically opposed
I am niether financially able nor philisophically willing

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TQC, I am about to spend the next five weeks studying abroad in London, as well as visiting Paris and Amsterdam. What are some things that I MUST DO while I am there? I am up for exploring and for finding non-touristy things as well as touristy. Cheap and free would be awesome.

Have you ever studied abroad? Where? How was it? What advice can you give me?

DK / DC: If you could study abroad anywhere, where would you go?

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Have any of you adopted senior pets before? How was the experience when compared to adopting an adult pet? 

I'd like to adopt some cats/dogs in the future, and I think I'd like to adopt some seniors because nobody ever adopts them; I'm trying to get a feel for any financial and/or emotional accommodations I'd need to make.
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There was a thunderstorm going on and one of the lightning strikes set off the fire alarm in our building.

A woman in my office refused to be evacuated from the building which might be on fire, because she was scared of thunderstorms.

Am I being unsympathetic, or is that just crazy?

(edited for clarification)

Got any stories of similar bizarre decision-making to share?

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I'm trying to apply for CHIP healthcare for my son, but it's asking how many family members live in my house and what our family income is. Am I supposed to count my husband as living here/add his income even though he's not my son's father? What about my son's bio-dad, since I have no clue what he makes and he's not going to tell me?

ETA: Disregard, I found a number and was able to speak with someone. She said my husband counts wrt family size, but not to include his income. Ooookay!
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Ladies of TQC:

Have any of you had a breast reduction? Did you have your insurance pay for it or did you pay out of pocket? If your insurance paid for it, how difficult was it to get your insurance to approve it? How long did the entire process of getting insurance approval take?

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I'm doing a survival theme for my summer school class and as part of the work, I'd like to do a research project on how to survive in particular situations.

What situations should I include?
Are there any books or short stories about surviving/survival that you could recommend?

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1) Does anybody else feel slightly...idk, anxious or panicky when they wear earbuds? 

They make me super uncomfortable. Because they're cutting off one of my senses, I guess? I don't have this problem with over the ear things.

2) What present(s) did you get for your last birthday? (If you don't celebrate birthdays, what's the last present/gift you were given?)

I got a zippo lighter with my name engraved on it!

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I'll be honest: I'm looking for validation in this post.

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Am I being stupid over this, TQC?

Can you tell me everything is going to be all right?

My best friend has gone on radio silence since all this started, but I texted him saying that he can call me whenever he wants to talk. How do I keep my composure if he does call me?

I dunno, TQC. Can you tell me about something good that has happened to you lately?

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Have you ever posted to the wrong community before?

I posted some questions to 'ask me anything' instead of here and included a 'DK/DC' question to which is apparently a no-no even though a bunch of people answered.

What's the next social engagement you will be attending?

I'm going to a wedding. Hurrah!

The question of returns in a retail setting came up so I have to ask

Answer as If you are working a customer service desk doing returns in a retail setting.....

If you were put into a position where a little over half of the time the customer is legitimately in the right, how would you treat each customer at time of return?

When you take the time to look over product carefully and the other people standing in line start to openly complain even though there is no one else to assist them, how do you respond?

How would you respond to someone who you suspect is lying to you?

When you respond in a cheerful yet questioning way and they immediately throw a fit,(which is a good tell that they are a liar) how do you handle the situation?

Do you;

A) Return merchandise to get them out of line and damage the item, therefore incurring a loss which reflects poorly on your performance.

B) Tell them its company policy and refuse to return the item and risk losing a a potentially valuable customer.

C) Direct them to corporate and risk possible sanctions for poor performance.


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The freezer in our fridge has a temperature control numbered 0 to 5. Which end of the scale is warmer and which is colder?

If you watch Law and Order SVU, what is your favorite episode? (pre-emptive trigger warning for the comments!)

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How well do you handle blood tests/IV's?

When was your last blood test?

Were your results good?

Am I a big baby for being 25 and still clutching my mom's hand yesterday when I had a blood test?

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Hello all..

I'm a little lost as to what to do with my current situation.

My son's biological father has decided to tell me he's going to start a new family with a new women and he's refusing to send child support.

So I have no choice but to take him to court right?
I've never been involved in anything like this and it seems no one knows whats right and whats wrong. I've tried looking stuff up online but it all just confuses me.

Have you ever been through this yourself as an adult?

My son is only 9 months old, so it's not going to really affect him. He saw his bio. father MAYBE once a month (which was HIS choice, not mine.)

I'm just lost and sad.

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So we've recently learned that some guys from the next street over walk towards our house, cut through our backyard, hop our fence to get to their house. We felt kind of annoyed by this, but we didn't take any action. About a week ago a huge tree branch and some brush was in our yard and my mom attributed it to the wind, but I felt it was cut down to make the path to their house easier. Today our neighbor confirmed my suspicions and now I am annoyed.

Unfortunately we live in a neighborhood where "snitches" usually get their comeuppance somehow. For reference, our house has been broken into twice, all of our cars at least once. And at least once a month we see cars on our street get important parts stolen.

What would you do if you were in my situation? Moving out, at this point, is not an option.

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What would you assume the following song is about, had you never heard it before?

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Here's the thing. Back in 2007, I was listening to the song while I was reading HP 7 and it occurred to me that this song totally makes sense if it's Snape singing about his love for Lilly Potter.

The song can't be about that because it came out years before, but...am I the only one that sees this?

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How do you get a storm/screen door to stay open? There's a square-shaped washer on the pole thingy at the top of the door, but when I slide it all the way to the tube thingy, it doesn't do anything. I always thought that was the way to do it, no?

Edit: the washer has a pronounced lip on the top, which looks like its purpose might be to catch the door frame and hold the door open that way.. but I built the back porch myself ~5 years ago, so perhaps I built the frame a tad too large for a standard storm door. Other than this disproving the widely-held theory that I am perfect, does this sound plausible?

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What do you like to do on long road trips?

Keep in mind - I'm leaving in about an hour and it will be dark almost the entire time we're on the road.  We should arrive at our destination around 6am.

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How many swimsuits do you own? Will you tell me about them?
Do you feel confident in them?

I have two, one white with royal blue stripes and one bronze. They are both one pieces because I had a baby and no one needs to see my stomach for reals.
Bug-eyed Earl

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Are there laws where you live about elderly drivers? Do those exist anywhere?

I was on the way home from work and the car in front of me is swerving all over the place, driving in the wrong lane.. they almost hit someone on a motorcycle going the other way! Just barely missed them. I called the police to report it while I was driving, and when they turned, I saw it was just a really really old lady. She should not be allowed to drive!!