June 4th, 2012

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I realized the other day that I don't know a whole lot about WWI. I feel like my history classes is high school focused way more on the American Civil War and WWII and so WWI was kind of glossed over.

So does anyone have any recommendations for good books about WWI? I'm looking more for non-fiction but historically accurate fiction is cool too.
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Dear sewing people of TQC,

I recently started sewing again with a machine after about 12 years. I learned Amish quilting on a big fancy piece but the one I just got is a simple little mini one and I've never had my own before so I don't know much about troubleshooting yet.

Anyway I'm just hemming some curtains. The first one went perfectly. Then I switched out the top thread to be red for some red curtains. No matter what I do now, at the first stitch the red thread tangles down over the bottom bobbin (slanted straight across it to about 7 o'clock) and I have to open the machine and cut the threads to get everything loose again. Any suggestions? I can post a pic if it helps, it always looks exactly the same. I've tried 7 times now - rethreading, adjusting the tension of the top thread, making sure the needle is in the right direction and not bent, taking out the bottom bobbin to check it, out of ideas and the manual this little thing came with had no further suggestions.

Seriously, I cannot even figure out what the red thread is doing all the way over there at all! :(

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When was the last time you hurt yourself/got hurt?

I just tripped on my pajama pants in the driveway and went down hard. Blood running down both knees, hands and elbows skinned. I curled up into a ball and started legit sobbing. Luckily, my husband saw me go down and was able to help me back inside and take our son to school. Now I am stoned off pain pills.

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I'm getting a sew in installed tomorrow! Should I get swoopy side bangs or across the forehead bangs?

Currently I am waiting for a package that I have to sign for to arrive. What should I do while I wait?

Law of Coincidence

Do you believe in a Law of Coincidence/Synchronicity? Or is this just an example of the Law of Truly Large Numbers?

The [Shanghai Stock Market] index fell 64.89 points on Monday [today], a figure that looks like June 4, 1989 [the date of the Tiananmen Square military crackdown]. In yet another unusual development, the index opened on Monday at 2346.98 — a figure that looks like the date of the crackdown written backward, followed by the 23rd anniversary.

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You have to spend a month in one of these cities and it can only be one of these cities. Where do you go?

Ciudad Juarez
Port Moresby

DC: What's the most dangerous place you've ever been (to live or to visit)?

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How often do you get your car washed?
Do you do it yourself or go to an actual carwash?

I think I do it about 3-4 times a year. We park our car in the garage and don't have a real fancy one, so anymore than that is not really needed, IMO.
I really prefer to do it myself, but we live in a highrise building and I cannot seem to find a do-it-yourself powerwashing place around here. Bummer.


Are you going to watch the Transit of Venus tomorrow?

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Have you ever just stopped talking to a friend and didn't tell them why? Did they try to reconcile things with you? Did you respond to them? Why or why not?

My roommate appears to have just stopped speaking to me. We were on pretty good terms all year long (as far as I know) and I considered him one of my best friends, so I'm actually pretty upset about it. I'm not even sure what he's mad at me about and sent him a message apologizing for anything I might have done to hurt his feelings... which he didn't respond to. I hate when people do passive agressive stuff like that. And if I knew what i did, that would be one thing. But I don't even know!
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So you asked someone to do something*, and though they agreed beforehand, they did not follow through. You confront them and ask them why they flaked out.  Given that they have no good reason and you'll be annoyed at best either way, would you be more upset if they say they just didn't care from the start or if they said they flaked out specifically to upset you, because they felt you'd slighted them in some way the day before?
(*Said thing is not life/career-threatening or particularly emotionally charged.)

Alternate question:  favourite mythological creature you know of?

--I think I'd be annoyed but willing to ask them why they were upset w/ me, and if I had a "wow, I was totally a jerk" moment then I'd try to reconcile with them. If not I would probably facepalm and try to talk it out anyway.  If the person was my friend, at least; if it was a near-stranger I would probably just ditch them.
--Thestrals. Harry Potter-derived wizarding world mythology is a mythology, damn it.


Kids Yoga

I borrowed a kids yoga dvd for my nephew and mum to do together. Unfortunately, it was really really cheesy (the instructor was dressed up as a fairy....) and we hated it and didn't get past 5 minutes. Does anyone know of any good yoga dvds for kids?
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Watched a REALLY bad horror movie! Which inspired a question!

So in this bad horror movie. There is this girl, she's against the wall, injured. She has a backpack filled with items.

The Killer is far back away from her and is slowly walking towards her.

What does she do?


So here is the question. WHAT ON EARTH! made her decided to take out the camera and take photos!?

I mean she could have done SO MUCH to fight back! Thrown the backpack at him, got out her mace again....

so here were my thoughts..
-She though maybe the flash from the camera would blind him.
-She though of the game Fatal Frame, though he was a ghost.

So what are your reasons behind her madness....
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I'm going to Berlin in July. I want to go to the Tegl Russian Orthodox cemetery (Vladimir Nabokov's father is buried there) and the Tacheles Art Commune. Where else should I go while I'm there?

DK/DC/what is a berlin: what are some good resources (books, websites, YouTube videos) for improving my photography skills? I've been using a Canon PowerShot A630 for 6 years and am graduating to a PowerShot SX40 in a few weeks and I'd really like to get familiar with more than the autofocus setting. I like to photograph people and architecture!
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Away from home.

Have any of you TQCers been away from home for almost 3 months in a different state? I'm gonna be 630 miles away from home in the next two to three weeks, working with my boyfriend. I wanna know what your experiences were when you had to leave loved ones behind for a while. How did you feel and all that jazz.

I'm also leaving my cat which is killing me already. He's like my soon for crying out loud! Can't take him with because we're gonna be living on a camp site and he's a indoor cat.

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Do you think farts are funny?

Would you like to share a funny fart story?

What is something you like to talk about that most people don't, or isn't considered appropriate in polite company?

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Would you rather visit Greenland, Mongolia or Namibia?

What's the most exotic (your definition) place you've ever been to? What's the place you'd most like to visit that isn't in your native country?

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I know this is a long shot...I’m making room in my apartment and I’m trying to decide whether to keep these…uh, cameo boxes (?). I bought them at a garage sale years ago. Before I just give them away or sell them I’d like to find out what they’re worth, who made them, etc. I’ve done a lot of thrifting but have never come across anything like them and Googling has yielded no results at all, so I turn to you TQC! Can you tell me anything about them? Point me in the direction of a place or person who can?

I tried thrift_whore awhile back but my post wasn't approved, I'm going to give it another go but thought I'd ask here just in case I got lucky.

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tqc, i'm having a pity party and you're invited! why would you like to be pitied, tonight?

dk/dc/i just ate a cake baked with sunshine and rainbows so no, no pity for me thanks: do you prefer mild, medium, or hot salsa? or do you despise ALL SALSA?