June 14th, 2012

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I'm turning 20 in a couple weeks. Should I do something to celebrate? What should I do? (I live in NYC and don't have a fake ID.)

What was your favorite birthday?
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For those of you that have tattoos, what would it take for you to have them removed?  
I've been trying to think of a situation and I just...  can't.

For everyone else, what was the last thing you were anxious about?
I had an interview with disability this morning, but I was too sick to go.  I had a nice little panic attack about it on Tuesday.
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2 things

Would any UK TQCers be interested in some kind of meet up?

It's my birthday today but I am going to be on my own during the day. Normally I would just go into town and treat myself to a nice lunch but I have no money to spend. What sort of thing can I do to occupy myself that is somehow celebratory and free?
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1. Do you have a fear of ending up like your mom or dad?

2. What are traits that you dislike in your parents that you don't want to have in yourself - but are worried that they do indeed perhaps exist?

3. What is a product that you like so much you buy back-ups of it?
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A reoccurring soul....

I dream constantly... Whether my dream be of the fight or flight genre, love, partying, or completely random; there is one reoccurring soul that always ends up in it... I will name this person Jacssie (Jack-see). I have not spoken to this person in a very long time, almost 6 years now... We did not leave on the best terms, but did not leave on bad terms either, in all of my dreams where Jacssie enters or re-enters (because the majority of my dreams have several episodes) the same situation happens which is almost always identical. I will see Jacssie from a short distance, always through a crowd, and the only thing I can see is Jacssie's head. When we pass by, we lock eyes for a moment as if this was our way of saying hello. Then some dude always comes up and introduces himself, his name I can never remember. Sometimes this happens at the beach, sometimes at a bar, or even at my house...

In my most recent dream I was battling half human half animal creatures/beast protecting some kind of an entrance at the base of a mountain.. When I became lucid I looked down at my right hand and carried with me a legendary sword called Sul'Thraze (from a video game I used to play called W.O.W) along with a bow made from titanium and arrows with purple fletchings... With a team of 5 (1 Warrior, 2 Archers, 1 Rogue and myself) I was circling with the massive Sul'Thraze and cleanly slicing the creatures into pieces, changing stances, flowing between swinging forms like currents in the ocean, and switching to my bow when needed be.. I became separated from my team, and with my back against a mountain wall I faced four beasts alone.. Instead of waiting for them, I took the initiative hoping for them to attack.. success. As my forward attack commenced one of the beasts charged. I side stepped to my left then while kneeling onto my right knee I butchered through both of it's legs. As the second thwarted forward, with an upward slash similar to a boxers uppercut, serenely split the second beast into two. The remaining two creatures, paused, as if they didn't want to attack.. I waited.. They attacked. As they took their first steps, I readied my stance to face the two of them; when all of a sudden they fell forward and hit the ground like trees timbering to the earth. I looked behind them and saw my team, 50 yards away.. the two archers with their bows aimed with no arrows knocked.. As I was about to call them for a regroup I counted heads and realized the Rogue and Warrior were not with them; more than likely dead.. In a moment of pause I heard a familiar voice scream. Like a dire-wolf sniffing out it's prey I immediately turned 90 degrees to my right and viewed Jacssie's body on the ground between two massive creatures attempting to crawl away backwards in fright.. One had the head of a bear and body of a man, the other had the head of an Ox with the body of a man. They were about to slay Jacssie. In a haste-full fashion I knocked an arrow, took aim, and at the apex of my breath let loose; striking the arrow through it's throat. And without hesitation repeated for the second (I did not miss). Out of nowhere the same random guy took off his helmet, then came up to me and introduced himself.. I ignored the random, and replaced my eyes on Jacssie.. For the first time in all of my dreams, I saw her mouth the words, "Thank you..." then proceeded to run back away from danger unscathed.... The fighting continued... screams of death and agony billowed through the mountain, as the overwhelming numbers were about to overtake the entrance, I found my back against another wall for the second time in my dream.. My Archers no longer had arrows and relied on their two short swords.. I knocked my last arrow, took aim at the biggest bastard I could find.. and upon release... my brain "teleported" me into reality..

