June 10th, 2012


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why does drinking water give me a stomachache when i do so on an empty stomach?
i just found out that this isn't a normal thing to everyone. (how embarrassing...)
what can i do to fix this problem - aside from not drinking water anymore?
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What do your jammies look like? Do they change based on who is staying over? Where do you buy your jammies at?

DK/DC: Would you ever live off the grid? Why or why not?

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Which, if any, of the Friday the 13th movies are worth watching?

I've watched the first one and I watched most of the 2nd one, but turned it off because it was the same exact movie as the 1st. So are any of the other sequels worth seeing?

Alternatively, what are your favorite not-too-gross scary movies on netflix instant?
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I'm going to Pride today, and it's going to be 91 degrees out. Will you help me decide what to wear?

Dress: It's 91 degrees out, but this has no pockets
Jeans: it's gonna be hot as balls out and so these may not be comfortable, but they have pockets. I could also wear my rainbow suspenders with these

Either way I'll have a backpack with me also.

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What shampoo do you use?

Do you consider it "plain" or "fancy?"

Assuming you have tried both, do you notice a significant difference between "plain" and "fancy" shampoos, making it worth spending extra for "fancy?"

[Considering a change from my usual Suave daily clarifying.]

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I need help with a Fathers Day gift for my husband, I suck at gift giving.

Its his first Fathers Day.

He is not the sappy dad type ( so like...no worlds greatest dad mugs )

Likes Minecraft, League of Legens, Metal Gear Solid, MLP: Friendship is Magic, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer.....bunch of geeky and absurdly funny shit.

I have a budget of around $25...any ideas??


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Do you prefer car washes where you do it yourself or drive it through?

How often do you wax your car?

DK/DC/Public transportation is far superior: What's your typical Sunday like? Church, family, hangovers, a combination, something completely different...

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What would your immediate thought be if you saw a woman wearing Doc Martens like these? I just bought a pair, and my sister insists that only lesbians wear them (I'm not gay). I really don't want to give off that impression, because I have enough trouble attracting men as it is.

I hope this question doesn't come across as offensive, as I certainly don't mean it to be.

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What are the best mental/emotional breakdowns in movies or television, in your opinion? Post vids, if you'd like.

I nominate Private Pyle's breakdown in Full Metal Jacket and Sally Field's in Steel Magnolias. 
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is jogging/running in place in ANY way comparable to running outside/on a treadmill? I feel like running but I really can't deal with humans or outside right now. I just got back from a 3 mile walk and I started having a panic attack (lol I'm so dumb etc.). but I have no idea if running in one spot is even worth doing.

basically, I know literally nothing about fitness


I ran in place for a bit which did get my heartrate up, changed it up going forwards/back/sideways which hit other muscles, then I did some high-knees and lunges, paused and did some crunches while I caught my breath, and ended on some yoga stretchy moves. I feel great!

I have a jumprope (haha I typed humprope) but it's a weird Korean one that has plastic beads on them and they keep getting caught in my ceiling fan. :(

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I am soon going to dairy queen... what is the most delicious dessert like treat to obtain from this establishment?

I usually get oreo brownie earthquake but am looking to switch it up!

Who do you rely on most for emotional support?

definitely my SO

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Poll #1846137 Inspired by Yesterday...

What religion do you identify with?

Christian - Protestant
Christian - Catholic
Christian - Eastern Orthodox
Islam -- sunni
Islam -- Shi'ia
Islam -- Other
Not listed

If you do practice a religion, what do you like best about it?

The spiritual comfort (including, if applicable, belief in the afterlife)
The holidays
the traditional food
the community
the teachings (ie, golden rule, non-violence, etc)
the architecture of churches/temples/synagogues/mosques
something else
A combination of above

If you *don't* practice a religion, what do you like best about not practicing

Freedom to dress/eat/behave as you please (the latter within the law)
Not having to worry about having to balance religion with science
Not having to worry if your religious leaders are too narrow-minded for your tastes
The implied sexual freedoms
For minorities, not wondering whether or not your religion discriminates against you
Not having to go to Church/temple/synagogue/mosque
Some combination of the above

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So, I just moved to a new city where I know pretty much no one and I want to begin accumulating friends, and possibly a harem of hot local men (preferably with bronze skin stretched deliciously over taut muscles, but that's neither here nor there). In an attempt to accomplish the latter feat, I want to start asking guys out on dates rather than waiting for them to come to me- but I've only ever been on one "real" first date in my life (for some reason my relationships tend to work backwards) so I really have no idea how one properly gets to know somebody in such a context.

What questions should I ask exactly? Is stuff like "What are your greatest interests?", "What are you passionate about?", "Are you an  alien and/or a serial killer?" too oddly straight-forward and survey like? 

Non-srs welcome, but srs would be greatly help me in my new endeavor.
What bus driver?

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I work a really intense job over the summer that often only gives me 4 hours of sleep a night. That's only for 2-4 nights, and then I can sleep as much as I want for a day or two.

Basically, every morning is extremely torturous, because I am tired and all my body wants to do is sleep. Do you know of any ways to get the body going, so that it'll stop sending the sleepy-signals? That is, without the help of caffeine.
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Read any good books lately?

I'm in need of some good book recommendations. I prefer non-fiction because my brain wants to believe what I'm reading but if there is some awesome novel that you just love, please share!

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if somebody sent you a birthday card, how long would it take you to text/call/email to thank them?  my friend says up to a month is ok because people get busy.

do you like PDA? how much of a deal breaker would it be for you if you liked PDA and your SO hated it?