June 7th, 2012

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What are some online shops that have cute clothes/dresses like modcloth? Money is not an issue, because I just want to look at different styles of clothing. I've tried forever21 and wetseal, but their online stuff is very boring.

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Have you read any of those parody novels that make fun of classic books, like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, or Sense and Sensibility with Sea Monsters? What did you think of them?

I'm listening to the audiobook Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter one now, and I'm not sure what to think of it yet.

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How would you respond to the following? o.o

"Do you believe we as humans are preventing evolution? For example, a human is born with three working arms, but we remove the third arm because we look at it as a defect. But how do we know it's just not Evolution taking its course?

Or do you believe technology is our new form of Evolution?"
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Tomorrow afternoon, I have an interview to possibly get my old position back.  It's a different division, but the same parent company and I have more experience than most of the people that are currently working there.

I need suggestions for songs to add to my Wake Up playlist.  If I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, everyone knows and it isn't pretty. 

What do YOU listen to when you need a positive push in the right direction?


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What is something we should have for dinner next week as a main dish?  What side dishes to go with it? 

Something simple, cheap, and fairly plain (I like new things but the rest of my family doesn't)

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I had a dream where I was on trial (don't know why)
I was on the stand (again...why?)
I smugly told the prosecutor: "I've never been charged with anything" (which is IRL true)
He shoots back" No sir! You have been charged with SIX different crimes in your life"

That startled me so much I woke up.

What do it mean TQC? WHAT DO IT MEAN??

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I've been contacted by 3 different recruitment companies for what i'm 99% sure is the same job. I have an interview with one tomorrow.
I'm not massively fussed about the job, but am about its location, where jobs are very difficult to come by.
Should I treat each one as though i've not spoken to the other people and stand 3x more chance of getting it, or should I ask the first lot of interviewers what the protocol is?

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TQC, I'm laid up at home with some strained leg muscles. This is my second day at home, not being able to do much of anything, and I can already feel the stir crazy beginning to set in. Thankfully I'll be seeing my boyfriend tonight (probably). Besides trawling OkCupid, watching stuff on Netflix, reading and washing ALL the dishes, what do you recommend I do until 6 pm tonight?

Stupid freaking phone

So my phone (Samsung Intercept) has finally bitten the dust after 3 years of abuse.

Last night when I turned it on it loaded all the way to my homescreen/lock screen but said that it was December 15th 2000 and was frozen.

I pulled the battery and have been trying to get it to reload but it gets stuck, for hours, at the "Samsung" glowy loading part.

If I took it to one of the phone places, do you think they could get anything off my phone? There are some photos of my son that I neglected to transfer over and would really like to have them.

What about contacts?

Dk/dc : What new TV show do you really like?

Silent Faith

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What is the black mesh netting called that covers the front of hats worn at funerals? Also seen attached to older style hats / hair pieces or in white for weddings. Where can I purchase this material?

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I've had a headache since yesterday (possibly heat stroke related). I almost never get headaches and I don't want to take any medication for various reasons other than my pregnancy. I drank lots of water! What can I do to make the headache go away? 

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 

What should you be doing other than spending too much time on tqc right now? 
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Third Parties: Care to Share your Opinion? EDIT

What is the appeal in third-party relationships? It just seems to me that third-party relationships don’t seem to have a lot of substance to them (at least, when it comes to people). I won’t bother with the obvious “Twilight” fiction as an example. How about a movie like David O. Selznick’s production of “Gone with the Wind”, starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable. *Okay, Gond with the Wind has four people*

To be honest, I was cheering for Rhett at the end of the movie, and never really admired Scarlett O’Hara. In short, my disappointment in her stems from her constant pining for Ashleigh despite her proving her resilience and being able to support herself. Rhett, I found, was above both Ashleigh and Scarlett in character, so was very happy with his resolution in the film.

It just seems to me like some people in third-party relationships are either running away from something, or chasing something that’s not real. Either way, there is no real payoff or anything of substance where these relationships are concerned.

Any ideas?

EDIT: And by Third Party, I mean to say anything that seems to come in between an established commitment. So it could be anything from a another love interest, a parent, or a job. I tried to avoid love triangles exclusively.