Now I ask all you dreamers... your thoughts? 
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who is the most beautiful person you have met (face to face, exchanged words with) in your life?

who is the smartest person you've ever met?

what is the most delicious meal that you can remember eating?

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Like many large cities, San Francisco has a problem with panhandlers. To try to combat this issue a new program has just been created where panhandlers may receive $75/week if they stop panhandling and foster a puppy.

Applicants will be screened to weed out the homeless and those with severe mental issues or a history of violence. Those caught panhandling while in the program will lose the animal.

The intent is that this could bring about job skills for the pandhandlers while also providing more time for some pups who'd otherwise likely be euthanized.


What do you think about this program?
Do you feel panhandling is an issue where you live? Has your local government taken steps to combat panhandling?
Any thoughts on panhandling?

First Question Attempt!

Does anyone know anything as far as the region of the brain referred to as the "durum"? this is apparently NOT referring to the dura mater but an actual region somewhere near the medulla / occipital lobe area in a trajectory posterior to the mouth. Apparently this is an area that a neuro ICU nurse referred to as a main injury point however all of my anatomical knowledge combined with google-fu is failing me!

DK/DC/TLDR I'm hungry but don't know what I want to eat, what should I feed myself today?

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How far in advance is too far in advance to have a child's birthday party?

(My mother lives in another state and doesn't get to visit much due to poor health and her job, but she is coming in August. My children's 4th birthday is in October, but I'm thinking of having their birthday party while she is here so she can be apart of it. She really only gets to come visit every two-three years. So I'm wondering if it's in poor taste to have the party two months in advance so she can be apart of it.)
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Have you ever made beer can chicken on a grill before? Do you have any tips?
I am pretty new to grilling but would like to try making it this weekend.

How well do you handle being apart from your SO?
My bf (whom I live with) is away working at a summer camp for three weeks and omg I feel like there's something wrong with me. I'm doing a bit better now, but during the first 4 days or so I pretty much just sat around feeling lonely. :( 

Do you have a summer project of any sort? What is it?

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My boss seems to hate me. And now, hearing all the things she has said about me and has done to make my life difficult [which I had no idea she was going out of her way to do] I'm not terribly fond of her either.

And now she's called in sick and I've been asked to come in on my day off. Unfortunately though, it would have been another coworker screwed over if I said no, so I agreed.

Have you ever had a coworker dislike you enough that she made working with her difficult?

Have you ever made some coworkers life more difficult?

Can you give me a story of someone doing something just to mess with you at work?

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Which would you rather do?

Remove one of your own teeth with pliers (without anesthetic)
Remove all of Paris Hilton's teeth with pliers (without anesthetic), as she screams and pleads for mercy

Which would you rather do?

Accidentally get Superglue in your sexual lubricant
Accidentally get Superglue in your toothpaste

Which would you rather do?

Shave your best friend's eyebrows while they slept
Attend your best friend's wedding & reception in an outfit made entirely out of toilet paper, with nothing underneath

Which would you rather do?

Earn $10,000,000 in a job, which fired 100,000 people to afford your salary
Give up all your money and belongings (car, computer, ALL), and in exchange, 100,000 unemployed people get jobs

Which would you rather have happen to you?

Invariably get stuck behind someone at least a foot taller than you at every movie, concert, etc., for the rest of your life
Shed your hair every autumn, like some trees shed their leaves

Which would you rather do?

Get a Mentos and Diet Coke enema
Gain 10 pounds in one random place on your body

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I seem to recall someone here saying they are from Florence, SC. I'll be driving down there tomorrow and staying for 2 weeks. All the friends I did have down there have since moved away. What can I do for fun? Is there anywhere to meet people? My recollection of living down there was going to Wal-Mart and hanging out at the Waffle House.

I will also be in Myrtle Beach for 3 days. I'm open to suggestions there too.

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How do you feel about parents having friends (complete strangers to the child) approach and try to coax their children into a vehicle? In effort to see if their children will run away or get into the car. Is it a good idea or traumatizing?

