June 8th, 2012


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Okay, I just brought home a new kitty and I'm having only one issue with her. She's not using a litter box. She's 2 years old and I know for a fact that she was litter trained before I got her. I already had another cat of the same age at home who used the litter box right away and has never gone to the bathroom on the floor. Now New Cat won't go into First Cat's litter box, which is understandable so I had a second one on hand in case she didn't want to share. After I found a pee spot in a corner, I laid out some newspapers and put the second box in that corner so she had a second option. Both boxes had fresh litter in them when I brought home New Cat. Now, even though I have two litter boxes out and she knows where both of them are, I just caught her peeing in a different spot on the carpet. I've been searching all over the apartment for poop because I'm worried that she's been dropping a deuce in some hidden corner that I can't find, but there hasn't been anything. She hasn't pooped in the second box and I'm pretty sure she hasn't gone into First Cat's box at all.

What am I doing wrong? I've never had to introduce a second cat into the home before on my own and while they're getting along alright, the issue is the litter box. I live in an apartment so I really don't want to deal with cat pee ruining the carpets (but we're getting a free carpet scrubbing when we renew our lease at the end of the month) So I guess what I'm asking is how do I get this cat to use the litter box? Is there something I can spray on the carpet to deter her from peeing there? Also, any recs on what I can use to get cat pee out of the carpet? 

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my fiance is working with a tutor in order to learn my native language.  

tonight, his phone went off late and i looked down and it was a text from his tutor (he was asleep).

 it was in the native language and it was basically translating to: "hello there, sweetheart of mine, i will ask my friend tomorrow for you".  i saw that they had texted earlier in the day, in english, about a $45 check that he owes for a workbook.

this is a hard sentence for someone who is in a beginner class.  do you think this is a text meant for someone else? or could there be something going on?

*please dont judge me for looking at the text*
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I want to do exercise videos in my apartment since I no longer have access to a gym, but I live on the second floor so it seems kind of rude. For example, I was doing the 30 day Shred last year but it had a bunch of jumping jacks, I want to do mountain climbers, etc, but I stopped because it felt really rude. Our living room is over their living room, it's carpeted if that makes any difference, and I'd be doing it during the day. So rude or not rude?

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If you decide not to read that; can you tell me your last work/scheduling conflict?

If you are applying for a job, how many of the things listed by the employeer as 'needed' will you ignore when applying?
-I know some who will ignore everything if they want the job-I however feel the need to have every requirement or else I wouldn't be able to do the job!

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Are there any holidays that are universally popular among families that really weren't a big deal in yours?

I feel like Mother's and Father's Day have never been very big in my family. A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that we're a very....tumultuous....group of people, but since my pre-teen years, generally the most that has ever happened is the respective parent has gotten a card. 


Anyone keeping up with E3? (I've been watching on gametrailers.com

what are your fave video game announcements/trailers release ect?

I'm very excited for Beyond: Two Souls, Resident Evil 6, and the Last of Us.

disgusted with the new Tomb Raider.

disappointed that Dead Space 3 is co-op online only!
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Pretty random...

1. What's the last piece of art (in any form) you purchased? Will you post a picture of it please?

2. I'm planning a wedding gift for a close friend. I saw a cute idea of "a year of monthly dates" on pinterest where you give them a different gift card for every month to have a date with (movies, restaurants, etc) but that can add up price wise. So I was thinking of giving less expensive "accessories" that would be used on dates that they paid for instead, to save myself some cash. Like a pair or mittens and scarves for an ice skating date, or starbucks giftcards for stroll in Autumn foliage date, a dvd and popcorn for a romantic comedy night, etc. My mind is failing miserably for additional ideas though. Could you give me any ideas, please?

3. Any summer plans that you are really looking forward to? What are they?

4. What's your favorite Yankee Candle scent?

Thanks :)

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I like taking my pup with me to restaurants with outdoor seating, but at those where you're supposed to order inside and it's just me and the dog I have a hard time.  I can't bring my dog in with me to order, nor can I make someone come outside (not their job).  I'm apprehensive leaving her tied up to an outdoor table, are there any better options?

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Would the following ingrediants make a good pasta salad?

Tri-color rotini, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, black olives, cheese, ranch dressing, diced ham.

