June 21st, 2012

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1) Sometimes when I yawn, it feels like the muscles in my throat cramp up or something, and the back of my throat stays in the wide-open yawning position for several seconds after I'm done yawning, and it feels strange and unpleasant. Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone know what might cause that?

2) Sometimes when I try to describe things like this to other people, they get this look on their face that suggests that either this sort of thing is very strange, or that I'm not describing it well. Do you ever have a hard time describing things and experiences in a way that makes sense to other people?

3) Sometimes when I start sentences with "sometimes when," I get the song "sometimes when we touch" stuck in my head. Do you have any songs in your head right now?

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You see a man in a wheelchair and a puppy stranded in the middle of a busy highway. You only have the opportunity to save one. Whom do you save?

the man in the wheelchair
the puppy
neither, i debate the topic too long and they both get hit
i hate men
i hate puppies
is the puppy a pit bull?
is that you in the wheelchair haji? lolololol
not my job
i'll take pictures and post them on Youtube
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Do you get growing pains/growing spells? (Do you call them something else?)
How old are you?
How often do you get them?
Where are they usually located?
How badly do they hurt, on a scale of one to ten?
What do you do to manage pain?
Does there seem to be any particular thing that causes them?

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Inspired by the pain in my legs that woke me up in the middle of the night. Some pharmaceutical company needs to medicalize this shit and make billions off of it.

eta "growing pains" is a misnomer as they are not actually directly related to growth spurts/growth plates/etc. Studies indicate they're more closely linked to physical exertion. But it is uncommon for adults to have them....

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So, TQC. On Saturday, I'm involved in a large ham radio event called Field Day. I'm on the food committee (which is comprised of me and two other people). We're meant to cook for between twenty and sixty people. Up until last night, we thought we were having two meals catered, which was great, but now it turns out that such catering is out of our price range, so we have to do everything ourselves. We'll only have a portable stove and a grill as far as cooking areas are concerned. What do we cook? Are we completely screwed? Note: the food has been really hyped up, so it can't be "just" burgers and hot dogs, it has to be decently fancy things.
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Exes and money

You and your now ex-partner lived together. While living together, your ex-partner bought a $2800 couch for your house. They bought it entirely with their own money.

A year later, you break up on good terms and your ex leaves for overseas. The couch stays with you and you use it.

3 years later, you are moving overseas as well. You must sell the couch.

When you sell the couch for $950, do you give the ex the money, since he paid for it 4 years ago?

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Is it a bad idea for a woman to travel alone? The reason I ask is because my mother would say yes if she were alive to do so. But my very sheltered mind is considering it.
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These photos make me both depressingly nostalgic and acutely aware of my mortality, and I don't even know these guys. (Found here.)

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Does it have the same effect on you?

Do you experience "future nostalgia", where you're like, "man, these are going to be some good memories"? Like you're not even in the moment, you're always projecting forward and looking back? Because I do.

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I found this in my newsfeed. It caught me by complete surprise, but after that I wanted to find out where she worked so I could notify the school that she is taking pictures of her elementary school students and posting them on the internet without their knowledge. Flora teaches kindergarten in Hong Kong. She usually posts pictures of her and her kids together dressed up as princesses, or kissing her fiance or something sweet.

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When was the last time you saw a seemingly normal person do unexpected horrible shit?

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Those of you who have gone to an orthodontist:

What was your first visit like?

I am a little nervous even though I pretty much know what to expect. I am a little afraid they will need to take new panoramic X-rays and my insurance only covers them once a year :(

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My closet has no place for underwear. Right now, my family is storing our undies in the living room in some makeshift fabric covered bins from ikea. It's so small for all of our stuff and really unorganized because we have to layer everything and if we're lookingfor a certain pair of socks or undies, then everything gets messed up and ugh its just a hassel.

What's a logical and neat way to store all of our undies and socks? I can't think of anything right now besides in a bureau, which we do not have in our house, nor do we want one.
Is there something we can used that will hang on a wall or something?

