June 18th, 2012

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Will you post picture(s) of your favorite nail polish colors?

Pretty sure I've asked this question before but I think it's fun. :) Mine in the comments!

Finish the Sentence

"I remember back in the day on Livejournal when ______."

I remember back in the day when I didn't have to pay or sell out to ads to have 50 userpics, Scrapbook space, and Russia hadn't taken over yet. No offense to the Russians of course, Google Translate has eased that pain a little bit.
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Hi. Hello. Howdy TQC.
I'll probably fall asleep within the hour, but I thought I'd let my frustrations out in my first post here. 

So, about 7 hours ago, I was taking a nap. I was tired from work and I really needed it. When I woke up it was 10:30 in the evening. I slept for about an hour. Before I went to sleep, my mom was in the living room. When I woke up; no mom. I've searched everywhere (not that she's a lost sock or anything) but no sign of her. There's no note, she didn't text or call. Nothing. It's now almost 5 in the morning and I can't sleep at all. I've called her about 10 times, no answer. She usually leaves a note when she does this, so I'm actually quite pissed. She didn't even lock the door while I was sleeping. And we live in a pretty sketchy neighborhood.. 

What would you do if this happened to you?
i say, old bean

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anyone here watch Gunsmoke/Marshall Dillon?
what do you think of Chester pretending to have a limp on tv for 20 years?
it just boggles my mind, personally, but my dad thinks nothing of it.

are there any other actors/actresses who have done similar things for their career?

mostly shameless:
are any of you burger king customers? have you tried their new whoppers/chicken sandwiches?

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Has anyone seen this one man acapella Bramble (from Donkey Kong) Medley on YouTube?  What do you think?

Completely unrelated, when making chocolate chip cookies do you sample the dough?

(I probably sample more dough than I should, though I can tell you exactly how the cookies will turn out from tasting the dough.)

TV Shows?

What are some TV shows you'd recommend? I like dark stuff, shocking twists, people being hilarious assholes. I really don't like cheesy, unbelievable faux-dramas like Bones and House.

Some of my favorites for reference: Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, Shameless, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Is revenge worth watching?

Inspired by a very current event

If you absolutely HAD to choose, no exceptions or escape hatches or whatever, which would you rather have: the ability to criticize and hold your leaders accountable (freedom of speech/press/assembly) OR the ability to follow your own minority community's belief system, free of harassment or worse from the majority (freedom of religion)?

Show your work.

Edit: Imagine, for argument's sake, that the tradition/sense of community/ritual is something you value very much.

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Can you summarize the sexual activity in 50 Shades of Grey for me? Why are people so obsessed with this book? I don't like reading books but I'm sooooo curious what has everyone's knickers soaked. 

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When someone tells you they'll call you as soon as they can decide what day they have available for an interview, should you expect that they'll actually call you to schedule an interview, or is this basically another "don't call us, we'll call you (and you never heard from them)" statement?

Cause I made a complete ass of myself turning in a (somewhat promising) resume today but the manager still told me this so now I'm wondering if I should continue to feel really depressed or if I should look forward to the opportunity to redeem myself.


Have you ever punched someone in the face? Why? Was there significant damage done? Did you feel better afterward?

I don't think I've ever punched anyone in the face. I feel like I'm missing out.

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You're on a first date with somebody. They're cute and seem interesting and decent enough. You're going to see a movie with them. In the theater, they do or say something that may or may not bother you to the point of ceasing all further dates with this person. Anything you don't check it's assumed that the offense isn't that bothersome to you and you could accept that in an individual. What would be a dealbreaker as far as movie ettiquette goes?

"I'm not too hungry, so I'm only going to have about a dollar's worth of popcorn, and I'll take a few sips of your soda. My share for the snacks will be about a $1.25 then. You owe me $6.75"
Midway through the movie, pulls out his/her cell phone and returns the text they just received
Talks during the movie. You politely try to shush them, but they keep on talking to you in a normal tone of voice, indifferent to the other moviegoers
Their cell phone rings (it wasn't muted), and he/she actually answers the call. It's just a friend wanting to know what they're doing. A 5 minute phone call
"That guy behind me is kicking my chair on purpose. Hold my drink while I stand up and yell at him to stop" (this is during the climax of the movie)
At the beginning of the movie, your date takes out a small camera and proceeds to film the entire movie. For piracy purposes, you're guessing
Talks to the movie screen. "Don't go in there! What are you, stupid! Seriously, don't open that door!!" Rather loudly, People are looking at you guys
Pulls out a flask of whiskey. Offers to share. Proceeds to drink from the flask through the movie
"This is a pretty good movie. And dinner was pretty awesome. I'd better get laid after this"
Towards the end of the movie, your date pulls our their cell phone and proceeds to start playing a game. Obviously bored and not following the story because no one's getting shot at
Comes to the seat with 2 boxes of popcorn, a soda, a hot dog and candy. Turns out, it's all for him/her. Your date didn't ask if you wanted anything
"I hope there's not a lot of talking in this movie. I get so bored when there's too much dialogue. Explosions are where it's all"
You're watching Snow White & the Huntsman, and your date is clinging your arm "Does this movie have scary parts? I hate scary movies! I can't look now because I don't know if it's safe!"
"Man, Blake Lively's got some nice titties. Wouldn't it be awesome if she pulled them out? I'd be like 'SWEET!'"
I wouldn't discriminate against anybody for their behavior at the movies.

