June 5th, 2012

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I'm planning on rereading as much of an old comm I used to post to on here (statements). I still do post, just not nearly as much. We regularly posted between 300 to 700 posts a day back when I was most active. I think there's a limit to how many posts per day that get shown if you look at archived posts in communities, like 100 posts a day, but I'm just guessing at that number. Does anyone know how many posts made per day will show up when looking at a specific date before Livejournal cuts it off?

DK/DC: Will you post a picture of your pet(s)?

ETA: How long have you had your livejournal? I've had mine 9 years today.
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tqc, what is this delicious food my dad brings home from work for me to take home? all i've got from him is that "some guy at works wife makes them"... it's a pastry sort of bread-ish crust on the outside, and on the inside there is some sort of (ground?) meat, potatos, peas, and... raisins? (i think, but i pick those out). it's rather delicious, and i'm just curious what it's called. i will include pictures under the cut.

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dk/dc: what's your favorite candle scent?

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What everyday household items, furniture pieces, etc. will I need when I move into a new house? I have a decent list going, but I'm afraid I'm missing things and I'd like to be as prepared as possible.
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So, tqc,I would like some advice.

I've recently met a guy and I am fairly sure I like him. Do you think courting him with cookies is a good plan? I see him on Sundays so deliviery wouldn't be a problem. I've never really liked anyone enough to bother trying before now...

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I'm really sick and not doing so great with the googling right now. Some kind of stomach thing. I'll spare you the TMI. Suffice to say I cannot eat anything right now. But I have a massive headache.

I have Advil, Naproxen, Tylenol or Excedrin (the kind with aspirin). Which of these is the least likely to screw me up when taken on an empty stomach? All I'm finding are yahoo answers type sites that all just say DON'T. But I'm pretty sure the headache is contributing to the other problems right now.

How is your day going? Better than mine, I hope.
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I bought a green avocado earlier because I was making guac and was told it's ready for use. But I cut it in half, tossed the seed, and it's not ripe. Suggestions?

Edit: I exchanged it for another one. The new one isn't ripe either, so I stuck it in a paper bag and put it in my cabinet. Thanks, guys. :)

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Okay I feel like this is a dumb question but I'm stuck so I'm turning to you guys.

I'm working on a story and I've got to map out a family tree because of reasons.The main character was born c. 1990. If she has an ancestor who was born around the turn of the century, how many generations would likely be between them? Like, would he be her grandfather, her great-grandfather, her great-great-grandfather, or what? I'm just not sure what the typical number of years between generations would be.

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you guys like random question posts, right?

i'm about to make a fruit pizza: cinnamon blueberry spelt crust topped with half chocolate and half vanilla pudding, with watermelon and persimmon.
how awesome will this be?

what ridiculous movie should i watch while consuming said pizza?
i'm about to put on 'it's kind of a funny story'. have you seen it? is it any good?

what are the trippiest or most horrifying horror movies you've seen?
my current vote is eraserhead.

how about comedies? i just saw 'little shop of horrors' last night, and enjoyed it a lot.
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Google is not helping me...what the hell is YOLO? 

How do you get your western doctor to listen to you instead of be a complete fuckhead? 

I am always tired which I feel/my blood work states it is because I am anemic.  But my doctor insists I must have some sort of thyroid problem even though my blood tests/various other tests I have done last and this year point directly to the fact that I am having a hell of a time absorbing the iron and the vitamin B that I consume on a regular bases.  How do I articulate to my doctor I think he is a complete dick for wasting his time on the wrong issues and get real help? 

How do you go about finding a good doctor without having to see them multiple times?  Is there some sort of black light I can shine on doctors that will verify if they are wasting my time? 

If you have no helpful advice just vent here about dumb things doctors say to you. 

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Can you think of any famous/relatively well-known couples where the man is really attractive and the woman is not so much? (according to personal and/or public opinion) I'm so used to seeing the opposite that I can't think of any like this.

Be completely honest: would you find yourself wondering why a hot guy is dating an "ugly" girl?

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If you make your own smoothies, what are your favorite combos?
If you add any kind of protein powder, do you dissolve it in liquid first or just throw it in and blend?

if this means nothing to you:

What's up?

Wedding blogs/websites/tumblrs?

So I'm recently engaged (2 weeks ago) and I'm so freaking excited! I've thrown myself into planning already. Do you guys have any recommendations for wedding blogs/websites or tumblrs? I already read Offbeat Bride, Style Me Pretty and Ruffled but I just can't get enough!

ETA: Probably should have said, I'm already on pintrest with a wedding ideas board that has nearly 150 pictures on from before I was even engaged! haha
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How different is your life when you're alone as opposed to when you have guests?

I basically live alone (I share an apartment w/ an ex-fiance whom I literally have not seen in probably 2 months) but my current SO spends weekends here. 

During the weeks that I am home alone, I cook A LOT, clean every day, and sleep in.

When my SO is here, we eat out almost every meal, the apartment is a MESS by the time he leaves, and I still sleep in.