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I applied for a job, and had an interview.
All of my contact with the interviewer was via email, but there was a phone number attached to the email.
Should I do a followup call to see the status of it? What should I say? I'm horrible at these things :(

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Here's a spider story. Spiders with antlers. How does this make you feel, knowing that pointy spiders can exist in your world?

So scary
Awesome. It's like a spider upgrade package, as long as you don't want anything else from your spider except looking evil
I hope they all get this infection. There would be a lot less spiders
It'll make the spider zombie apocalypse a whole lot more terrifying
Somewhere out there, there's a poor deer growing spider legs out of its head, getting laughed at by all the other deer
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I'm studying abroad in Cambridge for 5 weeks this summer and I have every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off to do whatever I want. I was hoping to travel around and spend some time in Paris, Scotland, and maybe Ireland.

I'm trying to save money, so I was wondering--would it be best to take the train (I have a few days worth of Britrail and Eurail tickets already) or budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet? Should I try to do day trips, or weekend stays in hostels or hotels? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated! :)


Have you ever taken a Predictive Index test for a job? What are they looking for, any idea?

I just had to take one and I don't feel strongly about the job so I just whizzed through it. I have no idea if companies want all the "right answers" or if they will disqualify anyone who isn't actually honest. I feel like a list of adjectives is in no way a good indicator of what sort of employee I am.

I know some people here are managers at their jobs - do you use these tests? What do you actually want from them?

Any good stories about personality tests for jobs?
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Say something?

Do you rememmber what the last question I asked yesterday? Almost 100% people thought that the age is never a problem. Today, let me show you two pictures:

A 31 years old young man married with a lady who is already 64. Take it easy, there is more awesome:
27 vs 83!!
Now, say something? Sorry, I am not nosy, but you know that such things are quite unusual in China, I am just curious that what the western people think of it. 


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My two best friends are a couple and they're really strapped for cash right now.
I'd like to send them a little something...should I just send them cash or a gift card somewhere? If it's a gift card, should I make it a grocery store, target, or gas station?

How are you today?
What's up?

hyphenated last names?

What happens when a couple wants to get married and one wants to keep their last name and also take their spouse's last name, but both of their last names are hyphenated? Like one is named Leslie Jones-Smith and the other is named Taylor Brown-Williams. Would Leslie Jones-Smith then become Leslie Jones-Smith-Brown-Williams?
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I have a medical related question. Last night I went to the ER because of sever abdominal pains (sharp pains/spasms, not cramps). They said they're thinking I have PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). I've Google'd as much as I can but and coming up with pretty much nothing.

My fiance and I have been sexually active for over a year now. His previous girlfriend is the only other person he has had sex with (they were virgins). My previous boyfriend and I were also virgins.

If there has only been those two other people who had not been with anyone else, how is it possible that this could be because of an STD or STI?

I did read somewhere that it is possible to get PID "naturally" but there is no explanation as to how.

Is there anyone who can put my mind at ease? I can't get in touch with the hospital I was at to see if my blood work has been finished.

EDIT: The only symptoms I've had: pain occurring during sex (but not every time), pain outside of sex (but not all day everyday, just throughout the day), and low back pain.

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Have you had a spray tan before? Were you happy with the results?

I'm super pale, and interested in doing this, but I don't know if it would look right on me. So if you're pale and you've had one, tell me about it please?

public notary?

has anyone here ever had to use a public notary? I need a copy of my college diploma notarized for working overseas. And I'm having the hardest time even FINDING a notary near me (Chicago suburb and I'd rather not have to go all the way downtown). It seems like all of the listings are old and sketchy, like none have websites or the websites don't work, and when I call the number it goes to someone else. Finally I got one guy to answer and he spoke very broken English that I could barely understand over his accent and he directed me to his apartment address. I kind of want something a little less weird than that.

so...where are all the notaries? How do I find them? Do any banks have them? Or law firms or something? UPS keeps coming up but I think they only do signatures. Also about how much should I have to pay? any and all advice is helpful.