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How do you respond to self depreciating fat-phobic comments from people you aren't close to?

Someone has just said to me (in regards to a medical issue) "Anything I do to help it just fails. Now I'm all pudgey and bleh" and I don't know what to do besides back out of the (online) room quietly.

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Do any of your pets resemble people or celebrities? Do you resemble your pets? Will you MS Paint (just google image if you're lazy) what you think your pets would look like as humans?

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That's my dog as Ed Asner. You can't see it there because he was a puppy, but he's part pug and his fat weird sausage body doesn't help the resemblance. 
dk/dc- Do you have any pictures of your first pet? Do you remember their name?
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Wedding and engagement rings aside, do you have a piece of jewellery that you wear everyday? What is the significance behind it?

DK/DC/None: Do you have a favourite video game? What's the longest you've ever spent on said game in a day?
The Sims 2...uh a long time. 

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Okay, a rather embarrassing question... Please bear in mind that I dream about EVERYTHING, often having dreams in which I act true of my character, and often not.

Last night I had ANOTHER incestuous dream. Making out with my brother. Half way through the dream I started feeling sick and said 'umm.. does this feel completely wrong to you?' and then I woke up. I have had two sexual dreams about my brother before, one about my father and one about my mother. None of them have been pleasant or enjoyable in the slightest (especially upon waking up).

Has this ever happened to you!? I have never asked anyone this before so I don't know if this is absolutely revolting, completely normal, or just plain hilarious.

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Who's your best friend? Or friends, if you have multiple best friends. Why are you best friends? What do you talk about the most?

Are you in love with anybody right now? Why are you in love with them?

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If you're a lady, can you orgasm from intercourse alone? If you're a man, how easy is it for you to get someone off this way? Is there any common sex advice/"knowledge" that you find just does not apply to your sex life at all?

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Hey TQC! I'm going on vacation in the fall to a mountainy, probably rainy and possibly snowy place. I live in SoCal, so I only have like, sandals, flats, heels and a pair of sneakers, which I'm assuming will be totally inappropriate footwear for traipsing about in the damp wilderness. What type of footwear would you suggest? I don't want to get giant ol' hiking boots, but I don't think that regular rainboots would be durable enough for hiking? I would like something that I could also wear here in SoCal on the rare occasions that it rains, so I would definitely like something waterproof...What would you suggest? I have no idea what to look for, or what is good when it comes to cold-weather wear.

Bonus points for linkage!

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Should I feel bad about not giving a stranger a ride? I was on my front porch when a lady walking by asked if I'd give her a ride to get her medicine. I said no because I don't let strangers in my car or house. But I feel bad because she's probably a nice person.

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Does anyone know what game this is?  It's an online game where you are running something like a McDonald's, you have cows, process them, try to get your sales up, some cows get diseased and you have to get them out of the production line.  

I found it.  What are some short-lived fast food items you miss?  Seasonal items?

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Do you like camping? What are your favourite camping activities?

How can I convince my boss to not make us wear two inch heels with our camping outfits for a theme party on Thursday? It's going to look ridiculous.
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Oh the Games

Hello world of TQC,

I am currently a counselor at our city summer camp and I will admit...I suck at picking games to play with them. I have a group of 12 boys and today we had one cry because he could not run fast nor was he picked to play Thor in this weird Avengers game one of the campers suggested. 

So here I am baring my soul and begging...begging for you to give me games to play and play and play and play all day so I don't tear my hair out. 

So game suggestions/how to play them?

EDIT: The boys are 7-8

Hello. Pick a playlist off of 8tracks.com that really speaks to you and post it here. 

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what do you think of the fat acceptance movement?

what is your favorite dip to make? it can be for anything... for chips and dip, vegetable dip, pita dip, dip for yam/sweet potatoe fries? I am obsessed with dip lately and need new options. currently my favorite is pizza surprise dip for tortilla chips. (sour cream and cream cheese equal parts blended together, with a layer of salsa, topped with green onions and shredded cheese!
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Hey tall ladies, where can you find cute dresses that aren't suuuuuuper short (online)?

I have a lot of trouble buying dresses for summer. I buy a mid-length dress and it's an ass-hanging-out mini dress. ;-;

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I've found the most amazing, fantastic, incredible recipe for mac n cheese. I substitute Chipotle Gouda (a sort of creamy cheese) for the Pepper Jack and am thinking of doubling the amount I use next time.

My problem is that every time I add the butter at the end the cheese becomes SUPER stringy. I like it better before adding the butter, when the texture is smooth and creamy. Google tells me stringy cheese is a result of overheating, but when the cheese is added the skillet is removed from heat and the stringiness doesn't happen till the butter is added, so I'm thinking it's the butters fault and heat isn't the issue.

How should I fix this? I'd rather not omit the butter completely since I'm sure it does something for the flavor. Could I add it at a different point in the recipe? Would softening the butter or melting it make a difference? I need to make this for a party soon and I want it to be perfect, help!
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have you ever been on holiday and DIDN'T go to the sights/places it's best known for?
do you regret it?

cause i've been to Israel twice now and haven't been to the Dead Sea and it feels weird. not that it's the only thing to do there, but yeah