June 11th, 2012

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All right help me out with my life please.

I am going away for a few days with friends tomorrow morning. I was scheduled to work tomorrow, and didn't switch with anyone in advance. I figured I would just call in sick and that would be all well and good. I can't exactly work and then just go meet my friends later since it's a 4 hour drive to a place I have never been.

Well I texted my manager earlier (the earlier I start the ruse, the more convincing, right?) and she told me that I need to find someone else to close the store, since I was the only once scheduled to. Well, it doesn't look promising that I can find anyone to close for me since everyone else that works there (only like 5 other people) are already scheduled or are lazy meanies who won't feel like working.

Have you ever been in a similar pickle? Either way, what do you suggest I do?

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EDIT: There is currently a giant X-rated photo posted in this because ticktockman thought he should troll a post about cute kitty cats. Thanks, bro.

I need to send someone a bunch of cute pictures or else all hell will break loose. This morning I'm taking my inspiration from a post in anon and want to do a theme of animals "stuck" in things. If you don't want to look over in anon because it's a seething pit of griping, it's a cat laying on his back while "stuck" in a garden planter. Or think "radiator kitty", and if you don't know what that is, just think "cat in a box" or "dog stuck in a tree", which probably isn't what you're picturing.

But when I try to google I keep ending up with awful pictures I don't want to look at with kitties and puppies stuck in perilous situations. I want cute situations.

So, do you have any examples of an animal stuck in something? Even if it's just a dog in a swing. Or do you have any recommendations on better ways to search for such material?
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Applying for a job off of a posting online. The website says "no phone calls" - would that include calling to ask to whom to address my cover letter?

ETA: Follow-up - Should I send a cover letter as a separate attachment or in the email body? Usually I include a brief cover letter in the email, like a paragraph, with something about having a more detailed cover letter outlining my qualifications attached. But does anybody even read that if I do that? I also like attaching it because I can use my own letterhead and fonts and stuff.

Flying Questions

Flying to Florida on Saturday and have some questions as I haven't flown in years.

I don't live with my parents anymore, and they are quite conservative. They don't know I have BC. I also take some other meds. Is it ok to put my BC in with the other pills? Or will the airport dumb out my meds and see that there are 2 different pills in one bottle.

Also I'd like to get my phone on the plane without my parents knowing I have it. Do I stick it with my carry on, or in my suitcase? Cause don't you have to take out your electronics when you go through the metal detectors or something.

makeup question

what would you say would be the most flattering eye shadow color for someone who has burgundy hair, a pale face, and blue eyes? everything i have is neutral and im bored of it. also i was trying to get a picture but the webcam isnt capturing color well.
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When I am adding photos to an existing album on facebook, is there any way to tell it to add the pictures to the end of the album, instead of the beginning? Or is there any way for me to rearrange photos rather than dragging and dropping every single image?

I know there used to be, but I haven't uploaded anything in a while and I can't find the damn button anymore! This is driving me a bit batty.

ETA: I know you can edit albums and rearrange pictures one by one, but I have a ton of pictures and don't want to drag and drop every single photo when I upload a new chunk from the next day. :S

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Can I read 300 pages in three hours? I'm a fast reader but I don't know if I'm *that* fast and I get distracted easily. (This is for fun, not work or school)

What, if anything, are you getting your father for father's day?

I got mine a bbq gift basket. He's not really into gifts but a) I got my mom a gift basket for mother's day and b) it's food, which means he might actually use it.

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Hey TQC! How are you all? I've been absent for quite a while...

Could you recommend some good Nintendo DS games for me (not 3D)? I have Okamiden and a few Pokemon ones and a Final Fantasy one, but I want something new (to me) to play. I like cute/silly (think Okami and Katamari), strategy/RPG, and puzzles. I want something to keep me entertained while my manpanion is hogging the main gaming rig with Diablo.

EDIT for update: I went to the game store! I really really wanted to get Ghost Trick, but they didn't have it (and the closest store that did is like 45 minutes away, yikes!) and the guy said it would be a REALLY difficult game to find, so bleh. Lame. :( But I DID get Cooking Mama, and it is so cute and fun! YAY! Thanks you guys! I'm still open to more suggestions though! :D

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What are some fun/interesting free apps worth downloading on your phone (I have a tablet, so anything good for those I suppose too)? I've been without internet for a while, and even before then never really used my phone for anything but, well, a phone. But my SO and I are now renting our own house, have internet hooked up, and I'm curious. I've downloaded chess which we've both been playing a fair bit, I'm a little bit addicted to solitaire, I've got a couple of games like Angry Birds, and a few other random things, but is there anything you're hooked on?

