June 22nd, 2012

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If you're into basketball, how do you feel about tonight's game?

I'm from Miami, so... bias. Watching sports isn't really my thing, but I know so many people here are excited/celebrating which makes me happy.
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I'm failing at google today.

I'm moving soon. There's several pieces of furniture that won't fit through the door. It needs to be taken apart and put back together at the new place. I want someone else to do this. Want am I looking for? All I've found are companies that will move furniture but not necessarily take it apart, and companies that will pack things for you but they don't say anything about assembly and it sounds more like putting things in boxes.

Cover Letter Fail & Next Step?

Yesterday, I applied for 2 very similar jobs, and I sent my resume and cover letter (via email) to the appropriate contact people. Unfortunately, while I changed the name/contact information in the address portion in the 2nd letter, I accidentally kept the name the name of the 1st contact person in the salutation, and I didn't notice until after I sent it. Ouch! I pretty much wrote off my chances at job #2*, but then I was greeted this morning with an email from the contact person #2: "Thank you for sending me your information regarding [the position at job #2]. However, I'm not sure if this letter was meant for me or [contact person #1], since both of our names are on the letter."

Do I respond? If so, what do I say? Or ignore the email entirely? And I'm already slightly concerned that I might have even ruined my chances at job #1 in case contact person #2 let contact person #1 know of this issue (since they probably know each other). Help!

(*I made this mistake once before right out of college--I ended up screwing up the cover letter twice and finally got it correct on the 3rd email. That said, I didn't get an interview.)
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TQC, would you like to help me choose a new hairstyle?

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I've gained a bit if weight since these so my face is a bit rounder. Right now my hair is at the middle of my back and all one length. I pretty much always throw it in a ponytail because I haven't the time or skill to really style it. My sister said I should get it cut short in the back and a bit longer in the front a la Victoria Beckham, but I'm unsure if that would work for my face. Any thoughts or other ideas?
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tqc, will you share something inconvenient or something that you dislike about the area you live in?

for me, we don't have buses leaving our tiny town on the weekends and nothing running on sunday's.

People who know about hair:

Should I dye my hair before, or after I get it cut? (I'm going to bleach before adding the color).

Care to share some pictures of your favorite hair styles/colors? Bonus points if it's something you feel like you could never pull off :p

ETA: Also! Manic Panic hair dye, or Special Effects?

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so its my birthday next week, and because i'm lame and not really feeling like doing anything, i was thinking of just trying to bake myself a birthday cake and, if it actually came out good, bringing it to my language school and sharing it with people since uh, that's kind of the only use of birthday cake that would be enjoyable/not full of personal fail for me...

after looking up possible recipes online for a bit, starting to think it might not be possible though, to succeed in this idea. the cake would have to be vegan for me to be able to have any, and the only vegan specific stuff i can get where i am is soy milk and margarine, everything else would have to be just standard baking stuff, no special replacers or the like. i also don't have any appliances, just an oven of untested reliability, so everything would have to be mixed/whisked by hand. if the recipes are american i would have to convert into metric, since thats what everything is sold in here. i also don't like anything chocolate, lol...

do all these restrictions sound like a recipe for cake baking fail/disaster, in your opinion? should i even bother spending the time/money in getting ingredients and trying? if you believe i can succeed, do you have any tips on vegan baking with limited ingredients and/or baking without any appliances besides oven/stove?
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Do you like this story?

I translated a short story of China as a English practice. If you found any mistakes please tell me. The English grammar is really hard for me. Thank you.

            A weird love story

He and she fell in love with each other.
He can't match her, everyone said the same.
Appearance, talent, family background, wealth.......
All the things showed that he did not deserve her.
Their marriage was violently opposed by both of their families.
Finally, they decided to suicide for love.
They wished to become a pair of butterflies and to be together forever.
They died as planned.
People were so moved, they put the two bodies into a same grave.
Suddenly lightning struck on the grave.
With the grave being broken, a beautiful butterfly was flying out.
The ancient myth came true, people sighed with feeling.
But, there was only one  butterfly, where was the other one?
Then they found that an ugly grey moth was flying behind the butterfly.
Everyone knew that he was just the moth.
Even the death could not make them be well matched. 
He did not deserve her really.

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I am a journalist and working on a piece about underground mining. If you were reading my story and came across the phrase "It takes nearly two minutes to travel the length of the shaft" would your mind immediately conjure images of hand jobs and/or oral sex? If so, how should I reword it to express just how OMG DEEP this shaft is without sounding all full of sexual innuendo? (1,800 feet, btw). Or is it unavoidable when using the word "shaft"? What other words immediately make you think of sex even if they're used in a completely non-sexual context?