Will you share your favorite recipe for pasta salad?

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What's the last conscious decision you made that has improved your life (whether it's something tiny, or a drastic change)?

A small change I've made lately has been cutting out fizzy drinks more and more, and drinking lots of water and green tea. Even without changing my diet or skincare routine, I've noticed my face is a lot smoother and clearer, and though it's such a small thing, it's still nice to notice the difference :)
Hey you guys! I died!

good news/bad news

Bad: TQC, are you sick of having to individually ban annoying robot/spam accounts that have increasingly been adding accounts lately? I am! Time for a new friending procedure, LJ!

Good: TQC, did you know that livejournal now has a "show all posts by user" option for communities? You hover over the OP's icon in a post and there it is. You're welcome. (Am i late to this discovery? I haven't been on LJ in a while. Either way, awesome and about time!)

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I eat red meat twice a day and I definitely get enough vitamin c, but my haemoglobin levels are really low at only 22. The normal range is 115-160. 

How can I get my iron levels up, up and away?
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Moving out etiquette

Apartment-havers of TQC:

I would like to move out of my current apartment at the end of my lease (which ends August 31st). Is it too late to let my roommates know so they can find someone to fill my spot? I already have another place I can move into in September.

I also live in the Boston area, if that matters at all. I know I have to give my landlard 30 days, but I'd like to give my roomies more notice just so they don't have to worry.

ETA: Haven't been here in a while. Is tqcchat still a thing? Or have you all recessed to your own corners of LJ for the most part?

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Do you guys like popcorn?

My friend got me a stovetop popcorn maker for my bday, and I am pretty clueless as to how to make popcorn exciting.

Do you have any good recipes?

Difficulty: Vegan kitchen, so no butter or cheese. :/ I made some for the first time with olive oil, sea salt and nutritional yeast, and that turned out a lot better than I thought it would, but you guys can probably come up with better ideas than that, right?

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Do you think it's inappropriate for parents to kiss their children (girl or boy) on the lips? Do you think the age of the kids matters? Do you/have you kissed your parents on the lips?

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I just got out of the pool!

When is your favorite time of the day to go swimming?

What type of body of water do you like to swim in the best?

When did you last go swimming?

Do you fucking LOVE swimming??!

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Which of these things will you not do ( nay, even attempt) tomorrow??

make sweet sweet love to hajiomatic
road trip with hajiomatic
buy a lottery ticket and send it to hajiomatic
smack hajiomatic's tennis balls
send hajiomatic cookies for fathers day
make snarky comments at hajiomatic's expense
tell hajiomatic what a nice guy he is
ask hajiomatic out on a date
tattoo hajiomatic's name on a private body part
question your role in the universe

Tumblr: Firefox vs Chrome

TQC, are there some fellow Tumblr users out there?

I have a frequent problem with Firefox where, on my dashboard, I constantly get a 'Warning: Unresponsive Script' message. This basically freezes my dash/the whole window and makes me have to restart my browser. Kind of annoying.

I tried installing the 'NoScript' add-on but it seems to have its own issues as well.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any quick/easy ways to fix it?

If I switch to Google Chrome for my browser, will this possibly stop happening?

Thanks :)
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How liberal are you with saying "I love you" ?

Also, update on this post: I managed to get my car key out by jerking it out and wiggling it. My brother worked with me for an hour to get it in and out easily enough (I was low on money so wasn't sure I could get a spare) - there's a small trick to it. In the end, today on my lunch break I got it made with a locksmith. Thank you for those who responded.

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Have you ever been to a book signing?
Who signed ya books?
Have you ever given the author something?

I'm going to a signing tomorrow and I really want to leave a note and be like "OMG WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS!" but I can't think of anything witty enough to write.

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Let's say your brother/mother/sister/uncle/family member wrongs somebody or is an ass to somebody you mutually know.  Do you automatically defend your family because they're your family, or do you hear both sides out?

I've been around a lot of people who will blindly defend their family lately.  I'm just not like that.

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Does your SO get along with your other friends? Does this both you? Why or why not?

He'll hang out with them if neccessary, but he doesn't particularly like any of them. He doesn't like many people in general though. Since I like being a social person, it really bothers me