June 24th, 2012

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I always thought that there is no reason to cheat on your partner in a relationship. Why not just break up with the person your with if you find the urge to be with this other person so strong? But i know that not everything is so simple.

Have you ever cheated on someone? Did you think about it before you did it? Did you regret it after?

Have you ever been cheated on?

responsible finances

i know not everyone in TQC is financially responsible, but a lot of you are. I think credit cards are okay. not the most evil thing in the world. I rarely carry the balance. I have an emergency savings account, in case I ever lose my job or something. but for some people, carrying a balance or even having a credit card is the ultimate evil. so here's this poll...

due to some unpredictable expenses, your credit card balance is more than you can pay this month. what's more responsible?

dig into emergency savings fund to pay that baby off at all costs
keep savings intact, carry the balance and pay it off in 2-3 months by tightening the budget a bit

if you pay it off now, it'll take a while for your emergency savings to recover, and you're not really forcing yourself to spend less to make up for it. if you don't pay it off, you're looking at $10-$20/mo in interest charges... but the savings account stays untouched which is nice.

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My dad and I talked about doing something with the hubcaps on my car.
At some point there appears to have been a miscommunication as I looked and...they look beyond terrible. I feel like an asshole. I apologized, but I feel guilty because he seems to have put a lot of work into it.

Would you keep them the way they are for awhile?
Should I go buy him lunch?

How's your day going?

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Morning TQC

If you work mon-fri do you get the looming sunday depression/anxiety where you are dreading returning to work? I absolutely love my job but for some reason Sundays are just ugh.

Or are you a sunday-funday type of person?

Are you taking vacation this summer? I am going to the US with my SO in 4 days... eee!! First time I've taken a vacation from work.
ED3 // My Good Side

Don't Judge A Book...

What is the first thing people notice about you?
If someone were to judge you based on their first meeting with you, what kind of impression do you think they would get?

dk/dc: I'm hosting a halloween party this year, will you spam me with ideas?
{wow} sin'dorei pride

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What does your weekly meals consist of? (Example: I usually eat packaged meals at work - lean pockets/lunch trays) plus some vegetables then I bake something when I get home. A mixture of packaged meals and real food. Some granola here and there.)

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Poll #1849232 Greece

Is Greece headed towards civil war?

Don't know
Don't Care

What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for Jerry Sandusky if it was up to you and no form of punishment was outlawed?
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

Best way to clean paint off metal?

I've been working on re-painting some old dressers, and when I took the brass knobs off, I realized that they had paint on them, presumably from when the thing was originally made.  I've tried to use a paint remover (worked on removing paint off of my wood trim, but didn't seem to help much here), and I got a little desperate and tried Goo Gone, but that didn't work either.

On some of the outer edges of the knob, I can scrape the paint off with my fingernail, but the knobs are pretty intricate so there are nooks and crannies I can't get into that way and it's driving me crazy!

Any suggestions for ways to get this paint off?  Also, any good products for making the brass nice and shiny again?

murad concealer stick

this was highly recommended to me as i wanted something that treats acne while it covers. i've used bare minerals blemish therapy in the past and really liked it, but didn't think the loose powder was enough to cover some blemishes. a friend said the murad is a bit more heavy duty in terms of coverage, and will reduce acne. i've used it twice and my breakouts are now HORRIBLE and inflamed. what did this stuff do to me? costumer reviews are mostly positive. any thoughts on this? has anyone had similar experiences with this product? should i give it more tries? any recommendations for a better concealer that treats? 

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Will you help me pick out what to wear to a job interview tomorrow? I would go with the more traditional suit out of respect, if not for two things: 1) I am getting over a really bad stomach bug and the moment I get too hot, I get sick. 2) I know the people who are interviewing me rather well. While I'm sure they would appreciate the suit more than the other outfits, I don't think it will hurt my chances. But please knock some sense into me if you think I'm being dumb.

Collapse )

I don't want to look unprofessional, but I don't really want to throw up either.

**Once hired any of these would be perfectly acceptable and maybe even considered a little over dressed compared to my coworkers.

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You find out [from a very reliable albeit mysterious source] that there will be a massive economic catasrophe in a few days, specifically impacting your country's currency. You have no more info than that. What do you do?

