June 16th, 2012

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What time is it where you are and where are you from?
Are you doing anything interesting tomorrow?

It's currently midnight here in Glasgow, Scotland.
I'm working a 13 hour shift tomorrow, so nothing too exciting.

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A good friend of mine was seeing this guy for almost a year.  They were friends, lovers, told each other they loved each other and were exclusive but didn't call each other boyfriend/girlfriend.  One day, he kind of freaked out and disappeared.

Months later, it turned out he was being transferred cross country for work.  He insisted that the week before he leaves, he wanted to spend every day of the week with her.

She thought this was kind of random, since they hadn't talked in months and he had disappeared and things weren't left on the best of terms.
I think this is kinda crazy.
Does this seem weird or is this normal?

Fantasy Honesty

Be truthful in this semi-anonymous setting: How do you REALLY think you would behave if you came face to whatever (...face?) with a space alien? Or maybe a real warlock? Or whatever?
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How soon do you think feelings should come for another person?
How soon do you think It's okay to fall in love?
How fast do you think a relationship should go?
Do you believe in love at first sight?

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can you tell me an IRL Nasty McNasty pants story??? PLZ?

Yanno...about that time you went out one night...and when you woke up in the morning and there were two naked strangers next to you...and wait...that was my ROOMMATE...and it gets better...

bug questions

1. I live in an apartment without AC or fans and the temperature is regularly in the 90's, so keeping all windows open is necessary to stay cool. There are no mosquito nets on the windows, though, and I keep spending at least half the night awake because of mosquito bites (I have a thing where once I get a few, I freak out and start feeling like my entire body is incredibly itchy). Assuming procuring proper window nets is not in my abilities or budget, are there any other solutions that might help me control the mosquito problem?

2. There are also a lot of ants in the apartment. Much less annoying of a problem, but well. Keeping in mind that windows/doors are open all the time, and limited budget, any ideas for dealing with them?

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They say that autism and related disorders is associated with an extreme male brain, and psychosis with an extreme female brain. Based on test results from the SQ and EQ, studies have shown some evidence to support this. So, what do you think? I'm personally very interested in this theory.

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TQC! You've been offered two jobs. Which do you take?

1. Work is in your field, but it's a bit boring. It's permanent with benefits of full health care, 2 weeks vacation, and a possible 5k annual performance bonus. The locations (you'd be working from several locations) is easy to get to anywhere you live in the city. You're currently looking at apartments where one location you go to several days a week is walking distance, and you'll have that client for years.

2. This is your dream job. It also pays 6k more every year. They offer you to work at home on occasion and is only 35 hours/week. It has no benefits, no vacation, and is a 6 month contract. They assure you they're in the process of making you permanent, but that takes 6 months, hence the contract. You've been unemployed for a year before, and heard the same "well, we're trying to make you permanent!" excuse before at your last job only to find out they never actually do permanent jobs. However, everyone else working there has been there for over a decade. The location of the job means you're living in a significantly more expensive place to make the commute bearable for you and your SO (unemployed/in school) and are probably downsizing.

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"If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second."

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?
I just StumbledUpon the quote (it was attributed to Johnny Depp) and I'm interested in hearing TQC's thoughts on this.
Bite me, bitch...

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What are some must read books? I'm at the library and want to go home with a few great stories.

[I've checked out:]
A book about learning American Sign Language
The Red Tent
The Last Child
and an anthology of fiction

That's more than enough to keep me occupied for now. I appreciate all the recommendations and will probably pick up others when I return these. :)

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Do you have trouble swallowing medication?  Question thanks to my son getting yet another prescription for antibiotics. It had specific instructions to 'drink a lot of water'. So I looked up "how much water should you drink to swallow a pill". This site http://www.wikihow.com/Swallow-a-Pill popped up.

What's the largest item you have ever had to pay postage on? Question inspired by my irked feeling after mailing a package today. I was told I could just mail a well-taped up tin. But at the store had to pay nearly 4$ for a damn box. If I had known I would've just boxed it up my self.

