June 26th, 2012

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Choose what you feel comfortable answering

1. Is being open minded really a virtue if the society is filled with poisonous and destructive ideas?

2. How would you live differently if you were to know 100% FOR SURE that God does/does not exist? (the opposite of what you believe in now)

3. Is it possible to love/know someone if you do not love/know yourself?

4. If you could say one thing to any person through history (or current celebrity) what would you tell them?
god bless the world

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Have you ever met or encountered someone who tends to cozy up to people too fast to the point that it isn't socially appropriate or even suspicious? 

For example, they act like you're best friends even though you barely know each other or offer to babysit you're children even though you' just met or whatever you feel is too much/too fast.  What is the motivation to do this?  Is it just loneliness?  Poor social skills?  A manipulative nature?  Obviously this will vary depending on the person in question and/or the circumstances but I'd like to hear your experiences if you have any.
mtn, girl

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one of my old bosses is opening up a womens clothing boutique. I knit and crochet hair accessories and she asked me if I would be interested in selling them at her shop.
I'm super excited, but a little confused.

I asked her more about her shop, and she said her target is age 30ish and up, upscale boutique without upscale prices.

In my opinion, a crocheted headband wouldn't fit in with 30+ upscale. But she knows what my products look like and came to me. So, whats your opinion?

and if not headbands, what crocheted item would fit into this category?
shoes and bunnies

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Do you have any "memories" that seem really real and vivid, but you're not totally sure that they're real? Like maybe it was a dream, something you saw in a movie, something that happened to someone else, etc?

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TQC, have you ever gone on a date with anyone you've met on an online dating site (OKCupid, Match.com, EHarmony, etc.)? How was it? Any tips for a first-timer?
I recently decided to be active on OKCupid (I had a profile filled out before but I didn't do much with it), and to my complete surprise, I actually have some dates lined up for this week and next! I'm excited and nervous, but I figure that, if nothing else, I'll at least have a good story to tell about all this.

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Are there any cities in the United States that fit this criteria?
  • actual seasons (sun in the summer, snow in the winter)
  • within an hour of a coastline
  • pedestrian/bicycle friendly
  • 1b/1b for less than $1000/mo


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I'm about 20 weeks pregnant now. Is it too early to start buying things for the twins? (stroller, car seats, diapers). 
I don't want to get swamped by buying things all at once later on, but I feel kind of weird getting things already. 

What was the last thing that made you really happy? 
What was the last thing to really confuse you?
What are you wearing and how is the weather where you are?

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Do you have a baby/ toddler?

What do you do if he or she has a melt down in public? Do you leave or wait it out? I'm thinking more of restaurant/ theater/ place people are trying to enjoy themselves not just grocery store or mall etc.

Do you not have a child but an opinion? What do you think parents should do with crying kids in public?

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What are some of your favorite quotes?

Will you post them and see if we know who said them or where they're from?

"He that but looketh on a plate of ham and eggs to lust after it hath already committed breakfast with it in his heart"

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What are some songs with great guitar solos?

I'm making carrot cake but don't have any cream cheese for the frosting. Should I go buy cream cheese or should I top it with caramel sauce that I have available?

Long Distance Moves?

Hello TQC, I am about to embark on a long move. I am not renting a truck, I am just going to get rid of everything that won't fit in my van.

Have you moved long distances before? Where was the line drawn between things that were replaceable and stuff you couldn't part with?

No long moves? What is the farthest you've driven in a day?
tralfamadore ampersand

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Chicagoans: I've got a train due to arrive in Union Station on Thursday at 10:40 AM, and a flight leaving Midway at 4:50 PM that same day. I need to find ways to occupy myself that will not cost me an arm and a leg in cab fare, and won't be too much of a hassle for someone carrying a suitcase, backpack, and camera bag. It's been suggested that I go to a museum and wander around for a while before heading to Midway, but I know next-to nothing about the city and free is really the operative word here. Can anyone advise? Where could I go to hang out that wouldn't take me too far off my course and wouldn't be an aggravating amount of wandering while loaded down with luggage?

Everyone: I haven't flown commercially since early 2001, and obviously some things have changed since then. I'm not concerned, but will you go ahead and offer some tips and tricks anyway so I can refresh myself in TSA/airline etiquette? Don't want to? That's fine too. Will you just tell me about your favorite mode of transportation?
strawberry shortcake

WTF voicemails

Hi TQC. I just received a set of voicemails (if I don't recognize the number, I generally don't pick up), and I need help figuring out what it means!! AM I GOING TO DIE???

The messages are as follows:

1: *silence* *hang up*

2: *silence* *hang up*

3: a male voice in a strange accent saying "about..ten to fiiiiiiiive" *hang up*

4: *silence* *hang up*

The numbers are none that i recognize. The last one that came up on my ID was "FLORIDA"

Wtf. FYI, there is no reason for anyone to be calling me as far as a schedule or something, so these calls are completely random and make no sense.

james franco 2

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I quit smoking 6 months ago, but I have a box of cigarettes in my bag from a couple of weeks ago (I was drunk whatever) and I'm really stressed and hate everything right now, should I just take up smoking again?

dk/dc - what do you do in your job

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WTF is the horrible smell in my sister's room?