Sorry for not being clear.
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Just the A's, Please

I usually just use my mp3 player for workouts, and so it is loaded with mostly-bouncy albums and playlists of upbeat music. A few days ago, I clicked at the wrong index and ended up listening to my music in alphabetical order by song title. It's kind of interesting and instructive and an odd compilation of the breadth of my taste (and of my son's taste--he added a few playlists of his own.)

So, what are the titles that start with A on your music player? This question might be too much of a pain if you can't figure out a way to cut and paste. I'm transcribing by hand, so my list will appear in the comments when I get it finished.

legs motherfucker

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i have never had this happen when i looked up bits and pieces of lyrics...

yesterday i heard a song when i was at my appointment. the only part i can remember was something like "look, i dont got a mansion. i've never been to the hamptons. it's more likely that you'll find me if you came up her and went camping" it was just a stupid song about how his life wasn't too bad or something. BUT IT'S BOTHERING ME. i googled the shit out of it and only came up with a tweet from someone here: http://twitter.com/DSwan11/statuses/209446770785259521 ... which is just that line again.

can someone help me? it really wasn't that important that i find it in the beginning, but now that i can't find it I JUST NEED TO.

dk/dc: post a picture of your most prized posession?

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I have a job interview and they requested that I bring in a test score.
I've never had a district ask for this before and of course, I have every.other.paper but not the test score. I have paperwork saying that I passed and I have my two other test scores showing that I did above average.

Should I contact the school tomorrow to tell them that I don't have the score or just wait until the interview and let them know that I've sent away for it?

What's stressing you out?

What kind of music do I like?

Hey everyone,

I've always been terrible at telling one genre from another, and when people ask me what kind of music I like, I'd like to be able to give a shorter answer than a list of artists. So if anyone could tell me what genre(s) of music you think this is, I'd be much obliged.

Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Nirvana (acoustic), Tracy Chapman, Paul Simon (with or without Garfunkel), The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Queen, Neil Young, Meat Loaf, Johnny Cash, The Kinks, Warren Zevon, The Clash, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Genesis,...

Recs are always welcome, too!
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Hi guys,

My husabnd and I have my 14 year old nephew over to hang with us once a week, every week. Our rules are, we have to do something together, we don't watch movies, and we try to keep video games to a minimum (but we will sometimes all play Diablo together, or something). Unfortunately, as he's gotten older, we've started having a harder time finding something that interests and engages all 3 of us. We are also restricted in that we have him on a weeknight, when many attractions close early (like the museum and space/science centre), and he has to be home by 10.

What activities would you recommend we try? Bowling and mini-golf have been a lot of fun, and we also play catch or bocce in the park. Board games have become pretty hit or miss... he doesn't pay enough attention to win, but wants to quit if he's losing.

No 14 y/o ideas - when was the last time you hung out with someone's kid other than your own? What did you do?
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TQC, how do you feel about movie sequels? Do you get excited, or do you just think "God, not another.."
Are there some movie sequels that shouldn't have happened?

Inspired by my utter joy, and my boyfriend's dismay at Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

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You have air conditioning. You're too cold so you ask your passing by spouse/SO/bf/gf/etc to adjust as to make it not so cold.

How do you ask?

"Can you turn the A/C up please?"


"Can you turn the A/C down please?"


I've been doing a craft project of painting a quote on a canvas with a sillhouette of a related thing. For example,  used a key sillhouette with a "Secret Garden" quote. This is my next quote: Nonsense and beauty have close connections. - E M Forster .
What image should I use?
(sillhouette only b/c I don't actually have any talent haha) I was considering a hot air balloon.
ETA: Sorry I have no idea why these <input things are showing up.
<input ... ><input ... ><input ... >
<input ... ><input ... ><input ... ><input ... ><input ... ><input ... >

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Looking back on your current (if you're with someone) and past relationships that didn't necessarily start as friends, how often did you both talk in the early stages of dating? And when I say early, I mean before sex and making out.

Do you abide by the "rule" that if not even so much as a kiss has happened by the end of the third date, then things don't seem promising?

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How old do you tend to think Barbie is? I'm not asking when the first Barbie doll came out, but the age of the character the doll represents.

Or, if you were thinking "When I grow up, I'm going to be like Barbie", how old would that grown-up state be?

And how old is her boyfriend Ken?