Are you interested in horse breeds? This question brought to you because I was passed by some asshole with a horse trailer. He curbed it and the horse went nuts. I wish I could have gotten the plates. Then, later on FaceBook, I saw a horse that looked like spun sugar and was so lean it didn't look real. Google image search of "Akhal Teke" shows some good pics of this if you're interested.
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What is your social capital on livejournal? 
If you want to play along select under account settings/display tab "Cyrillic Services".  It takes 24 hours for services to display social capital. 

My social capital is only a 17 which is low but I think it is neat to know.  Who do you think in TQC has the highest social capital? 

What kind of blogs and tumblrs do you enjoy watching?  Why?  Do you have a couple you like to name (please use this time to talk about your own blog/tumblr if you have one!)? 

Tumblr noob needs help

I've got a bunch of tumblr posts 'liked' but several of the originating blogs may be deleted soon. I'd really like a way to save these posts and was wondering if rebloging them on my own tumblr would be a way to do that, even if the OP deletes their post/entire blog. Does the original poster get a notification every time someone reblogs a post of theirs? Also, if I reblog a post from a person who has themselves reblogged it (ie-they are not the OP) does it stay on my tumblr even if the OP later deletes? What if the person who reblogged it deletes but the OP does not? Do the same rules apply for 'likes"? If I 'like' a post that is later deleted, does it still stay on my likes? What if I like a re-blog instead of the OP? What happens to my likes if the OP deletes? Or if the reblogger deletes but the OP does not? My apologies if this is confusing, I can try to clarify anything if need be. Thanks for any help you can provide with this.
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I just purchased a small frozen carrot cake from Trader Joe's. It's actually called Karat Cake. LOL

It was an impulse buy.

Will this turn out to be a mistake? Or glorious sweet nibbling?

What was your last impulse buy? How did it work out for you?

portable food

Okay so you guys have already seen my post about planning my mom's secret graduation party.

I am trying to think up some food. I don't mind doing some purchasing when I get there but a) I don't want to splurge on pre-made food, like a deli tray and b) the only grocery store there is really small so pickings are slim.

The car ride will be about 7 hours and we'll have a cooler. We are making the food Wednesday night, driving up Thursday, and stashing the food in someone's house until Friday afternoon.

What are some party-friendly foods that will survive this adventure?
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The Arizona DOT wants TQC to make haiku about haboobs (sandstorms).

Can you do better than me?

Big wind lifts the earth
coiling dragon biting tail
cookout is ruined


High wind
earth takes flight
dust reigns

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How do you decide when you should keep your thoughts to yourself and when not to?

Situation : I did some photos today for a return customer, for her 6 month old, we were talking as she was strapping him into his carseat and I noticed, not only is he forward facing (which is illegal before 12 months and not recommended until 2 years or beyond) but she had him in a toddler booster seat.

I was a bit shocked at the time and just kind of...smiled awkwardly....but now...I feel like on the one hand I should say something, but my husband thinks I should mind my own business.

I was thinking I would email her some info when I send her the final proofs of her photos tonight...good idea or no?

Shes a sweety...I cant really see her going postal, but I have had so many people blow up on me that Im pretty skiddish about these things.


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Have you ever gotten a consolidation loan?  How did that work out for you?  Do you think it's a good idea to get one?  I have the chance to apply for a Special Direct Consolidation Loan that is being offered by the US Department of Education to consolidate my two school loans (perhaps others here have the chance too).  According to my research (unless I'm wrong) it would basically be the same as paying it every month, except I would have one payment a month instead of two (I have two loans) and the interest rate on the loans will drop from 6.8% to 6.55%

here is a link talking about it.  actually I put the wrong one it's this one.

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Do you ever watch Undercover Boss?  They always give the dudes the worst wigs to help disguise themselves.  A lot of the questions they ask to the employees that are training them are so giving/suspicious.  

Have you ever been planning to buy something for a while, really wanting it, and then you go to buy it (online) and just waver for a long while even though you KNOW you want it?
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Could you still have a special someone if they did not like certain parts of you but never verbalized it (let say you could read their mind/tone of their voice/laugh)? 
Or would they're lack of verbalizing the dislikes make you distrust them?