For me, "penetrate/penetration"

Should I buy these? / What's your thought process as a consumer?

I'm starting a new job in a couple of weeks, and I want to get some nice new shoes to wear there. It would be a nice celebratory purchase. From the reviews I've read, they seem to be very comfortable, nice-looking, and well-made. I'm hoping to wear them for the next 5 years or more (once I get something I like, I don't care if it's not trendy anymore).

I'm on the fence because they're out of my price range, I have some big moving expenses coming up next month, and I'd have to put them on my credit card.

DK/DC: If you've ever bought anything a bit too expensive, did it end up being a good investment, or did you regret it?

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When was the last time you went on a double date? What did you do?

One of my cats keeps terrorizing the other because they both want to look out one particular window in the house. How do I keep them both happy?
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Along the lines of my question about WWI books a few weeks ago, I also realized recently that I don't know all that much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict either.

So what books would you recommend for me to read on that subject? Again, I prefer non-fiction but fiction is ok too if it's historically accurate.

What are your favorite non-fiction books?

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My 1 year old chihuahua/pomeranian had exploratory surgery after a week of vomitting and pooping blood to see what was wrong. The vet found that her spleen is enlarged. She is on antibiotics to get rid of the infection which hopefully will reduce the size of the spleen. It has been 3 days since surgery and for all 3 days she has been hiding under the couch refusing to come out to see any of my family or I. I have called the vet about this and they did not have much advice. Has this ever happened to anyone elses pet?
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Hey TQC! Been a while, find myself in need of your broad spectrum of know-how.

I found a kitten in the road on Tuesday night who had been winged by a car. Took her to the emergency vet and they took her in and performed surgery on her broken leg Thursday. I just brought her home this afternoon, her surgery was 24 hrs ago.

She's clearly feral and unhappy about pretty much everything right now. Her leg is taped up so she can only move awkwardly and she is wearing the cone of shame.. I've sectioned off an area of the guest room for her and she has a litter box, some food and water, and a little enclosed bed that she is currently napping in. She is not hissing and spitting like she was the first day, but she is just miserable. I just gave her her first enforced cuddle and she shivered so bad I felt terrible, but I held her for about fifteen minutes and then introduced her to the little cubby pet bed and she just sort of flopped and I had to rearrange her cone head because she was all pathetic, and now she is sleeping again.

So, to questions. Is she still groggy from the surgery and anaesthesia? She is also on pain meds (I assume she had a dose this morning, I will give her the second for the day shortly) and will that interfere with her appetite? I guess the combo of her being a patient but also terrified of being indoors and all the adventures of the last few days is making me unsure what to expect of her. One of her meds (anti infection) needs to be with food and I'm not sure how to get her to eat as she is both groggy and super suspicious of me. I have left some food for her but I honestly don't think she will get out of the bed on her own and even if she did, the cone would prevent her from reaching it. I have sent the husband out for one of those inflatable donut collars but she is so little I don't know if it will work.

Basically can you give me any advice and suggestions for easing this little one through recovery AND socialisation at the same time?

ETA: She ate some food from me so I was able to give her her meds. I let her sleep for a while and went back to check and she started meowing a lot and keeping her wary eyes on me. I brought her out and fed her some more and she went to town on the plate herself. Tried to eat some dry food but had difficulty with the cone. Squirmed around annoyedly, looked like she wanted to clean herself. Dashed (!) around me when she thought I was getting too close. Next step - bathroom hopefully.
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Faux Milk

What non-dairy "milk" drinks do you like?  Soy milk, hemp milk, almond milk, etc.  Are there any you like to drink with coffee?

I just made flax milk and it was really good!


What songs do you have sex to?
We NEVER have music on during sex, I want to put together a play list. All I have so far is Rufus Wainwright's Instant Pleasure and Sex at 6 in the morning by the profits.
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I'm having a picnic tomorrow...and I want to try something different than the usual sandwiches, potato salads and fried chicken.

What is the best sandwich you've ever ate? The best picnic food?
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What are you wearing right now?

I hope it's something SEXY.

 What art hangs on your walls?

I'm in a kind of "temporary quarters" right now, but if I weren't I'd have a lot of Catholic imagery on my walls.
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I think we all know TQC is mostly introverts.
How introverted are you?
Do you have many friends or go out frequently?
Are you The Quiet One? Do you stick out because of it?
Do people think you're weird or stuck up because you don't talk a lot?
My GF told me her friends think I'm a weird jerk and that I think I'm better than them because I don't have anything to say.
Have you over come this and fit in more? How?