June 25th, 2012

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A good friend came to me today during a group outing to tell me that she had discovered that her husband had been cheating on her with 6 different women.  This shocked me, as I never would have thought in a million years that he would do something like this, but some people just aren't who you think they are.  He has been sleeping on the couch for the last 3 months and her therapist told her not to make any decisions for at least 6 months.  He has made quite a few efforts to justify his actions and she just wants none of it, but I feel like I'm of no help because I've never actually dealt with infidelity myself.

What sort of advice would YOU give to a friend in this situation?

DK/DC: What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
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Out of the blue my user pic has changed to the current image. I definitely didn't upload this picture. How could this happen?

Srs and non srs answers accepted.

Edit: my default picture I see is the same as mistressbluesky's user pic, who posted here recently... It seems to have replaced my default user pic. If it isn't showing up like this to anyone else, please let me know and sorry for the useless post.
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Have any of you had your gallbladder removed because of gallstones? How terrible was the recovery time?

DC/I still have my gallbladder: What was the last surgery you had?

DC/I still have all my parts in original condition: Does anesthesia freak you out?
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Laptop batteries

My sister, mom and I just had a discussion about mom's laptop. My sister had been using it and said we shouldn't keep the battery in it if it was just sitting around with the cord plugged in all the time, because it's not good for the battery.

Mom said that's what she thought because my other sister had told her so. Don't keep the battery in if the cord is plugged in.

The reason why I put the battery back in was that I started using the laptop more and obviously the idea of a laptop is that you can use it anywhere without the cord... And my ex gf told me it's okay to keep the battery in it at all times and it does not not harm the battery if sometimes the cord is plugged in, too. I listened to her, because I don't know a lot about technology and she knows a lot about it.

I have my own computer so I don't use the laptop very often (anymore), and when I do, I usually use the battery and charge it when it gives a warning that it's running low. I don't know if mom turns the power on or use the battery, but she doesn't even use the laptop a lot. On average maybe 2 hours per week. (She never carries it around, it just sists on her desk.) The rest of the time, the power is turned off and the battery stays inside it.

So my question is: Should we do what my sisters say and take the battery out of the laptop and only put it in when it's needed?

We tried to google this but the result was confusing and contradictory.
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I received wine offers that look fairly legit in a package today. One is a wine voucher for $100 for Naked Wines, the other is a twelve wine deal for $69 (plus shipping/tax) and three free ones. Does anyone want the codes?

Alternatively, what is one of the worst customers/clients/students/etc you have ever had to deal with?
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Are large corporations/franchises required to interview every applicant? Someone told me this today and I have never heard that before. Google isn't really helping.

ETA: my gf applied at the Hard Rock Cafe last week. They called her for an interview. It's a 3 interview process and she went last night for the first one and they did the second one right after to save time, and she's been asked back today for the final interview. Her dad is a POS and told her they HAVE to interview her because they're a large corp.
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Selling things on Amazon

So I'm considering selling a few things through Amazon.com including several hard cover books. I don't want to go through craigslist and I haven't been able to find a local place that will take them for money, I need the cash. I was wondering how I would go about selling through Amazon? I'm looking at using their free selling account which means some money goes back to Amazon. Can someone tell me about it including if they would pay for me and if I would have to use my own address.
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Nook vs. Kindle

Should I get a Nook or a Kindle?
I am going to college in a few months and I just need an affordable and basic way to carry books back and forth. I'll obviously bring my favorite books with me, but classics and series' that I may want to read while I'm on the go, there isn't a good way to save space besides one of these e-readers.
List the pro's and con's please! I would get the cheapest version of either of these (79$ kindle, 99$ nook), so keep that in mind. I don't want to be too fancy! Just save space!
Pro's and Con's.....Go! :)
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Who would win in a fight?

The characters in Twilight
The characters in True Blood

Who would win in a fight?

The characters on Glee
The characters on Big Bang Theory

Who would win in a fight?

Mr. Incredible (Incredibles)
Iron Man

Who would win in a fight?

Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman (South Park)
The entire cast of Peanuts

Who would win in a fight?

Captain America and Batman
Jason (Friday the 13th) and Mike Meyers (Halloween)

Who would win in a fight?

10 My Little Ponies (cartoon)

Who would win in a fight?