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Room A: £360 a month, average sized single in a 3rd floor flat. 15-20 minutes walk from uni. Don't know the people I'd be sharing with very well (I'd be taking the place in a contract of a friend) and don't know the landlord. Rooms are nice but bathrooms looked a bit dodgy (although that could be the current tenants)

Room B: £325 a month, small downstairs single in a house. 25-20 minutes walk from uni or 10 minute bus ride. With one of my closest friends and a couple of her friends who I also get on with. Friend lived there this year so knows the landlord. Room has the door to the back garden and one of the housemates is a smoker, so she would occasionally be coming through my room.

Which would you choose, TQC?

Also I go back to my parents house at the weekend to work/look after my little brother, if that makes a difference

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My sister fell off a horse. The ER doc was stupid.

He was like, "Her elbow has a tiny break. Her ankle is sprained. Give her Advil for a couple weeks and keep this cast on." My sister has been in agony since then.

We saw the family doctor today, and he was like, "The elbow is broken nearly in half in the joint. She needs a cast on for at least two months, and her shin is broken down the middle. That will likely need surgery to fix. And six months of physical therapy." The bone specialist we saw agreed.

Seriously, where did that first doc get his medical degree?

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How often do you post in your personal LJ?  

I've been a member for almost 10 years now and like 90% of my f-list is completely inactive.

I used to post more than once a day, but now it's more like a few times per week.  I miss reading my friends' daily updates.  Is your life interesting?  Should we be friends?

Where else to look??

Help me TQC :P 

This is my first question post. In college I had two posters - they were a set. One was of a girl/young woman holding a rose, looking at it thoughtfully, she had black hair, the rose was red, she was wearing a linen colored outfit or something to that effect. It was a panting turned into a poster. In the second picture, this same girl/young woman has her head on her knees with her eyes closed, the rose now at her feet. Both posters had gold foiling, and the artist's name (do you think I'd remember? No, of course not because that was a decade ago). Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I've searched allposters.com and they were originally purchased at Hobby Lobby (for those familiar with this store), I've also tried Google endlessly. Where else can I look? 

Also - do you consider yourself the type of person who enjoys owning pets?

wha happen?

I usually have pretty nice skin and long, strong nails.  Lately I've been breaking out like a teenager and my nails are breaking very easily.  Could this because of stress?  Any other ideas?

Srs and non srs welcome.

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My daughter sent me some NOM NOM NOM chocolate chip cookies for Fathers Day and I've eaten them all already. Do I ask for more since they did not last?

What exercizes can I do to burn off all those calories?

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1.  Your neighbor's dog barks almost constantly.  It's really loud and you can't tune it out.  What do you do about it?
1a.  Who are you more upset with in this situation, the dog or the neighbor?

2.  Your neighbor's kids are really fucking loud all the time that they're home/awake.  They're just being kids, but it's super loud and you hear them screaming and shrieking all the time.  What do you do about it?
2a.  Who are you more upset with in this situation, the kids or the parents?

3.  What kind of noises annoy you when you're at home?  
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New York already forbids children under 14 from using tanning salons, should that ban go further? The state is considering increasing the age to 18. What do you think the required age should be? Do you think regulation is necessary? ....Do any of you think NY has bigger problems to worry about?

For once my icon is appropriate

Cat people of TQC - I have a 5 year old male cat with a small benign skin tumor on his chest area.  I have an appointment to get it removed on the 22nd, but is there anything I can do to make him more comfortable in the meantime and get him to stop licking it?  The surface of it looks quite raw and he licks it until it bleeds.  Would it be overkill to stick him in an e-collar until he goes for surgery or is there something safe I can put around the area to discourage licking?  My sister told me about something used to stop dogs from licking hot spots but I have no idea if there's such a thing safe for cats or an area with broken skin.
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I need to get a new laptop. Any suggestions on what kind of model I should buy or look for? My price limit is $500-600. Oh and I'd want a PC, not a Mac.

TIA! :)

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Inspired by a post I read earlier; WHY are women's pants sizes so all over the place? Men have the measurements on their pants, not sizing like Large, Medium, Small [usually] so it's not going to differ from store to store. But women are everywhere with sizing. Why?

Alternatively; what colours look good on you?

Do bright colours look good on pale people?