June 6th, 2012

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TQC, why is it that when I lie down to sleep, I am wide awake, but once I come out to the living room, I am insta-tired?

Does that happen to you?

Do you ever get hungry right at bedtime? Do you eat or wait till morning? If you do eat, what do you have?

I always get hungry at 10 pm; I don't know why. Sometimes I have a yogurt or cereal bar, other times I wait until morning. It just depends on how soon I plan on going to sleep.

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what do you think about zumba?

the only people i know who do it are my aunt and a girl i am facebook friends with but don't really know well. this makes me think it is probably kind of fun, but also kind of not cool.

if there is a free outdoor zumba event near me, should i go to it?

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Imagine you're in a foreign country and are served a dish that you can't identify at all. The other people present don't know enough of the language you speak to explain what it is. Would you try it?

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Have you ever had a stress injury, particularly in your legs? What did you do for it?

My job requires me to be on my feet for six to eight hours a day, and last night my right leg, my shin area, was throbbing so badly that I couldn't sleep, so I tried to take some ibuprofen, which didn't help. Then I realized that my right foot was swollen, so I said, "Okay, let's just rest it through the night and see what happens," and it's no better this morning, so I called out of work and am planning on going to my urgent care place today in between resting it. Should I also be icing the shin to see if that helps?

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Has the transit of venus already ended? I was hoping to catch the end.

The website is not showing up and the other website I know just has interviews.

EDIT: Never mind the website finally loaded.

Are you watching it? what do you think?

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The 99cent Store sells almost every kind of product...for a dollar. Some people question how good that product could be. Which of these items would you purchase and use from the 99cent Store?

Facial moisturizer
Pregnancy test
Pet food
None of the above

There's been a surge in break-ins in the houses in your neighborhood. Everybody's on edge. What would you purchase to better protect your home?

Extra lock for the front door
Guard dog
Security door/metal door
Insurance for my cool stuff
Lessons in self defense
None of the above. I don't think anyone would break into my place cause I've got nothing worth taking

You got completely hammered the night before. Blackout drunk. You wake up in a hotel room, naked, with someone else. They're still asleep. Who would be the absolute worst person to have slept with?

The governor of your state/province/whatever
Your ex
Your best friend's significant other
Glenn Beck
The 'Situation'
The Pope
Someone who looks underage. He/she looks about...15. Is wearing a retainer in bed
A clown. Still wearing the makeup in bed
A racist skinhead. You see a swastika tattoo on his/her neck
Your 7th grade teacher
Your cousin
Your significant other's best friend
Paris Hilton
That homeless guy you've seen around your neighborhood
Someone with Down syndrome. You've slept with someone who may be mentally handicapped
god bless the world

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For the first time in my life, I just went from a really relaxed work setting to a more formal office setting, which is a situation I have absolutely zero experience with.  I'm finding the most difficult part of transitioning is that I don't seem to have any natural sense of what I think people call "office politics."  I can't explain it very well except to say that I feel like everyone else is playing a game and I'm the only one in the room who doesn't know what the rules are. 

Does anyone understand what I'm trying to say?  Is anyone able to help me out here?  Some general guidelines.  Office Politics For Dummies or something?

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Do you have any odd personal colloquialisms?

EX. My sister and I have taken to calling my cat the "kitters", the dogs "doggers", and my dad "dadders". I don't know why and it probably sounds incredibly stupid.
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On a scale of 1-10 how annoyed would you be if your roommate says they'd help you find a new place to live, drive you from place to place (because you don't have a car nor a license), etc. Only to bail on you the first day after looking at one place, then the second day say oh well come back and ask me about going out at 12:30 (it was 11 when you asked, you've been up waiting since 8).

I'm hitting about a 5/6 because while yes she is doing me a favor she's the one that scheduled the power/water going to go off in a week from Friday.

1 being not annoyed
10 being really pissed

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What was the last alteration you made to your house?
-My housemate is putting up curtains in his room and my husband put new hooks in the bathroom! Yay!

Last piece of good news you received?
-My work told me I didn't need to come in for that extra shift today! Hurrah!

What pieces of jewelery do you wear on a regular basis?
-I wear my wedding rings and a ring from my father! :D
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Requisite stupid poll du jour

You and your friend are out hiking, when you come across something you don't see everyday. Thousands and thousands of space aliens exiting multiple landed spacecraft. They're all armed with advanced looking guns. The unusual thing (ok, REALLY unusual thing) is that they look like they're made out of chocolate. Think gourmet Easter bunnies. The leader of the aliens is speaking to them all in their language. You know because he's wearing a crown. His back is to you and he's about 5' away. Your friend whispers to you "The king looks delicious. I'm going to go over there and take a chomp out of his head". What do you say?