It's been there since 2007. I know because that's when she got her snake, and the room started smelling around then. She got rid of the snake in around 2010, and the room still stinks. Nothing gets rid of the smell. Not bleach, not air freshener, nothing. And worse, if she leaves her bedroom door open, the smell leaks out of her room into the living room. We have cats, but it doesn't smell like anything cat related. Also, it occurring at the same time as the snake could just be coincidence, since the snake's been gone for 2 years and the smell still lingers.

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Hey guys. Another possibly-dumb SO-advice question.

So, my SO's grandpa has been in and out of the hospital for about a month now. It's to the point where it's not really a "the world is falling apart" thing and more like a "okay, he's sick, we just have to live with it, it's just a thing that's continuously happening" sort of situation. And of course I know that his grandpa's condition takes priority over our relationship, because it's his family.

However, how annoyed would you personally be if your SO got a Groupon to something you really wanted to do, and when you asked when he wanted to go do it (date is flexible) he responded with "when my grandpa's feeling more settled." On the one hand, I can totally understand, but on the other -- I mean, it's one afternoon outing on the weekend. Of course if his grandpa was suddenly dying, I would encourage him to go deal with that, but... I feel like he's letting his grandpa's illness run his life. He also gave me a vague answer on whether or not he wants to come with me to a theme park in July because he wasn't sure how his grandpa was going to be then. I've dealt with longterm illness in my family before, and if I wanted to go do something with friends for a few days, it wasn't a big deal -- my mom, who was sick, was always like, "No, don't worry about me, go do what you want and have fun!" Is this not normal? Am I being totally insensitive here, TQC?

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Who would win in a fight?

Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie)
Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)

Who would win in a fight?

William Shatner (now)
Sean Connery (now)

Who would win in a fight?

Blade (Wesley Snipes), Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman)
The characters from True Blood

Who would win in a fight?


Who would win in a fight?

Ryan Seacrest
Bob Barker
a clockwork orange

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My childhood best friend is getting married next summer and her maid of honor (her stepmother) is already hitting all of us bridesmaids up for money to go towards a bridal shower and bachelorette party. Is this customary? I mean, her stepmom is pretty well off and most of us are stay-at-home moms or broke college students. I'm already going to have trouble buying my dress as it is. Is there a non-asshole way to tell her this?

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Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone who makes a point that is absolute rubbish, despite knowing there is no way they will listen to reason and you're better off ignoring them?  What was it about?

(no subject)

How can I be more assertive and less of a doormat?

Are self help books really worth it? If yes, please recommend to me the one's that have helped you (they can be about any subject, not just assertiveness).
Top Gear James May

(no subject)

What is the name of the effect or syndrome where you think of something...then you see references to it EVERYWHERE??

Bader-Hoffman syndrome
Tom and Jerry Syndrome
Oslo Norway effect
Badda Badda Boom syndrome
Haji...you're imagining things
Calvin and Hobbes conundrum
other in comments
Slick Willy Effect
Toad in the Hole
system error

(no subject)

My boyfriend's mother died yesterday.
My tonsillitis is back with a vengeance.
How has your week been?

Alternately, would you please post or link all things utterly adorable to give me something to do other than worry myself to death?

Thank you.


Do you know anyone who really, truly believes that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK? And/or that he acted completely alone in doing so?

Do you think Princess Diana was in a car accident caused by the high speed papparazzi chase or do you think there was a more sinister element involved? 

What conspiracy theories do you think are absolute garbage?

fasting cholesterol - how long to fast?

I bet hajiomatic knows the answer to this, but anyone else with the straight dope, please chime in. I have an order to go in and get fasting cholesterol plus the usual routine blood labs (thyroid, kidney function etc.) done whenever I want. The lab opens at 7 and I don't have to be at work until 8, so I am planning to do it one day before work. All my nurse told me in the way of instruction is "nothing to eat after dinner." But it's 8:15 now and I just finished dinner, because I worked out forever and got a late start cooking. If I show up around 7:15 a.m., how late is the last time I can eat the night before?

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This poll is closed.

What do you have in common with me?

We like graham crackers
We hate shoe shopping
We prefer cinnamon flavored toothpaste to mint
We hate running
We think popcorn is the best movie theater snack
We hate rain
We've been bitten by venomous spiders
We like to go to hookah bars regularly

Will you make your own list of commonalities and we will tell you what we have in common with you!?

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I'm an English teacher and my Year 9 class (13-14 year olds for anyone not from the UK) are currently studying Romeo and Juliet. In amongst my cries of "No, wait, stop groaning, you'll like it if you give it a chance, it has sword fights and epic death scenes and stop trying to run for the exit, dammit!" we do something fun(ish) each class to help them remember who the characters are and what makes them tick. I had the idea to present them with a load of photographs of current actors/celebrities/etc. and have them choose their perfect cast with justifications for why that person would be best for that role.

So I put it to you, TQC. Who would you have play (any of) the characters from the play? Who would YOUR perfect cast be?

(Pictures helpful. Yes, I'm shameless, but I'm drawing a blank after 'Simon Pegg as Mercutio' and 'Morgan Freeman as the Prince').

(no subject)

What kind of pots and pans should a person buy if they cook only out of necessity and not because they enjoy even a second of it?

I was thinking I would get copper because they are pretty, but they seem a bit pricey and apparently difficult to clean.

(no subject)

Do you enjoy a particular/specific/unusual genre of music?

Can anyone recommend some really good gypsy/balkan bands? I know Gogol Bordello but that's about it. The easier the singing is on the ear the better!