June 19th, 2012

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What's the stupidest thing you've been advised to go to the doctor for?

I mentioned to my grandma that I have to wash my hair every day or it turns into a grease trap and she said I should go to a dermatologist. Yeah, I have several hundred dollars just sitting around for shit like that...

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My mom and I have been on poor terms for a few years. She's angry that I won't move back in with her and won't give me info for my FAFSA. When I ask her why she just says vague angry thinks like, "I owe you nothing" and "You seem to have developed a sense of entitlement". She can't be reasoned with because she's not being reasonable.

What can I do? My dad makes a lot more money, I really don't want to use his info. Neither of them give me money, I'd rather get as much aid as possible.
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My google-fu is failing me. If I get medical certification to go on disability leave for about five or six months (due to pregnancy, if that matters), is my job safe until I come back? I'm in California.

(I'd be taking the rest of my pregnancy off, then the six weeks after to recover from birth, then my FMLA leave.)

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Let's say you're at a party. You keep getting refills of your signature beverage. Every time you go to take a drink from your glass, you realize it's empty. What is happening to your drink? What might you say or think?

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Say your mother in law is passive aggressive and annoying as all get out and she comes to your house in the morning and sees your baby daughter's baby pool on the porch and says, "Isn't there any color other than pink?" would you open up all her birthday invites to add a note that the theme is pink and all gifts must be pink just to spite the bitch? WWTQCD??
Apparently this wasn't obvious enough: Non-srs answers please.
(I am just trying to get some laughs.)

Help me lesson plan...!

Apologies for the US-centric question, although I suppose people from all over can answer. =)

What are your favorite pieces of art and literature that represent what the author feels it means to be "American"? These could be positive or negative representations in any medium - visual art, audio, video, poetry, short stories, essays, etc. I'm teaching 11th grade American Lit in the fall and want to start out with a project where the students create something that represents their view of what America means to them, and I'd like to offer lots of examples.

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I intern with a girl who is very sweet and fun to be around. We also took a class together last semester and live in the same building. She tends to talk about her sex life/relationships quite frequently.  I don't really know her that well, but generally I'm completely okay with talking about sex. Sometimes, it feels less like a conversation and more like her just saying things for shock value. Today while we were waiting for the elevator she told me about a threesome she had with two of her gay friends, and I couldn't fake a reaction beyond "oh ok".

Do you have any friends like this? How do you deal with them?

Would you have a threesome with two of your friends if they weren't attracted to your gender?

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Do you look like your significant others' exes? If not, how much of a difference is it? Do you think he/she has a "type"?

(I saw a picture of my boyfriend's last gf. She is 4'11, blonde, tan, and has giant knockers. I am pale, brunette, slender and 5'9 lol),

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Which of these cakes sound most delicious to you?

Also for another food question. In a few weeks my parents are hosting their annual crawfish party. I always like to make a finger food and a dessert, so there's more than just crawfish and for when the crawfish are cooking.

Last year I made empanadas stuffed with jambalaya as a finger food and brownies for a dessert. What should I make this year?

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Teachers of TQC:

Pretend you are going to a voluntary tech conference where different teachers in your district will present information about technology they have used in the classroom.

What would you like to know about getting students blogging?
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what kind of blanket do you use in the summer? a sheet is too lightweight for me + i'm often cold, but right now i only have a winter comforter and some nights it's too warm since i don't have air conditioning. i live in portland, so summer is still pretty cool.

has anyone used the warmth rate 1 or 2 comforters from ikea? opinions?

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If you have one, what's your favorite color or shade of lipstick?

I'm all about the brownish, purple-y raisin tones myself, but I also love rich, blue-toned reds. Revlon's Really Red matte lipstick on top of a burgundy lip liner is my favorite and I get compliments every time I wear it!

What about blush?

I love all blush, pretty much. But I really love when I wear a nude lip because than I can wear Lorac's Flaunt (hot pink) blush. NARS New Order is amazing too, imo.

Do you have anything with skulls on it?

I used to have a shirt with a skull on it but I'm not sure where it went :(


I know I shouldn't be impatient with my children. But I find myself repeating things to them what seems to be a million times. I am trying to teach my 3 1/2 year old his numbers and alphabet. But I get impatient and I try not to show the impatience with him. How long does it take to teach a kid their numbers? Am I starting to early or should I have started months ago? I don't know. I want him to be ready for kindergarten. I tend to get frustrated and impatient to easily. I am wondering if I should put him into preschool and have them try to teach him? Yet I don't really have the money and I don't know if I could get help paying for it from somewhere. any ideas on how to teach him his numbers and what not to get him ready for school?  I just need some advice/help.

Crowdsourcing my curiosity

1. Do you run hot or cold? Are your hands normally warm and sweaty or cool and dry?
2. What's your body type?
3. Do "bowl" and "bull" sound different? What about "pole" and "pull"?
4. Where are you from?

1. I tend to run warm; my hands are almost always warm unless it's seriously freezing.
2. I'm short and slightly pudgy
3. No! And whenever I reveal that I pronounce them the same way I get scoffed at, which is why I'm curious to see if I have brethren.
4. Arizona