"Oh noooooooo you're not. You're not inciting a planetary war on my watch just because their leader is yummy looking"
"No Way! I saw him first. Me me me me ME! I get the chomping rights!"
"Well, they look like they're gonna attack anyway. Might as well take our their leader. Go for it!"
I say nothing, but punch my friend out as quietly as possible and hope that the smackdown didn't give away our location
"I'll buy you whatever candy you want, but we have to get out of her NOW!"

Let's say the earth was being invaded by aliens who were made out of certain types of food. Which type of food would make you most inclined to attack one of the aliens and nom him to death?

Cake (with or without frosting)
BBQ ribs
Pizza (with tomato sauce blood)

Is eating an alien made of bacon a breach in a vegetarian's diet if the bacon came from no earth creature? Let's say the aliens had no faces

Yes, it's an act of carnivorism. You're eating another being
No, chomp away, vegetarians. No animals were harmed and they have no faces, so you're technically off the hook

We've eaten all the delicious space invaders. We still have their spaceships. What should we do with them?

Take their technology and use it to advance our own space program
Destroy them in the off chance that it's still sending messages back to their home planet
Pilot the ships back to their home planet and eat the rest of their mouth-watering, lip-smacking people

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The book I've just started (A Suitable Boy) is 1474 pages long. What's the longest book you've ever read? (If it's the Bible, then what's the second-longest?)

I've also read War and Peace and the unabridged Les Miserables. I'm not sure which one has the greatest word count.

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hi everyone. i posted a while ago asking for any advice about moving in with your partner. i got some really good advice regarding to things such as money, grocery shopping, and so on, so thanks everyone! we're moving in together in july. :)
i have some more questions if that's okay. and after viewing ourbedrooms i was wondering if any of you have pictures of the room/apartment/house you share with your partner for some decor and storage inspiration?
i would also like to hear any of your moving-in-together-for-the-first-time with your partner stories!

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1. What, if any, bands/artists that are still making music do you consider able to "do no wrong"? Meaning, if they came out with songs/albums that most everyone despised, you would still buy/download the music and love it no matter what.

2. What is the best creative project/extra-credit assignment you came across in school? Are there any you wish you'd've been assigned, or would assign to students if you were a teacher?

3. Yesterday, I joined OKCupid. I am open to new friends/dates/sex, but not with anyone I would dislike. Any related advice/warnings/stories you'd like to share?

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What would your opinion be of an employer that allows harassment, then denies its existence, then forces the victim to stay in an unfortunate situation all in the name of immoral, corporate greed?

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question about phones. sorry if this gets asked too much!

my phone broke tonight so I'm in need of a new phone. I want a smartphone. I'm looking at getting a plan as they work out so much cheaper than prepaid. I know this gets asked a lot but:

iPhone or android?


iPhone 4 with lots of credit and internet access vs iPhone 4S with much less credit and internet usage for a similar price? (iPhone4 is $500 + 1GB, iPhone 4S is $200 + 200mb) - I'm not a big phone user, but I'd use the internet a lot, and I like the security of extra credit ICE.


both these iPhone options vs a lower end android (Galaxy S II)?

so this isn't all about me... what phone do you have?

DK/DC - tell me about your favourite meal?

a matched set

I just posted part of this question at hip_domestics, so apologies if you're seeing it both places.

Do potential home buyers really care if the home's washer and dryer are a matched set? My husband thinks this is a big deal and they must match. Last time I bought a dryer, he insisted I get a new washer too, and I bought the set based on the washer I really wanted at the time. The dryer never worked well and although the washer was high efficiency, I think I used up 2x as much electricity running the dryer for way longer than I should have had to run it.

I need to replace a broken washer fast, and we will probably sell the house within five years. When I'm looking at new houses, I don't really care if the laundry appliances match as long as they work. Am I in the minority?


TQC, what is eating me?

Been getting bug bites every night for about a week. I've never reacted to a bite or any sort before, but these are red, angry, owwy & require regular calamine lotion. They don't ooze, but some have blistered/scabs. Mainly on my feet & legs but now on my forearms. Boyf who has been visiting the past 2 weeks has suffered maybe one bite. Flatmate has suffered no bites. We have checked my bed for bed bugs 3 times & found no evidence (thank God). I've changed my sheets twice & still had 2 new bites last week.I have seen a small, jumpy black spider (half the size of a paperclip) in my room a few times, even after I've put him outside. Is he the culprit? WHAT IS EATING ME?! And what can I do about it? 

Oh, I'm in the UK.