June 23rd, 2012

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Have you ever had major surgery?
I'm getting my pelvis broken in 3 places and the side detached and reattached at a better angle with huge sodding screws on Monday.
What are your plans for next week?
I'll be hanging out in the orthopedics ward myself.
Do you deal with stress well?
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Racist or Special Snowflake?

Say you have a friend (or ex-friend, as in my case) who always told you (and told her now 12yo twins) that her ex-husband, and the twins' father, was full blooded Native American. You happen to find out that he is not Native American, but is Black. And identifies as Black.

This person has a history of lying, but I was shocked that she lied to her own kids about their heritage. The woman is white.

Does she lie about this man's heritage because she's racist, she wants to make him seem like a "more exotic" PoC, or some other weird reason to lie to her own kids about their own heritage?

Yes, I know it's none of my business, but the motivation boggles my mind.
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My friends are dragging me to a rave party tonight. Tell me, what should I wear? Srs and non srs answer are welcome.

Have you ever been to a rave? Did you enjoy it?

DK/DC: Where do you keep your valuables (wallet, phone, keys) when you go out clubbing?
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what are your plans for today?

what's the weather like where you are ?

Early this morning I made breakfast for me and Scooter, did a load of laundry, and ran a couple errands. Now i'm going to clean the bathroom, kitchen and livingroom then get ready for a cookout that have to be at by 4

It's sunny but comfortable. Which is nice because all week it was humid as hell

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Have you ever felt guilty about not liking a book you've read?

I feel like I should like this because it's a Pulitzer Prize winner and everything but I just can't appreciate the author's writing style.

ETA: Maybe guilty isn't the word I'm looking for. But that feeling of UGH I SHOULD LIKE THIS BECAUSE OF REASONS BUT I DONT BECAUSE OF REASONS.

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I'm watching this show on hulu, it's old, called "temptation island"

couples go to an island to be on separate sides of the island with single people of their preferred gender. the whole purpose is to test if they will be tempted or if they are with the person they truly love. Would you ever do it?

Do you ever wonder if there is someone out there better for you than your SO? or if you'd be happier with someone else?
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My family wants to plan a trip to Germany and my parents want me to plan it. I've only ever planned trips within Canada before, which was relatively easy. Any advice on planning a trip to Europe? They want to hit up several different cities so I don't think I can just do a packaged deal. Is it easier to go to a travel agent, or would it be cheaper to buy things online?
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The gardeners came the other day and broke a big branch off of my peach tree. There are probably 100 not-quite-ripe peaches on the ground. I've eaten a couple of the biggest ones and they aren't really bad or sour, but they don't have much of any flavor.
What can I do with a whole bunch of small, somewhat underripe peaches?
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Reading and Australia

1. What is the purpose of being well read? I love to read, and I want to be a writer, and most of my friends are also pretty big bookworms but my two co-workers at an environmental non profit barely read at all and one of them has never even heard of Ernest Hemmingway. They are both smart enough to be in college and one is in grad school and are probably going to be adequate educators or marine biologists, but the fact that they never, ever read really shocks me. So to what benefits/values do you think reading has to the individual and to society? 

2. I'm going to be in Australia for about a month by myself in the fall and want to know if this is a good idea. I am a 22 year old American female and am pretty well-traveled/don't mind solitude but not if will just be lonely and pointless. If it's a good plan, for those of who have been there, what should I do? Where should I go? I really like the ocean so I really want to go to the Barrier Reef, but I'd also like to spend some time volunteering. I don't really want to do "tourist-y" things. 


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1. I'm going to yield to peer pressure and set up a facebook account. I've heard their default privacy setup sucks. What options should I select? (This will be a sedate family+friends page to keep up with personal news, spread liberal political petitions, and like businesses that give me freebies or enroll me in sweepstakes in exchange.)

2. We've got really hard water, and the current dishwasher detergents don't have the phosphates that would deal with that, so my glassware and stainless steel utensils are getting covered with a white dusty white film that is apparently calcium carbonate. Research online is showing me recommendations to try vinegar or citric acid along with the detergent to prevent further buildup. But how do I clear the glass and stainless steel that are looking pretty sad already?

3. How can I persuade my cat to wear her break-away collar without busting it off every chance she gets? I've hear it's unsafe to put a regular collar on a cat (they can get caught and trapped in narrow places) but my cat is an escape artist and it is pretty darned unsafe for her to be outside without any ID. She's been microchipped, but not everybody knows that they can get an apparently stray cat scanned for an ID chip.


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How long do you try to fast when you have a really bad stomach bug? I've gone about 21 hours now without horking my guts out. I've had Gatorade, water, Sprite, crackers, and broth. None of which have made a second appearance. Am I ready for chicken?? I am so hungryyyyy.

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I'm getting married next year and am wondering...

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Tell me the best part about being there for it.

If you're not married or couldn't afford your dream honeymoon, where would you like to go?
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1. Does it bother you when a person only listens to one kind or genre of music? (i.e. only listens to rap or gospel)
2. Have you ever been teased for the kind of music you listen to?
3. What is your favorite genre of music?
4. Who are your favorite artists/bands/singers?
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1) I was at the store, this REALLY cute worker randomly said, "OH if my arms are shaky because I went to the gym yesterday." tell me. Is he flirting? or just making conversation? or just a chatty friendly guy? from the short amount of time he told me a lot about himself.

2) if you have a PSP can you recommend PSP games? I recently got one I have all the Persona games 1-3. I don't know what else PSP has to offer.

3) Any one played Nocturne? I'm finding it to be getting rather hard. Expect my party members my characters are all dead, and I don't have enough money to revive everyone. I got a bill to get pass this gate. Everything slaughters my party members I can't seem to move forward. Any advice?

4) Cat people. How can you tell if your cat's has fleas if you don't see any on them?

5) I have a splinter in my foot. How can I get it out? currently soaking it. My sister tried tweezers with no luck. I've been gimping all day.

6) aaaww man I had a mountain of questions, now I forgot the rest! well that's it for me then for now.

Kid's Meals

For those who have children, or purchase kid's meals for yourselves, what is the best toy/prize you've seen come with a kid's meal?

Inspired by the Magic School Bus audio book my son got from Popeyes today.
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I am making a key lime pie (with this recipe, oh man guys I tasted the filling before it went into the oven and it's making me so excited to eat it tomorrow!) and used four egg yolks.

What can I do with the leftover egg whites?? I've always just used whole eggs in recipes, and I've never had just the spare whites left before.

edit: almost everyone's suggesting meringue. I'm slightly hesitant to try making it because I don't own a hand mixer, but here's a second question: would you prefer a meringue topping or a whipped cream topping on a key lime pie?

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Have you ever been on a cruise?

If so, will you tell me about it? (What cruise line, what ship, what ~fancy things~ were available on the ship, how long was it, what kind of room you have, etc)

I am trying to start planning our honeymoon (only a year and some change too late, w/e) and we want to do an Alaskan cruise, which seems to be pretty reasonable, price-wise.