June 20th, 2012


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Do you like yard work?

spreading pesticides?
constructing fences?
weed wacking?
bush trimming?
tree cutting?
well digging?

what do you detest about yard work?

spreading pesticides?
constructing fences?
weed wacking?
bush trimming?
tree cutting?
well digging?

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Tomorrow I'm participating in that thing where a bunch of people do yoga in Times Square in the middle of the day. It's 1.5 hours long. The high is 96 degrees. I don't do much yoga, let alone hot yoga.

Am I gonna die?

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I've been desperate to stay in the area I went to uni in and just got offered a job.
I have an interview tomorrow back home for a job i'd probably really enjoy with more money, but i'd be living with parents in a town I don't like, so I don't really have any intention of taking it. Also, its only a 6 month contract.

Do I go to the interview tomorrow? I'm also meant to be working at a festival - if I don't go to the interview I can get on site much earlier and settle quicker. (And obviously please the boss!)

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Have any of you ever read the Nightwatch series? Have you ever seen the movies based on it? What do you think of them?

Also, would you identify as being a Light Other or a Dark Other? I'm pretty sure that I'd be a Dark Other; I'm not evil at all, but I can't really work with other people towards a goal or common agenda.
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Would you rather...?

Carry all your personal items in a hobo sack on a stick (instead of in your pockets or purse) forever
Be compelled to dance like a stripper whenever you saw a pole forever

Would you rather...?

Have genitalia that dinged like a microwave oven when you get turned on
Have genitalia that emits a loud buzz (like on Family Feud) when you get turned off

Would you rather have phone sex with...?

Tracy Morgan
Alex Trebek

Would you rather...?

Have your bedroom designed like a prison cell
Have your bedroom designed like a hamster cage

Would you rather...?

Use your mouth to change a light bulb (you have to keep at it until the bulb is replaced)
Use your mouth to flush a public toilet

For one full year, would you rather...?

Be forced to type or text using no vowels
Be forced to type or text using only your thumbs
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Hypothetically if you got accepted to two masters programs at the same university in two fields that you love very much would you make the attempt to do both?

Can you even do that?

I'm working on applying to Grad school and am dawdling between an MFA in Creative Writing or Screenwriting. I got my BFA in Film & Television with a focus on film editing and television screenwriting. Which seems more "practical"?

Semi serious answers appreciated.

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You can only eat one food for the remainder of the week. What do you pick?

Boiled potatoes (one topping only)
Candy bars
Chips/crisps (your choice of flavor)

You're on a first date. Your date seems nice enough and attractive enough. Then he/she says what they do for a living. Which of these jobs would be enough to make you think twice about there being a second date? Anything you don't check it's assumed that you can overlook their occupation. Things to consider: any shame in connection with dating someone who does this for a living, any ethical breach, any possibility of disease or death

Porn star
Retired porn star
Guy who cleans the booths at peepshow clubs
Makes a living shoveling dead animals off the freeway
Job involves emptying port-a-potties at concerts and fairs. His/her job is to connect the hose
Human guinea pig. Has an unusual contract with a science department where they're allowed to test drugs on him/her
Is hired to clean up death scenes that are particularly messy, such as suicides
Ron Paul election worker
Assistant to the chief lobbyist who's trying to destroy Planned Parenthood
Makes his money donating semen and blood
Hints that he/she is in the Witness Protection Program. Shouldn't be telling you, but you seem trustworthy. Hiding from the Mafia, who wants him/her dead. Government pays his/her way
Fetish model for some real deviant photos that sell for big $$$ in Germany. Admits that people have gone to the bathroom on him/her before
Is Dustin Diamond, formerly 'Screech' from Saved by the Bell
Bodyguard at a strip club
Dresses as a giant hot dog outside a Pinks hot dog stand, twirling a sign

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I've been talking back and forth and did one assignment for this woman's company. We discussed having an interview, threw a few dates around, and then she told me she'd get back to me to let me know a definite date to interview with her. She never gave me a definite interview date. Today she called and before even saying hello, she was like "So...I guess you forgot about your interview today?"

Am I a cranky bitch or is this totally unprofessional?
Is there anything you'd like to talk about?
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I have to have eye surgery next week because a bit of my retina is becoming detached.

I have to be under full narcose and I am scared to death. The surgery does not scare me, but being put under freaks the hell out of me.

Am I being a big baby about this?

Tell me something funny to cheer me up maybe?
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Have you ever lived in a high rise (even better if it was situated in the heart of a downtown area)? What were the pros and cons? Aside from living space size and noise which won't be issues.
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Photoshop CS5

Annoying question but I don't know how to ask Google without getting too complicated and verbose.

Every time I make a new layer I can't edit the layer before. The first layer (from bottom--closest to "background" layer) is set and I can't do anything with it unless I drag the layer to the top. All I am trying to do is separate my editing in case I want to completely delete one layer instead of having to press the "step backward" button. This seems so silly of a problem since that is what layers are made for but I can't seem to figure it out. I have not been on Photoshop in quite a long time so sorry if I sound pretty dumb right now!