Nothing. I'll wait and roll with the punches.
Take money out of bank/financial institution - hide it all under my bed
Take money out of bank - try to invest it/convert it into foreign currency(s) of my choice
Take money, buy a bunch of gold with it
Take money, use it to flee the country
Take money, but massive stockpile of essential goods, etc to use/barter with later
Something totally different
Nothing. My financial situation couldn't possibly get worse than it already is regardless of what disaster happens

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TQC, what was the last thing you did that was way harder than you thought it would be?

My dad downloaded a photo album on iPhoto and I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to attach said photos to an email. Seriously? Why does it take five steps to do? IDGI.

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do you make a big deal out of your birthday?

do you want others to make a big deal out of your birthday?

some people I know begin feeling entitled/want people to treat them "special" a week prior. I forget my birthday is coming and often forgot on that day what it is. When I was young I was a brat about it but now I couldn't care less!

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my birthday is alittle over a month away :D

I would like to go somewhere in one of our neighboring states: Ohio, Maryland, ummm West Virgina, New Jersey
Not Upstate NY so much because I grew up there.

Does anyone have any thoughts of a nice place to go with a variety of things to do?
I'm thinking about going the first weekend in August.

I'll have about 800- 1000 dollars to spend

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What song should I cover for my next youtube video?

Terms: I generally do Disney songs, but others can be added. High alto, low soprano

Alternatively, what is a song you think you sing well?

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There's some neighborhood kids that keep crawling under my fence and running around my house. It's a wooden fence that's locked most of the time. There's hardly room to get under it, but the kids have managed to do it.

How do I keep them from coming into my yard?


But seriously though, why would anyone do that?

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TQC, could you validate me please?

My SO and I were at an outdoor event today, and he left before I did. He brought a grill and a chair, and he didn't feel like packing up the grill and chair and taking it with him. So he said, "Have one of the other people drop it off at my place". I couldn't take it because the grill was too big for my dad's car. So as I was leaving, I said to three different people, "make sure that the grill and the chair get back to my SO's place." They all said they'd make sure that it happened, and he just texted me going, "Where's my stuff?" and was really mad that I didn't know for sure what had happened. His stuff is not my responsibility, y/n?

A hard day's night

When you've had a long hard day already, but for some reson it doesn't end (kids, long shift, evil parents) and you HAVE to keep working like 15+ hours... how do you keep yourself going emotionally and physically?

Do you tell yourself five more minutes for the next eight hours? Do you promise yourself a present to completing the day? 

For me, I just remind myself of all the person past and present that had to work 18 hour shifts in deadly and dangerous coal mines for pennies a day, when I think about that I feel like an incredible asshole and stfu and keep working.

what the heck was this firefly doing?

I just watched a firefly crawling around on my glass patio door. It wasn't lit up. It kept rubbing down its abdomen with its hindmost legs - from underneath the belly (which I could see on my side of the glass) it looked almost like it was scratching an itch...or something. It would scrape the leg down from midsection to tip, then the other leg, then the first one, in a kind of marching motion. This went on for at least three minutes. Then suddenly it stuck to the glass with the front four legs and splayed the last two way out behind like a firefly spread eagle. WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?
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Gulf coast roll call? (Actually, pretty much all of FL, but if you're in AL/MS/LA and getting anything from this, feel free to step forward.)


Hope everyone affected is staying safe.

For those of you not stuck in a ginormous tropical storm: How's the weather? (The fucking weather, if you're nasty.)

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You meet someone with whom you really connect, but s/he is engaged. You two forge a friendship and grow increasingly close as the months pass. You begin hanging out outside of work/school/wherever and acknowledge the existence of romantic feelings. S/he eventually purports to no longer be engaged. Despite this, this person is still listed as "Engaged" on Facebook (but says it's a nominal thing) and lives with his/her fiancé(e). Supposedly they cannot afford to break their lease and more or less coexist.

Would this scenario raise some red flags, or would you need more information to make any sort of assessment?

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Has anyone ever used a shake plate or vibrating plate machine to lose weight/increase fitness? I'm quite skeptical of it but my mum is asking me to go with her.

If you've never used one, what's your favourite cardio excersise? I like using the cross trainer.