Kitten foundling questions

My landlord gave me a key to our super creepy basement underneath our building, a building on our small town Main Street that's over 150 years old. He had to go out of town, and wanted me to refill the water and food he left for a kitten he spotted. This basement is OLD, the wooden floor was crumbled to dust and the old bricks were disintegrating. Tons of cobwebs and ancient plumbing and coal remnants. After several days, I finally found the kitten. She's so little! Filthy, feral, and never having been in sunlight...she has a bad case of fleas, a swollen belly (worms?) and the most gorgeous blue eyes. She has teeth (boy howdy, does she, my fingers look like I was attacked by a mob of miniature vampires). I bathed her because, omg...poor baby was matted with dirt and flea shit.

I know she's a girl, but have no idea how old she is. I can't get her to the vet until next week. I have her wrapped up in a tee shirt and snuggled to my chest, and she's no longer shaking. I need help guessing her age and some advice. And cheap, CHEAP options until the 1st.

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How old is she and what are some reliable websites to advise on feral kitten care? Especially flea treatments.

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Can you think of any creative ways to market this picture that I need people to like on Facebook so that I can win a contest? The contest is 100% decided on Facebook likes. Right now I am not winning at all but I have until July 2nd.

I've been posting on a few event walls/groups that would include the types of people who would appreciate my need to win this contest, but not a lot of bites (but I've just started so, idk).

Here is what I am posting around, do you think it sounds friendly and not spammy? Would you change anything about it?

"PLEASE click on this picture and Like it! It will help me win the LED hoop of my dreams!

It will only take a couple seconds, and would mean the world to me if you helped out. If I win I'll totally let you play with my crazy hoop! Even if you're not into that, you can just play with the remote that changes the lights :)



Would you wear a purple gingham blouse with a purple scarf that has white polka dots on it?

Pants would be a solid color neutral. It looked cute when I held the scarf up to the shirt, but I've had a traumatic day and may not be thinking rationally.

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What gender stereotypes/double standards piss you off?

Mostly anything regarding what beauty should be or surrounding emotions and how we deal with them.  Also it pisses me off when people assume one person is better at something than another because of gender. 
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so i just got a little eyeball purse (maybe 6" by 6" circle) and now i want a little coinbag and/or small wallet to put in it. but it needs to be as fantastic as the eyeball purse it is going to go in. suggestions on where i should look?

dk/dc: will you describe to me your purse and/or wallet? pictures are a plus!

or maybe tell me what's in your purse? (i'm new to this whole purse thing)

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Visiting my new adorable niece reminds me what Bad News me personally being pregnant or having to care for a small infant would be. I know doctors are horrible to childless 25 year old women who want their tubes tied. But if they see they see I'm bipolar and have a type of cerebral palsy, they'll schedule me on the spot, RIGHT?

I personally can't even take the 25% chance of lithium giving the fetus a heart defect...let alone the exponentially higher risk of mania from first months' sleep deprivation. Arrgh, even thinking about being denied pisses me off.

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So I keep hearing that Apple won't sell to Persians speaking Farsi or something like that? I hate to believe this since I was at the store the other day and they sold a MacBook to a Persian couple speaking Farsi. I think Apple should address this and state that there is an embargo to the country not the Persian Americans living here. 

Has anyone else heard about this on the news?

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This is probably really stupid but i don't care. Aaliyah's song "Are you that somebody" came on the radio the other day..and i never really thought about it before.. but WHY IS THERE A BABY GIGGLING THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SONG??? Like the song isn't talking about babies are anything so why??

Is there a song or song lyrics that you don't quite understand? Will you post them so tqc'ers can answer them if we know what they mean?

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when a coworker asks you "how's it going?" how in-depth do you go in your response? (ranging from "fine" to a 30-minute recap of last night's erotic dream)

your significant other?

best friend?

and also, tqc...how's it going?