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TQC, I'm having a small dinner party tonight with my boyfriend, one of our mutual friends, and one of my co-workers. My boyfriend and our other friend know each other but my coworker only knows me. How awkward will this be? What should I do to keep the conversation from getting stagnant and awkward? Wine will be helping.
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Video game players, what would you recommend to someone who wanted a game with the following stipulations?
• First-person shooter
• Minimal-to-no storylines (Or conversely, mindblowing storylines. But I mean mindblowing.)
• Not historically based, and no zombies (Futuristic shit is all right, though.)
• Available for the XBOX 360

On the other hand, will you just talk about video games you love?

Hair Advice!

Will you please tell me if I could pull off blunt bangs? Or perhaps very thick sideswept bangs? (I would want the shortest layer to be at or above my eyebrow, none of that to-the-cheekbone-but-I'll-call-it-bangs business)

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Every time I get bangs I half-ass it and am never satisfied so maybe I just need to go all out and get blunt bangs? IDK. Also to consider: the hair along my hairline likes to curl buuuut I do have a flat iron so....

(EDIT!) I went to the hair salon today. Results are posted in TQC updates!

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Do you think a fitted, short-sleeved denim shirt and black flats would work? What about a light blue, solid, sleeveless button up with black flats? What sort of belt do you think would go along with that (because the waist is kind of boring)?
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Are you watching the season finale of Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding tonight?

Which of the real housewives do you like the best / hate the most?

Use this post to discuss The Real Housewives of ________________.
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what's the most important part(s) of your fitness regimen?

weight training
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I'm going to NJ next month. What delicious goodies should I bring home with me?

So far I can only think of bagels and napoleons.

I plan on stuffing a cooler full with as much food as I can since I don't anticipate having a reason to ever go back to NJ after this. I have a budget of $100.

Oh man, I'm so gonna get some White Castle. I hope it's as good as 14 year old me remembers it to be! And diners! I'm gonna get a milkshake and a grilled cheese.
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What's something you like now that a younger version of yourself would be horrified/angry/embarrassed to find out?

I used to be terrified of octopuses. Terrified. We had one at the local aquarium and whenever my parents would get me even remotely close to its tank I would FREAK OUT. So I think if my four year old self would probably go into cardiac arrest if she discovered that I make a living by taking care of them.

Also, I think my teenage self would be equally horrified is she found out I stopped dying my hair and took out all my piercings.  But she might forgive me once I tell her that I'm saving up money to get a branding tattoo.
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what tv show should i watch next? something on right now or preferably streamable/downloadable.

i've watched the pilot/first few eps of the following recently & they failed to interest me: breaking bad, game of thrones, girls, veep. i generally like comedies. sorry u guys that i could not get into breaking bad or GoT don't judge me too hard

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Do you know where I can get dress slacks in really tiny sizes/run small (I've tried Banana Republic--too big. Target--too big)? I need 4-5 pairs for work and am having no luck.

When it comes to petite pants, does that just affect length or is the sizing different as well?
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Any good comic books or graphic novels y'all can recommend?

I like Sandman, Bone, Maus, Blankets.... I honestly haven't read a lot. I wouldn't object to superhero comics either; I'm fond of X-Men (a couple of the films and Ultimate X-Men) but the mythology is so huge and I don't really know where to start. I'm in the middle of The Walking Dead right now and it's excellent; I'm a fan of post-apocalyptic stuff. Would be interested in scifi/fantasy as well.

Mostly I want something I can download to read on the flight to Germany in July!

Dk/dc: Got any good recipes to share? I made some boneless pork ribs tonight and they weren't so awesome, but I'm going to make chocolate zucchini cake tomorrow I think.
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an offshoot of saloonperfume's question--are there any (non-song) videos that make you tear up and/or cry?

mine has to be a lot of the "troops surprise their families" videos. this is the first one i ever saw, and it made me realize there are a ton of them out there:

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(edited in LJ-cut cuz it didn't take the first time....oy. apologies if it caused anyone issues!)
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