June 17th, 2012


Is it polite to...

Is it polite for a waiter or store staff to ask you out of the blue, as the first thing in a conversation, where you are from or ask it not as the first thing (first thing being something about the weather), but not take your current city in the US for the answer and dig deeper and farther? What business of theirs is it?

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Has anyone here had a tonsillectomy as an adult? What was your recovery like?
I have the surgery booked for August 20th, but my consultant is advising that if I'm not ill in regards to my throat between now and then not to go ahead. I want it done, I have had a horrible track record this year with my throat so I wanna know what the fallout might be like if I proceed.

DK/DC/My body is perfect and I have never had to have surgery: What's the least amount of sleep you can survive on?

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TQC, my dad has offered to pay for a hotel if my SO and I want to go away for a weekend this summer. We live in south-western CT, and I'd ideally like the destination to be a four hour drive or less away. Boston's a thought, as is Saratoga NY, but my SO has never really travelled so I want to take him EVERYWHERE. Where would you go, TQC?
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Septic system question

Yesterday we got our first rain at our new house. A couple hours after the rain stopped, the ground was mostly dry except for an almost perfectly rectangular patch about 12 by 15 feet, downslope from the cleanouts. Is that probably where our leach field is?
she blinded me with science!

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How can I get mothball smell out of old books?

I bought two books at a used bookstore, and they both smell strongly of mothballs. I can literally taste it in the air as I'm reading them. Blergh!

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While on vacation/holiday, you run into your boss/superior, who is there with thier family/friends. They seem to want to hang out with you socially. What do you do?

Hang out with the boss!
Flee, flee!

You are forced to play god with the life of a newborn baby. What fate do you choose for it?

An utterly miserable first 10 years of life, then things get loads better.
Utterly miserable last ten years of life, before which things were groovy.

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What was your first impression of your significant other(s)? Were they good from the very start?

Have you ever had just a so-so first impression of someone only to be pleasantly surprised after getting to know them a bit more?
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How sick will one get if they haven't eaten meat in 6 months or so and decide to go back to eating meat?

I've googled but all I've gotten are some answers about ones who haven't eaten meat in years.

I'd prefer srs answers, but non srs are okay.

Cat stuff

What is the wildest thing youve ever caught your cat doing?

If you were a cat, what kind of home would you live in and what kind of cat would you be?

Do you think its okay to be a crazy cat lady as long as the animals have good living conditions?

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An eccentric billionaire owns a small shop with good foot traffic and ample parking. She holds a lottery every year to give someone a chance to run their very own business for a year, at which time they must take their business elsewhere. All materials, workspace, staff, advertising, etc would be provided. The winner tells the EB what they want to do and the EB plans it all out (it will always succeed if the winner makes good choices), the winner just needs to step in and make it work.

You entered the lottery and WON!

What kind of business would you like to start?

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What is your favorite board game?

Which game would you consider yourself to be the best at?

Do you get competitive playing games? Do you ever cheat? If you're playing with a little kid, do you try to let them win?

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TQC- I'm counseling at a camp and it's hot. I'm in Terre Haute and it's going to be in the mid 90s the whole time I'm here. This isn't like an outdoors camp, it's for government (Girls State, anyway?) so I'm in dressed in business casual all day, err day and in a dorm with no air conditioning. 

How can I keep cool?