June 27th, 2012

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I have 24 hours in San Fransisco, a place I haven't been to since I was 9 years old. I'm currently 22. Taking into consideration that 2 of those hours needs to be spent at a Target, what else should I do? What is absolutely vital to see in San Fran?

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Have you ever seen someone with really long fingernails in real life? I don't men fake ones, I mean where they grow them to be as long as an arm. I'm sure you've seen the pictures.

As a cashier who feels icky when someone's fingernails graze my hand they they hand me cash, if I saw that in real life I'd probably faint.

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You see something in the store/on the web you want...can afford...but you don't really NEED it. Lets say its about $60 USD.
What do you do to talk yourself into buying/not buying it??

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If you and a friend made plans to do something today but not what you were going to do-what would you expect to be doing?

Also-I've started making my own clothing. How weird would it be to ask my friend [who is going to hang out with me today] to model them/take pictures of me modeling them?

How would YOU feel if someone wanted to take picture of you with the clothing they made? [assuming it's nothing extreme but instead basic shirts and dressed]

DK/DC-what is the last song you've listened to?

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Good morning, TQC (in CST, anyway...)!

Fact- I am 22 and I don't have my driver's license. I'm leaving for grad school in a month and a half and I have to have my license by then (the distance from Chicago to Bloomington, IN... is not one I can walk or bike). I've started practicing and whatnot, but I'm frustrated by how long it seems to be taking. I can handle most of the basics, maintaining a constant speed, not hitting things, going in a straight line, not having jackrabbit starts and stop, but I suck at parking and turning. 

How old were you when you got your license? How long did it take? 

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do you know anyone that goes by a nickname of their last name? (ie, james p. sullivan goes by 'sulley')

can you help me think of some more examples? for a story i'm working on.
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what are the quickest ways to make a few extra bucks?

my co-worker is singing along to every single fucking song on the radio, and she sings very poorly. how can i ask her to stop without being a total asshole?

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Hey TQC, got any killer meatloaf recipes you want to share with me? I was thinking of putting chopped scallions, some soy sauce and zucchini into the meat. Thoughts on this?

(PS: thanks to everyone who commented on my post yesterday; I needed that smack over the head for real.)

DK/DC: If you've seen Ted, how was it?
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My husband and I just ordered dinner when we heard a knock on the door. Thinking that was a fast delivery, my husband answered the door to a policeman. Apparently, they received a hang up call from our address. In the background, people could be heard fighting? He asked if we had any kids. Well, just our cats.

Why did this happen TQC? How did our address show up in the 911 call center?
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Do you use "instinctive" or "instinctual"? If you use both, is it at whim or do you use them differently somehow?

How about "addictive" vs "addicting"?

In both cases I go with "-ive", because I hate the way the other words sound.

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Did you have to take home ec or shop class? Was it an option, even if you didn't take it?
If so, how old are you and where did you go to school?

(I went to school near Columbus, OH. Everyone was required to take Home Ec and Shop for like, 2 weeks each and then after that, you could elect to take more. I'm 24. I know it's becoming increasingly rare to get to take these classes, so I'm just curious)
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What are your experiences with redbubble? How high quality are the prints of the shirts?

Do you know of any other sites like redbubble that aren't 24 hour sites (such as qwertee)?

DK/DC: What's your favorite TV show?

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So i'm on my second ipod after replacing the first. When I try to sync my music, nearly everything goes on except a few artists (and they seem to be the same ones each time) and at the end of the sync I get a message saying something like 'the sync could not be completed as the drive cannot be read or written to' although it writes about 90% of the music.

What's going on?!
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I was invited to tag along on a trip (approx. 600 miles one way) to a totally awesome concert this weekend, even though my friends know I cannot pay for anything while there.  They don't care and are more than willing to pay for me, which is incredibly nice.  I am a little nervous about it, though, because I am horrible at accepting gifts/money/having someone pay my way.

How can I show them that I appreciate what they're doing for me?

Srs and non-srs answers welcome.

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holy fuck
excuse my language
but i just went on my very first motorcycle ride (as a passenger) on my bfs very fast bike.
im so happy right now, i feel like im high
have you ever rode a motorcycle as a passenger or do you own one?
is it always this much fun?  omg
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What has been a remarkably good financial decision that you have made recently? What would you have done in the past?

Edit: Also, how many of you ladies have tried the diva cup? Worth it? I think I might want to get one. I use tampons but they make me feel icky sometimes.
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Apologies in advance for being "oh woe is me"

I just arrived from a flight home and have got a pretty high fever (39C). Im trying not to take any fever reducers and just drink water and have porridge but I have an interview at this place Im going to work for for 2 weeks.. and it's on Friday morning (it's Wednesday night atm).

What should I do if my fever doesnt get better by then? It's like a fever + cold combination :/ I havent replied his email and I'd like to do it asap.

Also, should I turn the AC on?