June 3rd, 2012


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It happens all the time in movies, but have you ever been to a wedding when the bride or groom didn't show up? Or when someone was left at the alter? What happened? and what did the guests do?

What is your favorite wedding movie?

dk/dc: Do you like going to weddings?

Learning Russian or Chinese - Mandarin

Hey, all y'all.

I'm just curious about learning Russian and/or Chinese.

I can read, write, speak Spanish, am rusty in French, can probably squeak by reading Portuguese, Italian and Romanian, maybe. These are all Roman/Latin based languages and use mostly the same type of letters, not counting accents, e.g., (á,ñ,ç, etc.).

So has anyone in TQC with similar language background ever tried learning languages with different scripts like Russian, or Chinese? Arabic? Hindi?

And like how difficult was it, and how long to feel a little competent?
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Which do you use more oftener? Oftenest?

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For committed long-term relationship people:

When you are trying to make some sort of plans with people outside your relationship, do you always indicate that you must discuss with your partner before committing to something or are there some things you feel relatively confident in ok'ing without their express permission? How much advance notice do you feel is appropriate for something like a dinner date or afternoon at a museum (or the like)?

ETA: I mean committing to something as a couple or committing them by committing yourself (such as if you go, the kids need to be watched or the dog walked or something of this nature)

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Normally I wash an item a few times before getting it tailored. I just bought a maxi skirt that is dry clean only (yuck). Is it necessary to dry clean it first, or should I just take it straight to the tailor? It's  too long.

Dk/dc: what is the last clothing item you bought?

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How do you store your belts?

Right now, mine are in a draw-string bag hanging from a hanger in my closet, but that just isn't working. It's too much of a pain to open up the bag and root around for the belt I want. I don't have a dresser, so I can't just roll them up and tuck 'em in there :(

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Inspired by the pro-life post below...

What do you think of the Duggar family? Do you have a favorite (ie, hope-they-break-free) Duggar kid?

Do you know any super large families? Are they normal or crazy?

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I've been playing Diablo a lot since it released. It's the first time I've played any game like that, and I'm definitely not the most-skilled player. I know about a dozen other people who play, all guys, and most of them have been consistently 5-10 levels ahead of me. Except for one, Joey, who has held back his character so that I could keep up with him.

I play with Joey most of the time but because I suck and his character sucks more than it has to, a lot of bosses we face are really tough. Many have been impossible for the two of us to take on and I've taken to requesting short-term help from the higher-level guys I know. They come in for a fight, kick ass and leave.

Last night I ended up asking Joey if it was really okay gamer etiquette that I kept asking for help.

"Well, it's different because you're a girl."

How would you react to such an answer?
If you have any clue about games like this, is it really uncouth for a guy to get help like this?

How can i get over him and move forward? help! ;(?

i recently broke up with my sort of boyfriend, we were together just over 6 months and I've never felt so close to anybody before, he knows every single thing there is to know about me and he makes me feel comfort and complete. I need to move forward and get over him but i cant, every second of the day he is on my mind.. i cannot shift him out of my head. Whenever i hear his name or see his profile picture i get a knot feeling in my chest and it feels as if i have sick stuck in my throat. He didnt want to break up, he told me he enjoy spending time with me and likes me a lot but doesn't want a serious relationship (I mean is that possible? Can this be true? I was totally heartbroken and I I broke up with him)
ill open my heart out to him on facebook mail, ill tell him EXACTLY how i feel and i will pour everything out and ill get a reply like 'okay,thank you' and it really frustrates me! it feels like a kick in the throat. i really need to move on but i can't ): i started running twice a week and it helps, it makes me feel stress free but when i wake up the next day i feel empty again.. I fed up with having to burden my friends with the same problem when they have serious relationships longer than mine then just got over it just like that.
i don't know what to do? how do i make him open up? how do i move on without getting hurt? im sick of hurting! i hate it! );

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I have $60 leftover on my Amazon gift card that I got for my birthday and I can't decide if I should get

Helm's Deep or Moria.

Moria is more affordable but Helm's Deep is cheaper per piece and more pieces = more fun.

Which should I get?

[Edit: Did a Google Image search so I could see decent pics and I think I'm going with Helm's Deep]

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I've been spending some time with my sister-in-law who is really conscientious about natural/green alternatives to household products, so I decided to do a little research. I came across mention of dryer sheets, suggesting using dryer balls or natural oils instead. Has anyone used anything like these alternatives before?
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I'm looking at getting my own (studio) apartment after living with other people or family for my whole life. What kind of questions should I be asking when I look at a place? What are big signs that I shouldn't rent some place in my (bargain basement) price range?

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TQC, why did it never occur to me before that you can use Oreo cookies to make s'mores? Will they be as epic as I think they will be!? What was the last silly revelation you had?

How do you deal with medical uncertainty? My SO's grandfather's been in the hospital for about a week now and he just seems to be getting worse, but there's nothing the doctors can really do for him. No one seems to know what's going on or how to fix it, and I just want to call Dr. House and tell him to figure it all out.
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Yesterday morning when I went to go to the gym, the back door (the one that leads to my driveway) was open, so I closed it. My roommate's car was gone. Later that morning, I get a text from him saying "locked out of the house thanks to you". I replied back, "not my fault you didn't bring a house key". This morning I brought it up and he started bitching at me about how if the door's unlocked, I need to keep it unlocked because nobody's going to break in and how it is my fault. Who do you agree with?

Also, when's the last time you've been sexiled? Sadly it was Friday night (and he attempted to sexile me tonight but I told him to fuck off; it's Sunday night and I'm coming home now, and not sitting around waiting for half an hour just so he can get it in) for me and I'm well out of college.

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I work for a chiropractor (my family owns the business).  Two weeks ago, there was an emergency at our house and I had to bring my dog with me to the office.  I put her behind the front desk and she slept the whole time.

The chiropractor who works for us went CRAZY saying I was breaking all sorts of laws and it was a HIPAA and OSHA violation.  I googled this to my best ability and it doesn't seem that I have broken any laws.

Anyone know more about this?  My optometrist always has his dog with him, I didn't think it was a big deal :(
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Best food when you have a cold?

I have a pretty nasty cold. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow morning to buy some feel good food. Orange juice, green tea and chicken noodle soup are already on my list. Anything else I should buy? What are some of your favorite foods to help with cold symptoms?

Any breakfast foods specifically? I usually eat yogurt or cereal (with milk) for breakfast and I want to avoid diary products right now.

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TQC, something weird just happened. I just found a mystery lock of hair in my bed. Like, it was a smooth, thick lock, and it was cut, not pulled out. It looks like my hair, but I have no idea how the hell it got there- I haven't cut my hair and I can see no discernible weird hack job going on on my head.


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1. Do you think a society without rape can be achieved?
2. What's your favorite beverage?

edit kinda:
Damn, I'm seeing a lot of no's.
Would it be because of the primal instinct to get what you want sexually or because people, at their core, are evil? These are the only reasons I can come up with.

My two cents:
1. It's usually easier for sane people to help rather than hurt others; I don't think people are ultimately destructive beings. I think there's a fantastic quality a lot of living things have that wants to nurture and be nurtured. If that quality gets nourished, maybe rape would become obsolete.

2. Coconut pineapple margarita with a fancy lime slice on the rim.