Harry Potter (based on what he did in the movies)
Gandalf (based on what he did in the movies)

Who would win in a fight?

Jack (Jack-in-the-Box mascot)
The King (Burger King mascot)

Who would win in a fight?

The Hulk

Who would win in a fight?

Anderson Cooper
Ryan Seacrest

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Everybody reacts and has different side-effects to medication, but I find that my sleep gets completely messed up during the first couple of weeks of new/increased dosage of meds. I quite often get a very concentrated period of utter exhaustion, and last week something quite strange happened
I was at work, and very suddenly went from feeling fine to feeling completely exhausted, and slightly lost consciousness (I think) for about five minutes or so, luckily keeping my eyes open and maintaining a probably vacant but awake expression. I remember coming back into consciousness and thinking 'oh, I'm awake again, and no longer feel as though I am about to pass out.' Has this ever happened to you? I'm not too worried as the sleeping side-effects tend to wear off quite quickly, but it's bothersome when I'm working.
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TQC, I have ~boy problems~. Sort of. Anyway, I went out on a date on Saturday night with a guy I know (and I'm pretty sure I like him). The issue is, he's a refugee from Afghanistan who only got his protection visa two weeks ago (so has been an asylum seeker in detention prior to that). He was tortured, family members killed by the Taliban, and he's been imprisoned for years. I'm a middle class  Anglo-Saxon/half-Jewish girl from the relatively privileged inner suburbs of Melbourne.

Can this ever work?
Are the cultural gaps simply too huge to ever be bridged?
Have you ever been in a relationship (or know anyone who has) with such huge differences in culture/life experiences?
Will you advise me, please and thank you,  lovely TQC?

(Note: I'm actually also a social worker and I currently work with... asylum seekers in community detention! So I'm pretty au fait with his situation which is good, but also... it's a fairly stressful job and maybe not the best idea to be taking it on somewhat in my private life too)
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We have been on the search for someone to come build some flower beds, mow, and trim our yard. My coworker heard me talk about it one day and said his mom is great with all that! So, we met with her and she gave us a good quote. Easy enough, right?

Well, apparently someone came up to her while mowing the front yard, tapped her on the shoulder and said, "You don't live here. Why are you mowing the yard?" M* replied with "My game plan is to randomly mow people's yards & if they don't come outside, rob them." The woman promptly left. Haha! Loved it! Neither one of us even knew who she talked to since we don't really socialize with the neighbors.

We had to leave for about 30 minutes & saw that a neighbor had given her a cup of ice water. To be fair, I told my husband to leave the door unlocked so she can get a drink. He did just that but he didn't tell her. Heh.

So, we have had men do yardwork and never experienced this before. She's a spitfire and fully capable of this kind of work.

TL;DR Is it that weird or odd for a 42 year old woman to do yardwork as a job?
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I rarely buy liquor or beer if ever, usually keep a backup bottle of whiskey, but I'm starting to slowly invest in nice liquors to entertain with.

Right now all I have is Bulleit (soooo delicious) and Campari to mix with soda, plus some lime juice. Suggestions? I'd like a well-rounded and tasty bar.
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Have you experienced much success in a healthy diet/exercise program? Can you tell me your success story? If you're currently working on losing weight, can you tell me about the process? Share any good resources you've found?

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Hairnets for cooks

Can any chef (loosely defined) with longish hair recommend an online source and brand for chef hairnets? Not a toque or anything, just a net to prevent hair from getting into food.

I found a number of sources by Googling, I'm looking for first hand recommendations.

The nets need to cover a largish male head, but not a ton of hair (in fact, at the rate the chef is loosing hair, not going to need these for very long ... 8-).

relocating after college

I'm considering moving to Texas after I graduate college. Have you ever just packed up everything and moved out of state? How prepared were you? Did you already have a job lined up? How did you save enough money to move? How much do you think one should have saved up before moving to a new state to start a new life? Was the transition easy? How did it work out? Any other tips/advice you'd like to share?

I'd love to hear your stories.

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Have you ever gone on a road trip by yourself? Did you enjoy it?

I think I'm going to take a couple of weeks before graduate school begins in August to visit relatives in Georgia, but I'm strongly considering trying to see as many states and sights as possible while I'm down there.