Can anyone help me, please?

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I'm going to make breaded baked chicken legs for dinner tonight for my husband. He gets home at 2-3 am so I don't want to start it until about an hour before he gets home so its fresh and crispy. Would it be okay to prep the chicken now and let it sit in the fridge or would it get weird/dry?

Thanks in advance.
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spanish phrases

So, I answer phones and stuff after hours, and we do have someone on staff that speaks spanish but she isn't here after hours. So I'm suppose to transfer any spanish speaking calls to her voice mail and let them leave a message there.

I know no spanish.

I plugged the following phrases into google translate.

"I speak no spanish."
"I will transfer you to *name*. She speaks Spanish."
"What is your name?"
"What is your phone number?"
"Are you a current client or a new client?"
"Please hold."

Google Translate gives me the following:
"Que no hablan español."
"Que se le transferirá a *NAME*. Ella habla español."
"Su nombre es?"
"Su número de teléfono es?"
"¿Es usted un cliente actual o un nuevo cliente?"
"Por favor, mantenga."

Are they right, for what I'm going for?
The only one I'm extra not sure of is the 'mantenga', reverse translate says it means 'keep'. 'Espere' is another word I got, rephrasing that line, and reverse translate says 'expect' or 'wait'. Which phrase would be best here?
(also, any pointers on pronouncing those words? Is it straight forward?)

Do you deal with any foreign languages at your job? How do you handle them? (if being bilingual is part of your job, feel free to brag here too.)

yeah, yeah, on the day after my glasses were stolen.

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Phil just had some major emergency dental work and he is feeling pretty miserable because he can't chew his favorite hot weather snack (ice cold raw carrots) for awhile. On the plus side, he gets to eat gooshy food for a few days.

He needs some other ideas for snacks. He would like to know - what are your favorite soft snacks for hot weather? (They do not need to be dog-safe, because he likes to live vicariously through other people, but suggestions that he can eat would make him very happy too!)

Phil can't believe this had to happen on his unbirthday. He would like to know - when is your unbirthday?

Phil is somewhat placated by the fact that his bandage is his favorite color, blue (it matches his eyes!). He would like to know - what is your favorite color?

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Phil's best friend's name is Bishop. Phil would like to know - what does your best friend look like?

Edited to add: This was the third worst day of Phil's life. He would like to know - what was the third worst day of your life?

After a very harrowing day and near 100 degree weather, Phil's mom is drinking a homemade wine cooler (pinot grigio + raspberry lime spritzer, with a splash of lemon juice). Phil's mom would like to know - what are your favorite adult beverages for when it is way too hot out?
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Say you've been under an Aztec curse for something like eight years and unable to taste any food or drink. Upon breaking the curse, what would you eat/drink first?

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Let's say you won the lottery.

What would you do first with your winnings?

What's the most outrageous thing you would do?

After that, would you support family, friends, charities, etc.?

Douche move?

The sitch: the boyfriend and I have been talking about moving in together (me into his place, because it's in a better location for both of us). The lease at my place is up at the beginning of October; neither of us want to wait that long. 

I live in a 3 bedroom townhouse with two flatmates in a nice area. I'm friendly with my flatmates, but I wouldn't call us proper friends (we don't hang out much either at home or anywhere else), but they've known eachother since highschool. We've been living together since I moved to the city 14 months ago. I'm not actually on the lease, but both of them are. They're intending on moving somewhere else once the lease is up. If I wasn't moving in with the bf, I'm not 100% sure I'd be moving with them. None of the furniture in the house is mine, except for the stuff in my bedroom.

Do you think it would be a douche move of me to to leave with only 3 months left on the lease?

Edit - Just to clarify, our initial 12 month lease was up a few months back and they were both making noises about finding another place to move to. Suddenly changed their mind and re-signed another 6 month lease, pretty much without asking or telling me. Also if it makes any difference, I moved in last, have the smallest room and found out recently that I'm paying the most rent out of the 3 of us.

Although it's unrelated to the lease itself, it's also the 9th circle of hell level of cold in here and we're headed into winter. Seriously, I can see my own breath in my bedroom. Also, we have the crappiest hot water system ever. I would love to not experience another winter in this house if I can manage it.


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So there's BSC_Snark for Baby Sitters Club mocking, and this has me inspired. Are there any good horse mocking LJs websites? I grew up on Thorougbred and Saddle Club books and would love to read a mocking of them. :)

Dk/Dc: If you could change your name, what would it be?

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What kind of barriers do you use in the vehicle for your dogs?

Has your dog ever challenged it and succeeded in getting loose in the vehicle?

I have a weekend trip planned in July and I want to take my dog, but he panics anytime I leave him alone in the vehicle and jumps around between the front and back seat and cries really loud. Other than that he does really good on trips. Any advice on how to get him to chill out? I've tried sedatives before and they didn't work so well, he actually tore up the center console in my Mom's truck while on sedatives and he had never torn up anything in a vehicle before.

He's 5 years old now, if that influences any advice you can offer.

Thanks in advance for any help you can share!